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There is a whole new suburban lifestyle for those who love to customize their Sims homes with the latest Sims 4 suburban house CC. Now you can give your characters a new house in the suburbs, where they can build their dream home and enjoy some of the best custom content around! And let’s just face it, the Sims does not include many pre-made houses that you can live in, so it’s important to download custom content if you don’t want to live in apartment for the rest of your life.

A suburban home is perfect if your sims are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The open layout of this type of home is great for entertaining guests or just having your characters relax on their own.

If you don’t want to spend hours installing mods yourself then this list of suburban house cc packs is just for you. These packs will provide you with houses that are full of character and personality!

Suburban House Custom Content for the Sims 4

Dead by daylight Suburban house

image 2022 01 22 232913

The neighborhood has a brand new custom suburban house and it’s your perfect starter for your Sims family. You know what? It doesn’t actually matter if your sim is single, in a relationship or looking to build their own family, this home is definitely worth checking. Have a closer look at it by visiting this page.

Joe and Love’s Suburban house

image 2022 01 22 221327

There are definitely some more popular packs on the market, but if you’re looking for something that is more unique, then this is the pack for you. This build is inspired by the fantastic duo Joe and Love in You.

The roomy kitchen has plenty of space for your sims to cook and hang out. The master bedroom features a walk-in closet and luxurious master bath. Plus, the backyard is a perfect place to enjoy the sun. Have a look at it here.

Sims 4 suburban house

suburban house cc

A slice of life in the suburbs. I’m sure you used to dream of living in a nice, new house like this when you were a kid.⁣ We understand the need to experience tranquility in a space of your own and this house will do the trick for your simmies.

To download this one, click here.

Modern Japanese style suburban house

suburban house cc

A good house always has a good story. Your sims family deserves something more than just the typical suburban life. But worry not because this modern Japanese style suburban house has you covered. It’s no wonder why this traditional style is so appealing, with its beautiful simplicity.

Head over to this page for easy download.

The mirror house

image 2022 01 22 232533

When the lights go out, from your house you can see it all Every day, your sims will see a different side of life.⁣⁣ What do you think of the open layout? It’s perfect for hosting family dinners or cozy evenings in front of the fire. Here’s your downloadlink.

Barbie’s Suburban dream house

image 2022 01 22 224205

A beautiful, cozy space painted in pink for a cheerful suburban lifestyle. Sometimes, a home is more than just a roof over your sims’ heads. It’s where they can show off their style, and experience what it’s like to be free. Here’s your download-link.

All Seasons House (the suburban way)

suburban house cc

Clean and organized rooms with plenty of natural light? Check. Open and inviting spaces that can comfortably accommodate a family of four or more? Check. Entertaining areas, like an outdoor BBQ? Check. This is definitely a house worth checking. Your sims will love it! Check it out by visiting this page.

Colors Of Autumn

suburban sims4 cc 2

The perfect house for the perfect family! With this cc pack, you know it’s time you stopped dreaming, and started building with the custom content that you’ve always wanted.

Everything from the furniture, the interior design and the natural sunlight will give your Sims the perfect suburban house. To install this one in your game, follow this page.


suburban house cc

If you’re looking for a family-friendly suburban home, look no further. The Komorebi Family Home provides everything you need to raise your Sims family in style! ⁣A house not too big or too small. It has all the amenities your sims need. To have a close look, stop by this link.

Sunset Boulevard Suburban

suburban house cc

To all who are exploring the suburbs, here’s a house that can keep your family happy. A perfect blend of old and new, this custom house is the perfect mix of great modern concepts in a warm and welcoming setting. This is your sims’ chance to own a slice of the American Dream.⁣ Here’s your download-link.

Looking for more custom content to freshen up your game? The following posts offer perfect cc packs that will surely give your game a fresh look. They are full of good looking, modern living spaces but they also have plenty of features that make them perfect for any type of family. See you there!

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