Latest Maxis Match Makeup Mods for the Sims 4

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You know what makes the sims 4 so enjoyable? The ability to go wild with makeup. You don’t encounter any my-makeup-doesn’t-look-like-their-make-up incidents because everything is simply perfected. And with mods, it’s even topped! We’re excited to share some of the latest maxis match makeup mods with you today.

The following cc packs include almost all makeup essentials; lipstick, blusher, eyeliner, eyelashes and eyeshadow. Let’s begin, shall we?

Makeup Essentials for Your Female Sims

E-girl XXL Makeup Collection

maxis match makeup

An endless collection of beauty essentials, containing so many items in many different variations. It’s extremely versatile and definitely works like magic in making sims look cute and lovely in a few seconds! You can find them under makeup, skin-details or tattoos.

Click here to grab this collection. Oh and if you seem to like this hair mod, check out this post here.

Maxis match makeup sims4 3 1

We’d honestly bombard you with photos created with this collection but two shall do. You can go ahead and create a massive amount of looks with it yourself. Most of the items are available from teen to elder and they work for both female and male sims. Enjoy!

Pretty and Savage Collection

maxis match makeup

Hello exotic! We wouldn’t say “savage”, perhaps savagely pretty? This eyeshadow has to be one of a kind with adorable little clouds splattered nicely around the eyes. Click here to grab this mod.

Maxis Match Makeup Butterfly Kiss

As for this one, we have seen many works of Pralinesims and never have they ever disappointed us! The double eyeliner looks sickening, you should check it out. Download link.

Merci Lipstick

make up mods

One word: cozy. Some lipsticks come off as too-much, especially those with glossy effects. However, this one drips coolness and blends well with all sims, nerdy or rocky. Download from this page.

3D Lashes

maxis match makeup
Maxis Match Makeup Mods

These lashes are available to you under skin details category. Just take notice that they conflict with bracelets so it’s either this or that unfortunately. Download from this page.

Spring Kiss Glossy Makeup

make up mods

It may have gone over your head —we’ve been there too. This mod can be found in skin details with too many variations to choose from. Be warned! Follow this link to get this blusher.

The Fruit Palette

make up mods

This fruity eyeshadow definitely pops! They come in six different color designs: apple, cherry, orange, pear, peach and coconut.

Click on this page to grab this eyeshadow mod.

More Makeup Mods and CC Packs for Sims 4

We hope you enjoyed this list! If you’d like to check out more makeup mods for the sims 4, stop by this page.

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