40+ Ultimate Restaurant Mods: Enjoy Delicious Gameplay in The Sims 4

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One of the best things in The Sims 4 is that your Sims can take part in different gastronomic delights, such as dining in splendid restaurants, tasting delectable dishes and drinks, and receiving excellent customer service from chefs, servers, and hosts. But, just imagine how much more fun the gameplay would be if you added more restaurant mods to spice things up! So, check out this mega list that we handpicked for you!

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40+ Ultimate Sims 4 Restaurant Mods!

Must-Have Sims 4 Restaurant Mods In 2023

The Sims 4: Dine Out was released in 2016 as the third game pack for The Sims 4. Its launch allowed us to create and manage our very own restaurants and to dabble in experimental dishes that will excite the tastebuds of Sims. In the same year, The Sims 4: City Living was also launched, introducing various food stalls that feature a number of cultural and gastronomical cuisines for our Sims. Back in 2015, The Sims 4: Get Together also incorporated charming café lots and espresso bars in the game.


In a way, these packs allowed our Sims to partake in a more delightful culinary experience in the game. So to elevate things up a notch, we gathered 40+ restaurant mods and restaurant-related mods which will further improve the experience of your Sims with food and drinks! And hey, all these mods are updated and are compatible with the recent version of the game. Read on!

Restaurant Tweaks, Fixes, And Add-Ons

1. Restaurant Faster Cooking Mod

Screenshot 2023 04 10 142734 1

Restaurants in The Sims 4 can really use faster cooking processes, which can improve customer satisfaction and attract more potential diners. By default, the game allows chefs to prepare and cook food in a slower state, but with this restaurant mod from LittleMsSam, you can now get three new speed options for your restaurant chefs, which include Quick, Normal, and Careful. Due to these speed options, some cooking animations have been updated as well.

Improve cooking time by downloading this restaurant mod here.

2. Restaurant Eating Tweaks

Screenshot 2023 04 10 142523 1

This is another small but useful mod by prolific creator LittleMsSam. Called the Restaurant Eating Tweaks, this mod provides little fixes that make the dining experiences of Sims much more efficient in restaurants. This mod provides a remedy to some bugs related to the interaction of Sims with food in restaurants. It also allows food to have better quality when served. The said mod works perfectly with the “No Restaurant Bill When Invited” mod which is included in this list as well. Get the mod here.

Discover more interesting Sims 4 mods by clicking the image below!

sims 0modspurple
Yes, click me ^^!

3. Restaurants Off Lot Like On Lot

Screenshot 2023 04 10 140305 1

For number 3, we have this simple and efficient mod developed by mod creator Sanjo. Basically, what this restaurant mod does is allow your Sims to earn the same amount of money when outside their restaurant (off-lot) as they would earn when they are in the restaurant (on-lot). This way, your Sims don’t always have to be on-site for their business to keep the bucks rolling in. What a pretty nifty restaurant mod, right?  

Get this restaurant mod here.

4. Employees Stay 24 Hours Mod

Screenshot 2023 04 10 161150

Have you ever wanted your restaurant employees to stay a little longer before they decide to leave? Then you have to install this mod, which is pretty straightforward. It allows your employees to stick around for the duration of 24 hours before they leave the lot. Yep, that means that Sims will stay even though they have finished working their 8-hour shift. Just remember that this is something you don’t wanna simulate in real-life settings!

Lengthen work shifts for employees through this restaurant mod here.

5. Coworkers Hangout Event

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After a long day’s work at the restaurant serving meals to customers, Sims who are coworkers can now hang out together through this mod! Called the Coworkers Hangout event, this mod by Ilkavelle allows Sims to create an event from their phones to meet up with their colleagues. These employees can have a couple of drinks in the bar, giving them an instant boost in their fun and social motives. Download here.

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sims 4 job mods

6. Live-In Business Mod

lib1 1

The Live-In Business Mod allows your Sims to run their businesses at home! Thus, if you want to operate a food business such as a cafe, bar, or club, you can freely do so! Such businesses can run 24/7, and customers and guests can unexpectedly flock in on your lot, so you may want to lock some doors in your home for privacy. If you choose to run a live-in store, you can also sell homemade cooked food through this mod.

Run food-related businesses in your Sims’ homes here.

7. Better Chef’s Kitchen Lot Trait

Screenshot 2023 04 10 141411

With this Better Chef’s Kitchen lot trait mod, your Sims can earn skills such as Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, Baking, Mixology, and Juice Fizzing in a lot TWICE as fast. Thus, if you choose this trait in a restaurant lot, your chef Sims can easily level up their skills. Take note that for this restaurant mod to work, you’d need to have City Living, Get to Work, and Eco Lifestyle installed in your game. Visit this link here to get the Better Chef’s Kitchen restaurant mod.

More on SnootySims: 25+ interesting kitchen mods for the Sims 4!

restuarant mods sims 4

8. Hire Certain Sims at Restaurants

Screenshot 2023 04 10 161740

In the restaurants in the game, there are already default employees once you start to operate the business. With this mod, you can now hire specific Sims to work for your restaurant, including your family members! Simply click on the Host Station, and select the “Restaurant Employees” option which will allow you to hire selected Sims as a chef, host, or waiter/waitress. The Sims 4: Dine Out is required for this mod to work.

Hire friends and family members with this restaurant mod here.

9. 5 Different Doneness of Steak

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If you have the custom steak recipe from the S&S Cookbook, you can install this additional fun mod which will add amazing detail to how your steaks are cooked. With the mod, you can choose different doneness levels for your steak—rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, and well done. In restaurants, chefs can prepare these steaks if they have Gourmet Cooking level 2 or higher, and Sims can then order these varying options when they’re in the restaurant.

Download this steak mod here.

10. Employees Must Wear Uniform Mod


With this simple but pretty useful mod, you can set the outfits that you want for your restaurant employees. You can set specific uniforms according to the clothing preferences of each restaurant employee. The uniforms can also be further customized from restaurant to restaurant, thus, the same restaurants in two different worlds can each have a unique set of uniforms. This mod needs The Sims 4: Get to Work to function in the game.

This restaurant mod can be accessed and downloaded here.

11. Hired Employees Earn Money

Screenshot 2023 04 10 161812

This is another exceptionally helpful mod by creator LittleMsSam. It allows Sims who have been hired into a restaurant, to actually bring home hard-earned money, instead of just leaving work empty-handed (which is the default in the game). The earnings will vary depending on the position.

As a restaurant host, Sims can get 1,250-1,750 simoleons. Waiters and waitresses can earn about 750-11,250 simoleons. Chefs, on the other hand, can earn as much as 2,250 simoleons. Help Sims earn money while working in a restaurant, through this mod here.

Learn how to win Simoleons from royalties in the Sims 4 by clicking the image below!

winning money from royalties in the sims 4 snootysims

12. Dine Out: Reloaded Mod

Dine Out Reloaded v3

This may probably be one of the most massive restaurant mods in this list, which highlights huge improvements in the Dine Out system, including customization of restaurant settings—employees, diners, meals, venues, etc. With this mod, Sims can also have chef systems, digital displays, and many more. Take note though, that some players are currently having issues with the mod, while others reported that it’s working perfectly fine even after The Sims 4: Growing Together and Infants update.

Download the Dine Out: Reloaded restaurant mod here.

13. More Restaurant Menu Options


Has it ever bothered you that the default number of menu items you can add in a restaurant is only 30? It’s a pretty low limit especially if you want to feature a boatload of incredible dishes and drinks. You can now increase this limit up to 50 or 100, by installing this mod from MizoreYukii. Of course, to use this mod, you would need to have The Sims 4: Dine Out installed in the game.

Choose from the 50 or 100 restaurant menu limit here.

14. Functional Beer Cans in Restaurants


It would be much more realistic if our Sims can also get to enjoy a few cans of beer at restaurants, don’t you think? Well, good thing, because this mod by Somik and Severinka lets Sims delight in 6 beers in the game. By drinking these beers, the fun motive will increase! Plus, aside from the ability to purchase these cold cans in the restaurant, Sims can also get them in the vending machine and on retail lots. Sims can enjoy these cold beers after you download the mod here.

Find even more bar CCs for your game by clicking the image below!

image 71
More bars for your game!

15. Functional Custom Bar More Drinks


Apart from in-restaurant mods, we also have this one made especially for bars in the game. This mod adds functional custom bar drinks like Amaretto Sour, Long Island Iced Tea, Casamigos Margarita, Mai Tai, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Daiquiri that your sims can sip and enjoy. When your Sims drink these concoctions, they would get fun buffs such as “Tipsy” or “Wasted”. This mod requires The Sims 4: Dine Out to work on your game.

Add these special drinks to your game by downloading them here.

16. Custom Food Interactions

Screenshot 2023 04 10 150137

Would you like Sims to bring their restaurant skills to different events? Why not let Sims have their own Catering Business? Yes, with this Custom Food Interactions mod, your Sims can do a lot of culinary-related stuff, including cooking and baking custom meals and becoming a catering business owner.

The latter can be achieved by acquiring the Home Catering Business License for 1,000 simoleons. Sims can then sell their homemade food to local shops and events. Open a home catering business through this restaurant mod here.

Go ahead and whip up great meals in the Sims 4 with the Grannies Cookbook mod!


17. Food and Beverage Supplier License Mod


Check out another nifty mod, called the Food and Beverage Supplier License. This mod comes in the form of a reward trait that is available for 500 satisfaction points. It allows your Sims to sell produce, fish, meat, and spices to restaurant hosts who can then use the items for crafting their restaurant dishes and drinks. With the license, Sims can also sell juices, craft beers, and seltzers to bartenders. To sell items, the sellers must form a relationship with the buyer.

Let Sims acquire this license here.

18. No Spicy Food Reaction

tumblr 3f5da3e918b0097f8d007cdb6ad97cd9 e96a24cd 1280

The Sims 4 is ultimately filled with little nuances which make our Sims’s lives truly interesting—one of which, is the way our Sims react to certain situations and experiences. If you’ve been playing the game for a long time, you may have observed how some Sims aggressively react to the spicy foods that they consume. They’d breathe out fire and panic, and these animations can slow down your game, especially if you have a spicy dish at the restaurant.

Prevent spicy food reactions in restaurants through this mod here.

19. Chef Entering Restaurant Fix


Have you ever encountered a bug in the game wherein the chef assigned to your restaurant simply stands outside the venue without getting inside to actually perform cooking duties? Well then, there is an instant remedy for that. With this restaurant mod, your chef Sims will head right away to the kitchen to cook, once they arrive in the supposed lot. This restaurant mod, of course, is only applicable to you if you have The Sims 4: Dine Out. Get Chef Sims cooking right away, with this restaurant mod here.

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cooking skill cheats sims
Click me!

20. No Restaurant Bill When Being Invited

Screenshot 2023 04 10 171530

Does it make you feel confused when a Sim invites you to a restaurant and then makes you pay the bill after the meal? There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but if you prefer the option wherein your Sims get to eat for free instead, then get this restaurant mod which will provide that instant fix. Instead of paying, you can just click the option “End the Restaurant Visit” that will be available during the meal. Make sure to click that before leaving the lot.

Get this restaurant mod here.

21. Wedding Diners in a Restaurant

ts4 x64 2022 02 24 13 55 46

If you’ve ever noticed, it is not possible to hold engagement dinners and rehearsal dinners in the restaurants in The Sims 4. Luckily, this restaurant mod provides an easy fix for that! Now, your Sims can freely hold their pre-wedding events in the restaurants of their choice. Sims can have a maximum of 8 attendees in each of these events. Of course, for this mod to function, you must have The Sims 4: Wedding Stories installed in your game.

Hold pre-wedding events in restaurants through this mod here.

Need more wedding mods and CC to spice up your gameplay? SnootySims to the rescue 🫡!

wedding cc sims4 cc 40 edited
Wedding CC 💖

22. Chicken Restaurant Careers Bundle


This Chicken Restaurant Bundle is a career mod that gives Sims the opportunity to apply as employees of different Chicken-brand restaurants, including Chick-Fil-A, Popeyes, Zaxby’s, KFC, and Bojangles.

Sims aged from Teens to Elders can apply as team members, cooks, shift managers, assistant managers, cashier staff, team leads, food prep members, lead trainers, and more. Hours and payment vary depending on the position, but do take note that some positions are unpaid! Sims can enjoy a variety of careers for chicken restaurants here.

All-New Restaurants

23. Olive Garden Restaurant

Screenshot 7140

The Olive Garden restaurant is a functional restaurant mod that will elevate your dining gameplay. Built as a 30×20 lot available for 96,000 simoleons, this restaurant is designed as an elegant and charming place that Sim couples and families alike will love. If you want, you can also install the Olive Garden Custom Food to complement the restaurant and make dishes such as the Lasagna Classic, Fettucine Alfredo, and Five Cheese Ziti Al Forno available on the menu.

Click here to get the Olive Garden restaurant mod.

24. Shake Shack

4 1

Another gastronomic place for our Sims to visit and relish is this Shake Shack restaurant, which is a collaboration between creators Insimnia and Bean’s Builds. The said restaurant mod includes mouthwatering burger sets, chicken meals, fries, hot dogs, shakes, drinks, and desserts. Plus, a functional Shake Shack kiosk is also available for Sims who want to order their food and drink items on the go! Just don’t forget to hire a vendor for the kiosk.

Get the Shake Shack restaurant mod here.

25. Krispy Kreme Custom Espresso Bar


Get the cute and cozy Krispy Kreme for your Sims through this restaurant mod! Sims can freely enjoy doughnuts that include Chocolate Iced Glazed Doughnuts with Sprinkle, Strawberry Iced Doughnuts with Sprinkle, Glazed Blueberry Cake Doughnuts, Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut, and Oreo Cookies and Kreme Doughnuts. There are also drinks! These are available in cold and hot selections, such as Lemonade Chiller, Strawberry Chiller, Pumpkin Spice Specialty Latte, and Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate, among others.

Get doughnuts and drinks from this restaurant mod, available here.

26. Starbucks Custom Cafe + Bakery

4 2

Now, this Starbucks restaurant mod is definitely something that should be a staple for your game! Have your Sims visit the iconic Starbucks cafe with their friends to get their hot coffee fixes along with delicious cakes, pies, and pastries. The Starbucks menu boasts of bakery, breakfast, and hot coffee selections, and we totally can’t stop thinking about the scone, croissant, and cake pop items! Take note, The Sims 4: Get Together is required for this restaurant mod.

Sims can now sip coffee from Starbucks cups after you download this mod here.

27. NOBU Restaurant

Screenshot 11882

If you want a Miami-inspired restaurant for The Sims 4, you have to get this wonderfully-built NOBU restaurant. Available as a 40×30 lot, this restaurant mod can be placed in Del Sol Valley, Sulani, or Oasis Springs. Sims can feel relaxed in the polished ambiance of the restaurant, and they can take pleasure in ordering goodies from the high-end menu. Yep, take note that the items are quite pricey! That’s okay, your Sims deserve the luxury!

The NOBU restaurant mod is available here.

28. Hibachi Restaurant Build

075A756C F0C6 4B9F 863F 55D99F5F7708 L0 001

The Hibachi Restaurant mod is another key mod that you need to improve the dine-out experience in the Sims 4! Available as a 40×30 lot, this restaurant mod offers a functional Teppanyaki grill for your Sims to enjoy, on top of other amazing dishes and drinks. Plus, there is a special uniform for Hitachi chefs, hosts, and waiters/waitresses. Lastly, the Hitachi restaurant mod includes the Panda Express mod, which we also included in this mega list below.

Access this link to get the Hitachi restaurant mod.

29. Sushi Restaurant

tumblr 4c8fe4b7e22bdcc473c93a3b989e10b0 299aea2d 2048

We definitely think that The Sims 4 needs more Japanese-inspired restaurants in the game complete with zen aesthetics. After Sims enjoy a dip at the bathhouse, they can then enjoy a delectable sushi meal in these dwellings. A great thing is that Mikkimur-Sims came up with this no-cc Sushi Restaurant build for the game. It is a 30×20 restaurant lot available in Mt. Komorebi for 97,000 simoleons. Please make sure you have The Sims 4: Snowy Escape installed for this build!

Enjoy some Sims 4 sushi restaurant with this cc-free build here.

30. The Red Lobster Restaurant


Spice up your Sims’ dine-out evenings by adding this Red Lobster Restaurant into the game! The Red Lobster Restaurant is a pretty special and huge mod, as it comes in three parts. Apart from the fresh fish and live lobster meals, this restaurant offers your Sims lots of other enticing selections, including appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Your Sims definitely have to taste dishes such as the Crab Linguini Alfredo and the Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs!

Please download part 1, part 2, and part 3 of the Red Lobster Restaurant mod separately.

Food Stalls

31. Filipino Food Stall Overhaul

10 27 22 1 33 17 PM

Does anyone want some more Filipino dishes to enjoy in The Sims 4? Well, this one’s for you! This mod overrides the current Filipino Food Stall in the game, providing a fresh new look for the food store’s exterior, and offering all new dishes and drinks for customers. Sims can taste the intriguing flavors of Halo-Halo, Cassava Cake, Kare-Kare, Sinigang, Sisig, Tocino, and many more! Take note that some of the dishes require City Living for them to work. Download the Filipino Food Stall overhaul here.

Would you like to download the below mod? Click here!

32. Llama Noodle Park


Check out this amazing CC-free build from creator Amoebae! It is a 20×30 lot called the Llama Noodle Park, a place wherein Sims can stroll around, hang out, and relish some good food from the featured food stalls once hunger hits. You can hire a caterer, chef, and vendor in Llama Noodle Park, who will provide customers with great food service. Take note that this lot may be CC-free but it was built using select restaurant mods.

Get the Noodle Park here.

33. Functional Panda Express

51 1

Panda Express is famous for offering fresh and hot American-Chinese cuisine, serving dishes such as Honey Walnut Shrimp, Veggies Spring Rolls, and Grilled Teriyaki Chicken. With this food stall mod, your Sims can now also delight in the unique taste of Panda Express meals, drinks, and appetizers. If they choose a meal, it comes with two sides—Chow Mein, and white rice or fried rice. If Sims order a Family Meal, the ordered food will appear in their inventory.

Order some tasty meals from Panda Express through this mod here.

34. Mexican Food Stall Overhaul

MTS QMBiBi 2066254 NewMexicanStall

Another really scrumptious cuisine is Mexican food. No one can deny that tacos, nachos, and burritos should be stapled goodies in any neighborhood. Luckily, with this another food stall mod from QMBiBi, Sims can now enjoy their Mexican food fix anytime they want to! They can taste the flavors of Chicken Burrito, Birria, Arroz y Frijoles, and Quesabirria Tacos, as well as slurp on some Mexican-themed drinks through this Mexican Food Stall.

Mexican food fix available for your Sims here.

35. Hungry Plumbobs Fastfood Counter

Fashion Style Brand Mood Board Photo Collage

This one is another fun food stall addition to your game. It adds a new Fast Food Counter wherein Sims can get hot snacks and meals. There are available burgers, pizzas, chicken nuggets, and other tasty selections to order. For the food to appear at the Fast Food Counter, download them here. If you want optional hot drinks, get the Drinks Machine as well here. Also, make sure that you have The Sims 4: Get Together for this restaurant mod to work.

Download the main Fastfood Counter mod here.

36. Functional Subway Food Stall

Screenshot 7

Who doesn’t love the fun of getting sandwiches from Subway? The thrill of customizing an order from the bread, the veggies, the fillings, and down to the sauces ultimately makes one delighted. Now, Sims can also take part in ordering yummy sandwich dishes through this Subway Stall mod by Insimnia and Gawdly Sims. Sims can choose from classic sandwiches such as the Meatball Marinara, Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, Buffalo Chicken, and Oven Roasted Turkey, among many others.

Click this link here to get the Subway stall for your game.

Yummy Restaurant Dishes

37. More Cafe Foods

Screenshot 2023 04 10 155150

Do you find the dishes and drinks on Sims 4 cafes a bit too dull? Spice up the cafe menus with this mod from Littlbowbub! This mod overrides the current options available in the menu, adding more flavorful bites and drinks for your Sims to enjoy. Some new goodies include the Angel Strawberry Cake, Pumpkin Spice Cake, and White Hot Chocolate, among others. Please download the Grannies Cookbook and Drinks Machine stated in the post as well.

Override the Sims 4 cafe menu with this restaurant mod here.

38. Cowplant Cake


Ah, Cowplants. They really make the lives of our Sims more fascinating with their cunning ways to trap and consume unknowing individuals. Luckily, there is a way to take sweet revenge on these vile plants–your Sims can consume them now too!

Meet the Cowplant Cake, a yummy treat that Sims can order from the restaurant and gobble up without dying. It is made from Cowplant Berries and can be prepared by chefs with level 1 cooking skills. Now your Sims can eat Cowplant Cake through this mod here.

Want more cakes? YES! Click the image below for a variety of wedding cake CCs!

sims4 wedding cake 9

39. Creamy Tom Yum Seafood Soup

Screenshot 2023 04 10 133330

If you’ve ever been to a Thai restaurant, you’ve probably tasted the savory goodness of the Creamy Tom Yum Seafood Soup. Its broth is sour and deliciously rich, and it provides a tangy and hot sensation for the mouth. Now, your Sims can also enjoy this creamy dish in the restaurant. They can order it from the menu under the Main, Lunch, and Dinner categories. To cook the meal, chefs must have at least level 6 cooking skills.

Let Sims savor the goodness of this hot and creamy soup by downloading here.

40. Olive and Herb Stuffed Pork


Next up, we have the Olive and Herb Stuffed Pork, another recipe that will surely tickle the tastebuds of your Sims. The dish is composed of tender pork loin filled with an assortment of spices, herbs, and ingredients, and packed with preserved olives. Sims can get them in the restaurant offered on a cutting board together with some veggies. To cook the meal, chefs must have level 8 cooking skills.

Get this tender pork loin recipe for your restaurant here.

41. Frankenstuffed Peppers


Finally, for number 48, we have another creative dish that will sizzle up your restaurant menu! Meet the Frankenstuffed Peppers from Brazenlotus—a pepper dish stuffed with stir-fried chicken pieces and served on a spiderweb plate. This meal is inspired by Frankenstein and is perfect for spooky holiday events for your Sims. When eaten, it gives a buff to your customers. Chefs can prepare it in the restaurant as long as they have level 9 cooking skills.

Stuff your Sims with this meal here.

Final Thoughts: A Tasty Gameplay Awaits You with these restaurant Mods

Have you picked your favorite mods from this mega list of restaurant mods? If yes, go ahead and install them in your game to begin the tasteful adventure that awaits you. We promise you, all these restaurant mods that we handpicked will provide you with hours of endless, delicious fun! Happy simming simmers!

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