Sims 4 Broken Bones Mod – How to Have Broken Legs/Arms?

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Where Are the Physical and Mental Disabilities in Sims 4?

The Sims 4 is very strict when it comes to illnesses. Both physical and mental disabilities are practically non-existent in the base game. And no DLC in the history of The Sims 4 addresses some of these problems that real people go through on a regular basis. On top of that, we have no proper Sims 4 broken bones mod!

How is this possible? Why doesn’t The Sims 4 have the option for us to have broken arms and legs?

Frankly speaking, the game developers may have their best intends at heart. TS4 is not intended for a mature audience. And it’s true that it’s played by a lot of children or teens. Exposing underage people to such “real” problems isn’t what the developers want. Perhaps this is the idea that a lot of mod and CC developers have as well. Hence, that’s why we don’t have a proper Sims 4 disability mod!

But our opinion is a bit different. Although we agree with what we said above, we still think that the game deserves more. The whole point of Sims 4 is to simulate the real world with all of its flaws and weaknesses. And this includes violence, suffering, and yes – disabilities! Teaching young people to care for a person with a broken leg, for example, is much better than simply avoiding the topic. When we already have doctors and hospitals in the game, why can’t we have the illnesses as well?

That said, let’s see how you can have prosthetics, wheelchairs, and more, even without a Sims 4 Broken Bones Mod!

Which Mod and CC to You Use if You Want to Have Broken Bones in Sims 4?

Even though there is no official broken bones mod for The Sims 4, you can still use CC to fix the problem. Here we have listed our favorite custom content packs that can help you out. Prosthetic arms and legs, wheelchairs, broken bones, and more! Check them out!

You can’t create the perfect Sim without these body mods!


Wheelchairs are essential hospital equipment. They’re also used in homes when a family member suffers from leg problems. Check the best wheelchair CC on the internet!

Broken Legs and Arms

Prosthetics are the newest treatments for people who have lost their legs. And your Sims can now wear them!

When your Sims break their arms, they should swap them with bionic ones! 


Walking Canes

Grandpas and grannies often use walking sticks. But this is also true for blind people and people that have broken a leg. And they can be a good substitute for a broken bones mod in Sims 4!

Sims 4 Blind Eyes Mod and CC

Blindness is a very common disability to people. Here are eye models to match it.

Sims 4 Hearing Aid CC

Hearing disability can also be a difficult problem to overcome. Even though we don’t have a deaf mod, here’s how you can include hearing aids in Sims 4!

Conclusion on the Absence of Broken Bones Mod for Sims 4

Despite the fact that we don’t have an official broken bones mod for The Sims 4, we can still include these health disabilities with CC. Many thanks to the creators who have shared these awesome designs with us. We had an absolute blast playing with prosthetic arms, wheelchairs, and walking canes. We think that these items deserve to be in the base game because they’re such a big part of our real world. And that’s why we recommend you to try them out!

Have you ever used sliders in The Sims 4? Check them out!

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