Best Sims 4 Witch House Builds That You Need to See!

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In the Sims universe, you can embark on new adventures and explore new places with your characters. In this post, we will provide a quick tour around the wizarding world and present a selection of sims 4 witch house cc packs that you must try. Get on your broom and try one soon!

sims 4 witch house

Incredible designs for sims 4 witch house

It is said that witches are famous for their evil laugh! If you have watched movies or tv shows about witches, you have probably seen how scary they are. They walk brooms and bring crows with them. They cook nasty food and cast spells.

As witches are not a big fan of meeting people, they live in places where nobody can disturb them. They love to enjoy their solitude, where they can do evil and test their charms. Their houses are odd and unusual just like their lives.

But have you ever imagined what would it be like to live in a witch’s house? And would your sims enjoy living there? If you doubt this and are not sure if your sims are going to enjoy it, I highly recommend that you download these witches’ houses custom content and CC free builds. Be brave and give them a shot!

Old Witch House

sims 4 witch house

We’ll start with an old witch house that has one room, a few books, and potions that you can mix together in the potions room, but be careful! As you can see, some of the potions are poisonous. This is a house that your best sims can live alone in but they can often invite their friends. The house has flowers and grass that you can use in spells as well. Download it now from here.

witch house by alcyonesims – the sims 4

sims 4 witch house

In the woods, there lies a witch’s house. It is a three-floor house with a bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, and balcony. Your spellcaster could rest by the fireplace and perhaps cast their spells! There is also a small garden that is surrounded by a fence and several pumpkins appropriate to Halloween. Download this house for free from here and enjoy it with your friends.

flower witch house – the sims 4

witch house the sims 4 2

A witch house is obvious by its appearance. Here, everything is upside down. The house includes two bedrooms that have enough space for more than three sims. There are 1.5 bathrooms also. You’ll love the place from the outside and it will blow your mind from the inside. Don’t wait any longer to download it into your mods folder from this tumblr’s page.

witch house no cC by mikkimur – the sims 4

witch house

There’s nothing like having a party in a haunted house for Halloween. This witch house is located at Forgotten Hollow, Widowshild Townhome. The witch house’s decor is quite beautiful and colorful, and it is fully furnished with plenty of clutter. As it is designed for Halloween, you will find pumpkins here and there. To download this house for free, Click here.

micro small witch house

small witch house

This tiny house is designed for Sims with no money to buy a house because it is completely free. It is ideal for any Sim who lives alone and has a bedroom, a dining table, and a couch. Use the cheat code bb.moveobjects when you place this house. The lot’s price is 51,291 simoleons. You can download this mod from here.

Secret House of a Little Witch – CC free

Secret House of a Little Witch by nofuncat

This Secret House of a Little Witch has two bedrooms and two baths. A witch house is a house covered with mystery, magic, and secrets, so you should expect it to have these characteristics. This house consists of two floors and a basement. Find the creators id or their gallery id from here.

seventies witch house 

Seventies Witch House

Witches houses don’t have to look old and vintage. This type of witch’s house is modern, unlike others. As you can see from the image above, it’s quite a large house with a lot of furniture. It’s perfect for autumn vibes, and you can hold parties in this house, as well. What are you waiting for? Download it from here!

nightshadow witch house

Nightshadow Witch House

In the night shadow witch house, your sims will live exactly like witches since everything in the house is magical. There are owls, skulls, and even a portrait that has a witch-like feel to it. If you want to have the scariest Halloween ever, you should give this a try! Click here!

Blueberry Cottage No CC

Blueberry Cottage

It sounds like you’d think a Blueberry Cottage has nothing to do with witches. Well, as I told you before, Sims 4 world is all about crazy and unusual things. The house includes two children’s rooms and four bathrooms and it’s the perfect place for your Sims to hide all their secrets here. You can download this Blueberry Cottage from this patreon page.

The Woodland Witch Cottage

The Woodland Witch Cottage

A witches’ house is perfect when it is filled with scary themes and items witches use to cast spells with; not to mention their pot filled with strange objects and animals. The interior of this Woodland Witch Cottage is very scary looking. There are many plants in the garden, and there are trees surrounding the house. It also has beautiful furniture. There are a balcony and a bedroom. Download it from here.

tiny Witch House

Witch House

At the end of our ride we will stop at the scariest witch house ever. What makes this house stand out among others is its massive size. Everything inside the house looks creepy magical and of course, scary.

Your Sims characters can use this place to hold parties to invite their friends and to cast spells. It is located in the middle of the forest. From the image, you can see how many trees are there, and at night they will be filled with ghosts and owls. Don’t be afraid and try this out just click here to download it.

As we conclude this tour in the world of witch houses, we wish you a wonderful adventure ahead, you can participate with your friends and invite their Sims to the house of your choice. Cast some spells, and enjoy yourself! Don’t forget to check our related content below.

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