Sims 4 Disabilities: Disabled Representation in The Sims 4!

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Recently we shared a list of CC to help spread body positivity in the Sims 4, and we wanted to expand on that concept for disabled sims and simmers. Just as everyone should be able to love their body regardless of how it looks, everyone should be able to love their body regardless of what it can or cannot do. We have gathered a list of Sims 4 disabilities CC with the hope that more players can see themselves represented in their games.

sims 4 disabilities cc
Sims 4 Disabilities Custom Content!

Sims 4 Disabilities: CAS Content

A collection of clothing, accessories, and other CAS content for your characters to add disability representation to your game.

Note: some of the following links regard specific medical conditions, and while effort has been made to explain these conditions for a better understanding on the part of the reader, nothing written here should be taken as medical advice and is presented for educational purposes only.

If you’re looking for some amazing body positivity content for your Sims 4 game, the following CC collections have you covered! No matter what your Sim’s style is, you’ll find something that will make them feel amazing – so go ahead and download as much as you like!

1. Blind Eye Overlays by Teanmoon

sims 4 disabilities

Partial or full vision loss can happen for a variety of reasons, and this overlay will allow you to represent some of that in your sims game.

2. Broken Eyes & Eyepatch by C-Cerebus-Sims-s

sims 4 disabilities

A collection of damaged & clouded-over eyes as well as an eyepatch for either eye. You can download them here.

3. Closed Eye Preset by Gengar Used Lick

sims 4 disabilities

A preset with one closed eye for use behind an eyepatch, though if you don’t mind occasional clipping it’s fine without as well. You can get this and a “droopy eye” preset at the link here.

Need eyepatches to go with this eye preset? Check our list of Eye Patch CC & Mods for the Sims 4.

4. White Cane by Studio K Creation

image 126

This cane accessory can be found in the rings category and is a must for any sim with partial or full vision loss to help them navigate the world around them. Get it here.

5. White Cane & Poses by TNS-TS4

image 152 edited

A slightly different cane accessory, this time with a marshmallow tip, for children and adults. Also included is a pack of 7 poses for each age. You can get it all here.

6. Hearing Aid Toddler Both Side Accessory by EvilQuinzel

image 130 edited

This hearing aid will sit on both ears of your toddler sims and is compatible with all genders and species. You can get it here.

7. Children’s Hearing Aide by fruity-humans

image 121

This hearing aid requires Get To Work. It’s for children of all genders and requires a specific ear preset to look correct, which is outlined in the download repost here.

8. Hearing Aid Accessory by Bellasims

sims 4 disabilities

This hearing aid is for teens and up, can be used on either or both ears, and is compatible with earrings! Read the notes and download here.

9. Love, In-Ear Hearing Aid by Pandorasimbox

sims 4 disabilities

This is a more unobtrusive hearing aid for sims aged teen and up, and comes in a variety of flesh tones to blend in with all skin shades. You can get it here.

10. Cochlear Implant by TNS-TS4 & Natalia Auditore

image 124

Unlike hearing aids which amplify sound for damaged ears, a cochlear implant actually bypasses all the damage and goes to the auditory nerve directly. This implant has been made for all ages and genders and you can get it here.

11. FreeStyle Libre By Arpeggi

image 116

This little device is designed to continuously monitor blood glucose levels in sims with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and is available for all ages and genders. Download it here.

12. Gastronomy Tube by TNS-TS4

image 119 edited

A G-tube for sims of all ages who need a little bit of help getting proper nutrition or taking medications. You can download it here.

13. Prosthetic Leg by ClumsyAlien

image 125

This prosthetic right leg is for teen & up, both genders, and can be found in shoes. It only comes in the loafers but the leg itself has over 2-dozen swatches. The original post is gone but can be found archived here; use the mediafire links as the SFS ones are no longer working.

14. Prosthetic Legs by a3ano_013 (reupload by Eileen, converted for kids by luna Loba Sims)

image 137

2 different types of prosthetic legs for fem bodies aged teen and up. You can get more info and download them here, and you can find a conversion for children & toddlers by lunalobasims here.

15. Prosthetic Leg Accessory by Qwertysims

image 210

A collection of single or dual leg prosthetics in several categories so you can make them work with your sim’s other CAS content. You can get them here.

16. Walking Stick by Aluckyday

image 211 edited

8 cane swatches for both adults and children which you can download here.

17. Walking Canes by HistoricalSimsLife

image 127 edited 2

A conversion from The Sims 3 that’s useful for characters who need a little assistance when getting around! Download here.

18. TS4 Leg Cast & Crutch Set by Kudo Ranran

image 212

This set for children includes the crutch accessory, pose, and leg cast; the cast is connected to the shoe style so unfortunately your sim is limited on footwear options however you can still use the pose and crutch regardless of your character’s outfit. You can get everything here.

19. Fiberglass Leg Cast & Single Shoe by Stargazer-Sims

image 213

A fiberglass cast sock object and a single shoe with multiple swatches you can mix & match. Read the details and download from the archived post here.

20. Crutches and Poses Set by Bellasims

image 154

A lovely set of elbow crutches in 10 colors for all sims aged teen and up, plus 7 sassy poses to use with them! You can get them here.

21. Nasal Oxygen Tube by IvkaSims

image 143

A nasal cannula for sims aged teen and up who require a bit of extra oxygen in their day-to-day. The original post is gone but archived in the Wayback Machine and the accessory item can be downloaded here.

22. Tracheostomy Tube by TNS-TS4

image 118 edited

A tracheostomy tube is a tube that goes from an opening in the front of the neck to the sim’s windpipe to assist in breathing. It can be connected to oxygen, a ventilator, etc. You can download this accessory for your sims here.

23. Medical Accessory Set by AnotherSimsStory

image 142 edited

This is a small collection of bandages, braces, tubes, and other accessories for sims of all genders aged teen and up. The head bandage requires City Living to work. Read the details and download the set here.

24. Sunflower Lanyard by Dudley’s Trailer

image 138

Disabilities, like people, come in all forms. Sometimes they’re not in ways that you can see, or conditions that show themselves 100% of the time, but that makes them no less valid. This sunflower lanyard, inspired by a real-world object, is a subtle indicator that the wearer has a hidden disability and may need some extra care or attention. You can get it here.

25. Disability Themed CC Set by TeaBaker Sims

image 114

A small collection of clothing & accessories that aren’t necessary full-time, but still incredibly helpful and useful to have. You can get them here.

26. Knee Braces by Sunflower Petals

image 209 edited

6 dual-knee swatches and 2 each for one leg or the other. You can download them here; Sunflower Petals has also made wrist and ankle braces as well.

27. Steffey Velcro Sneaker by MMSims

image 117 edited

Because accessible clothing isn’t really a concern for vanilla sims characters, there isn’t a lot of CC out there designed with it in mind. Velcro shoes like these great sneakers from MMSims are wonderful for sims who may have limited mobility or stiffness in their hands, or otherwise cannot tie shoelaces. Plus, they’re super fashionable! You can download them here.

28. The Future is Accessible t-Shirts by I Heart Pudding

image 115

BGC shirts for all body types with a reminder of how important accessibility is and the necessity of integrating it into our future designs. You can find it here.

Sims 4 Disabilities: Pet Stuff

If you have the Cats & Dogs EP you may find the following CC useful. Whether your pet is a service animal for your own disabilities or is disabled themselves, we’ve got something for them.

29. Service Dog Harnesses and Bandanas – Simlish Version by Sturmfalke

image 217

This collection includes vests & bandanas for dogs of all sizes to indicate that they are service animals, which you can download here. Sturmfalke also made a version for service cats as well as an English version of the dog vests & bandanas.

30. Three Legged Furrends by WyattSims

image 218

Is your favorite furry friend physically disabled? Add a little animal representation with this CC. There’s a version for the front limbs and a version for the back limbs.

31. Pet Eyes Modifications by WyattSims

image 219

Like the sim version, here’s a preset for pets who may be missing one (or both) eyes. Get the details and download here.

32. Heiðr Eyes by MilkFlower

image 220

A collection of pet eyes that includes swatches for albino & blind effects which you can get here.

Sims 4 Disabilities: Buy/Build Items

In addition to deco items, we’ve got a few functional pieces of CC here to bring disabilities more realistically into the world of the Sims.

33. Medication & Healthcare Redux by Around The Sims

image 216 edited

This CC is actually available in 2 forms. The deco objects include items like an epipen and Ventolin inhaler as well as lots of prescription and OTC items. There’s also the Healthcare Redux Mod which overhauls the health system of the game and adds things like prenatal care, chronic conditions, and vaccinations. You can read all the details and download your preferred flavor here.

34. Diabetic Supplies By CoatiSims

image 221

A small set of diabetic supplies available as single or group items (for pharmacies) which you can find here.

35. Deco Crutches by Curmudgeon-Lab

image 214

Standing & laying decor crutch items for stories or general ambiance in a disabled sim’s space. You can get them from the archived post here.

36. Electric Wheelchair & Poses by TNS-TS4

image 134

There are a lot of manually-operated wheelchairs for the Sims 4, some we’ve even featured before, but electric/motorized wheelchairs are far less common CC. This set includes the chair (found in sculptures) and 4 poses for adult sims. You can get it all here.

Tip: You can use Sims 4 Studio to re-categorize the above object as a chair, transportation item, or whatever else makes sense to you. Follow my tutorial to learn how.

37. Animated Base Game Rideable Wheelchair Vehicle by NecroDog

image 135

This wheelchair is actually functional in game and usable by teens and up. Because it’s based off the Discover University bicycle mechanics the animations are a little off, and the areas you can travel with it are a little limited, but it’s still light years ahead of anything EA has offered to disabled characters in The Sims 4. To learn more about this wheelchair and see a video of it in action, go here!

Sims 4 Disabilities: Poses

Some disabilities aren’t easy to show through regular gameplay means, which is where poses come in handy. Whether you’re telling a story, making a lookbook, or just want to take some pics of your disabled sims, these poses can help!

38. ASL Poses by StarrieSimsie

image 161

A collection of 13 poses spread between children and teen/adult sims of several words and phrases in ASL. You can see the whole pose set and download them here.

39. ASL Story Poses by Simxiety

image 162 edited

ASL poses for “marry me,” “I’m pregnant,” “I’m sick,” and “stay with me” which you can download from here.

40. ASL Toddler Version by Puddin|Sims

image 163

Puddin|Sims has made these poses for adults and children too, but since toddlers never seem to get enough attention we decided to feature them in this list. You can download these poses for the littlest ones here.

41. BSL Pose Pack by Lypsewhims

 disabilities cc

Just like with spoken languages, sign languages vary from place to place. Here’s a collection of poses in BSL for more signing options in your game.

42. Transferring Techniques by Atashi77

 disabilities cc

A collection of poses that highlight the steps a wheelchair-using sim would go through when transferring from their chair to a sofa or bed. There are 6 poses duplicated between sofas and beds, plus a single starting pose when your sims begins to transfer, which you can download here.

43. Dance Me To The Moon Posepack by simpeachie

sims 4 disabilities

Individuals with fatigue or mobility issues may have the ability to stand and walk around for short periods of time but need to use a wheelchair once they run out of energy, and are often marginalized as not really needing their mobility aids because they don’t look disabled. This sweet pose pack features a sim who is able to get out of her chair to share a romantic dance with her partner. The download page is a little cluttered with no visible scroll bar so you will need to use your mouse scroll wheel or page down keys to get to the download links.

44. Service Dog Poses by Quiddity

 disabilities cc

A set of 5 poses to be used by a sim in a wheelchair with their (large) service dog. We like this pose set a lot because it combines multiple aspects of what a disabled person’s life might look like. See the other adorable poses and download the set here.

45. Wheelchair Poses by RatBoySims

sims 4 disabilities

A set of sweet & expressive wheelchair poses that include a few romantic ones as well! You can see & download them here.

Closing Thoughts

The world is a diverse place full of individuals with varying abilities & disabilities. Using CC from the amazing modding community, you can bring some of that diversity into your own games by giving disabled sims some representation. We hope this collection of Sims 4 disabilities CC fills the need of disabled simmers, at least until we see disabilities integrated into the core mechanics of the Sims 4 or its successors. Enjoy and happy simming!

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