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Most Popular Sims 4 Restaurant Mods

The Sims 4 has an incredible and active community supporting various modifications that take the gaming experience up to another level. I know how this can be overwhelming, especially if you’re looking for a specific type of mod, like restaurant mods, for the game. Here, we have collected the best Sims 4 restaurant mods and created the overview below. Let us know if you think that we’ve missed any noteworthy restaurant mod. Don’t forget that most of the mods included in this list require the Dine Out EP.

Are you interested in downloading more exciting mods and custom content for Sims 4? Check out our Mega Guide on The Sims 4 Mods and CC for detailed information about everything you need to know about these awesome creations that make the gameplay more enjoyable. But before that, here are the best Sims 4 restaurant mods. Enjoy!

Sims 4 Restaurant Mods To Have in 2020

More Drinks For Kids Mod

This extension by K9DB is a go-to for everyone wondering how to make more drink options available for kids and make them get the buff benefits from. Drinks can be downloaded in a bundle or separately. With over 50,000 downloads at ModTheSims, the More Drinks For Kids Mod is one of the most popular modifications in the community and the most popular restaurant mod I could find! The mod and more information are available here.

More Realistic Restaurant Mod

Many of you were asking me how to have more realistic conditions for restaurants in The Sims 4. Guys, this is the absolutely right modification for you. It is just the second mod by Krizz.88, but it is a really great one. Why? Well, for one, this mod adds more realistic gameplay for restaurants, such as defined opening hours and realistic prices of meals depending on the food quality. Exciting, right? Here’s more: the packages can be used separately or all together. To download this fun mod and see more information, just go to this page.

Hire One Additional Host Mod

I’ve always wanted to hire two hosts for my restaurant, but this is not allowed in The Sims 4 Dine Out game pack. Fortunately, Lindseyy developed a restaurant mod that grants my game wish – the Hire One Additional Host Mod. Of course, you need the TS4 Dine Out game pack for this to work. As soon as you have this in your gameplay, you can then hire another host for your restaurant once you have obtained enough perk points. You may download the file and find further information here.

Waiter Career (Part Time) Mod

The Waiter Career (Part Time) Mod is the absolutely perfect extension for you if you have at any point wondered how to have part-time jobs for waiters available in the game. The awesome modification by “Marduc_Plays” includes three career levels:

  • Coffee Refiller
  • Tray Carrier
  • Receptionist

You may download the file and find further information here.

Hire Who Ever You Want Mod

One amazing mod that you’ll definitely enjoy if you have the Dine Out expansion pack is the Hire Who Ever mod. You want to avoid spending time and money, improving your employee skills? Then this creation by PolarBearSims, who is actually one of the most active mod makers in the community, is perfect for you. With this mod, your Sims can have the option to hire skilled employees for your restaurant. The download link and more information are available at this site.

Up To 6 Waiters Mod

I never understood why EA didn’t think of this on their own. With the possibility to hire more than three waiters added into the game, this is an extension for Sims “thinking big” when running a restaurant. The Up To 6 Waiters Mod is another very popular mod widely used in the community. And speaking for myself, all in all, this is surely one of the mods that I am using really a lot and thus cannot be missed in this list! For downloading the mod – which was created by Rbarkah – and for more info simply go to this page.

Hire Teen for Restaurant Mod

The Hire Teen for Restaurant Mod is definitely the perfect extension for you if you want to hire teens in your restaurant. A fun creation by C821118, this extension adds the option to employ teens in the game. Note, however, that this is tuning mod, overriding certain resources of the game. And if you have the Hire Who Ever mod installed, some conflicts can be expected. So either this or that – you can’t have them both. The Hire Teen for Restaurant Mod and more info are available here.

Restaurant and Vet Level 10 Mod

The Restaurant and Vet Level 10 Mod is one of the most promising modifications that I’ve tried. I have this extension installed on my computer, and let me tell you – it is making everything much easier! You should certainly try it too! This creation by kou makes everyone you employ is by the standard at the highest skill level. Download and see further resources following this link

Arcadia Greens Restaurant

This is not really a mod. Nevertheless, I wanted to include it on the list as I really love this creation. Perfect for all of you out there loving the neo-futuristic style, this restaurant presents a great atmosphere and futuristic vibe. Plus, it offers all the experimental dishes in the game. The download link and more information are available at this site.

Retail and Restaurant Higher Prices

Having more realistic pricings in The Sims 4 is something that has been in the wishlist of many ‘Simmers’ out there. One solution to that is this creation by kou. The extension adds higher markups for restaurants and makes the game more realistic. I like this extension, as it allows you to run a restaurant while generating a good income. Some may consider it cheating but I think it is really just about being more authentic. For downloading the modification and more details, just go to this page.

Asian Restaurant

Also included in this list is this Asian Restaurant designed by Moscowlyly. Note that this is not really a mod, but it definitely is something that you should have in your inventory if you are a fan of Asian cuisine. It’s the kind of The Sims 4 custom content worth trying! The Asian Restaurant and more info are available here.

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