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Headbands are a simple and easy way to add something new to your style without having to go through extensive clothing design before you can create your Sims look! Luckily there is a wide variety of custom headbands for the Sims 4. For anyone looking for some Sims 4 headband CC for The Sims 4, we have just the perfect collection for you guys.

Sims 4 Headband

Handpicked Sims 4 Headband Custom Content

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game that, with the help of custom content, expands to suit all kinds of players’ preferences. One of the most important aspects of gameplay in the Sims is the customization of characters. This includes their appearance, personality, and skills. In this article, we will tell you about the best headband custom content for The Sims 4 to make your game more fun.

Headbands are a popular accessory for both males and females and continue to be so. They are a great way to personalize your character in Sims 4. On the plus side, they have a variety of colors and styles for you to choose from, so you can create any style that you want. There are so many shapes and styles that they’re perfect for any occasion! Whether you’re looking to create a sleek bun or just want something to tame your sim’s hair down, headbands are the perfect accessory to add on top of your character’s hairstyle. It is also great that all of the following packs have a good design that will complement the outfit of your Sim.

There is a lot of custom content for the Sims 4 out there. But finding the best headband custom content for them can be tricky. Headbands are basically a form of jewelry and they can be used to complement an outfit or hairstyle. We’ve searched the internet for the coolest headband custom content for the Sims 4 and we found thirty packs that we believe you should have a look at!

#1 ANOTHER NIGHT Glitter Headband

Sims 4 Headband

There are many ways to make your sims look fabulous. You can give them a new haircut, some makeup, or a new outfit but what if they want something more? A headband, like this one, is made to suit any mood or personality.

You can wear one while you are going out with friends and it will suit your plans perfectly. Fashionistas wear them to add an extra pop of color and these even help your sims express themselves if they have nothing much else to say with their outfit. They can actually be paired with any outfit, whether it’s a formal dress or a casual t-shirt. They’re also available in a range of beautiful shades and patterns. To install this one, follow this post.

Check out the latest maxis match makeup custom content for the Sims 4.

#2 Simple satin headband

Sims 4 Headband

This headband is eye-catching, feminine and so elegant. With the hair in-game for female sims getting more and more ridiculous, these headbands are a nice break from all the craziness. This is a simple headband that has been designed for female sims.

It comes in 10 swatches and is available for both teens and adults. Although this headband is simple, we can’t really deem it just basic. What are you waiting for? Check it out here.

#3 Bunny Bear Sims 4 Headband

Sims 4 Headband

It is time to get cozy! They’re like cute little hats for you Sims. The bunny headbands and bear headbands are a new accessory for your beloved sims characters. They are made of soft, fluffy fabric that will keep your sims warm and cozy all day. The bear headband has a soft stuffed teddy bear’s ears on it while the bunny headband is bordered with fluffy bunny ears.

Every fashionista wants to dress up their sims character in the latest styles and trends so they can show them off in their game world. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your favorite sims character wearing some adorable bunny ears or a cute pair of bear ears! To install these, click here.

#4 ICONIC – Coisa Boa Gloria Groove

Sims 4 Headband

The bohemian style of this headband is hot in fashion nowadays. It can also be seen in a lot of movies and TV series, so people are starting to use it in their Sims. It is traditionally associated with artists and free-spirited people. A headband like this one is a good way to add an extra layer of decoration to your Sims character’s fashion look.

You can change the color or texture of the bandana and have it match with the rest of your Sim’s clothing, or you may use it as a part-time accessory for different occasions, like formal events or casual evenings with friends. It comes in many different colors and styles. Here’s your installation link.

If you’d like braids for your sims, check out this post.

#5 LUNA by simstrouble Sims 4 Headband

Sims 4 Headband

The hair is perfect for any female sims that are looking for a more modern, chic style. It has a variety of different colors, so you can find the perfect one for you. The pack also includes a headband for your female sim. You’ll find 29 unique swatches that will let you style your headband according to your needs. Click here if you wish to download it.

Here’s a link to a collection of the coolest eyebrows for the Sims 4.

#6 Hriban Set – Three Head Accessories

Sims 4 Headband

Accessories like this headband go hand-in-hand with almost any outfit and can change your sims look! These are a fantastic way to change up your sims’ hair. They come in all kinds of colors and styles, so there is one for every type of female sim.

This particular headband is perfect for everyday occurrences or when you want to look just a little bit more dressed up! What do you think? Take a closer look at it here.

#7 Malibu Retexture – Mesh Needed

Sims 4 Headband

Rockers are made up of people who are passionate about music and style. This headband that we have found comes in a variety of colors, styles to suit every rocker chick out there.

The all-new headband comes with 13 different swatches that range from a cute, vibrant punk blue to a delicate and feminine, peach color. With so many options to choose from, you’ll find the perfect look for all of your rocker chicks. Grab this one from this page. But don’t forget to grab the mesh first so it could work well in-game.

For a realistic sim, check out this collection of skin blends cc.

#8 Bow Sims 4 Headband

Sims 4 Headband

Put a bow on it! This headband for your sims is perfect for any day or night occasion. With this bow headband, you can give your sims a touch of cuteness and individuality. This mod comes in several colors that would fit anyone. And with the addition of patterns, you can make your characters look like they are ready to hop around town! Here’s your download link.

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#9 Positions (Headband)

sims4 headband cc 5

A little bit of fluffy fun! If you are in need of a new headband, look no further! Meet the Fluffy Headband. It features a huge bow across the top with 10 brightly colored ribbons – one for each color option. You can choose from ten colors and enjoy the compliments that are bound to come your sim’s way.

We are in love with the huge bow. It’s available in ten colors so you can choose the one that best suits your sims’ needs and outfits. They range from pastel colors to bold colors, including white, red and black! Just make sure you have hairstyles by ADE because this headband is designed to merely fit them. Head over to this link for easy download.

#10 Sense Headband by Pralinesims

sims4 headband cc 18

If you are on the lookout for a new pair of headbands for your male sims, but it’s not as easy as you think! Is Supreme ok? Do you need to get LOUIS VUITTON? Where should you look for Gucci? This pack has got you covered, it can help you find all sorts of headbands that are perfect for all types of sims.

There’s no wrong way to wear custom headbands like these ones. You will definitely be adding some personality to your male sims with them. We love how there are so many options to dress up your Sims characters with these new items. Download it.

#11 Lolla Headband

sims4 headband cc 13

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to headbands, but when it all comes down to it, we have one that can’t be beat. Every female sim needs a little bit of glamour in her life, and this headband features just that. It’s made with gold and silver pearls at the top and down the sides, making it perfect for any formal event or dinner party.

The headband also comes in rose gold and bronze colors that are perfect for summer weddings. And don’t worry, there’s a size to fit everyone! Have a look at it here.


Sims 4 Headband

This Kwanzaa headband is perfect for a night out. You can wear it with jeans and a tank or an evening formal look. It will elevate your daily style with this trendy and versatile headband. You can wear it as a statement or keep it understated for an on-the-go look. And if you’re wondering plain colors or patterns? I think a headband that comes in both is your answer. This pack features 16 plain colors and 4 different patterns.

Bring a little personality to your sim-self with this chic accessory that also hides stray hairs. Feel free to have a closer look at it from this page.


sims4 headband cc 8

Ready, Set, Sparkle! Just because your sims don’t have a man around doesn’t mean they can’t try out this headband but if they do, even better. We’re obsessing over this glamorous bridal headband that will add the perfect touch to any wedding photos with your female sims. Pair it with a nice dress, and you’ll be all set for that wedding.

With a touch of glittery flowers and crystal gems, this accessory comes in 6 swatches and adds a hint of style to formal wear. It is perfect for the bride or her bridesmaids. Here’s your download link.

Check out these cool wedding dresses for your female sims.

#14 Steampunk D hair accessories

sims4 headband cc 9

Dress up your female sims with the newest, most fashionable hair accessory around – the steampunk headband! The sleek design of this back ribbon promises to complement any outfit, and its functional design will work with most custom ponytails. This pack features four different swatches to choose from. Check them out from this page.

#15 Sims 4 Bunny Headband by Suzue

sims4 headband cc 14

Bring a little cheer to your Sims with the adorable Bunny Headband by Suzue! It is a perfect, playful way to add an animalistic twist to your outfit.

If you’re looking for an accessory for your Sims that is both simple and fabulous, you can’t go wrong with this bunny headband. You’ll always want to look cute, no matter where you are and this is the perfect accessory to do it with! And, it’s just in time for Easter too. To install this one in your game, click here.

This is a post dedicated to custom cat ears for the Sims 4.

#16 Sketchbookpixels Scrunch Sims 4 Headband

sims4 headband cc 17

Tired of having to choose from a bevy of colors when you want to change up your look? Boho chic has never looked so good. You can now add the perfect boho touch to your kids’ and toddlers’ outfits with these headbands. They are made with high-quality materials and designed to work with a variety of outfits, these headbands are versatile and gorgeous.⁣

Fill up your outfit with these colorful headbands and wrap your hair up on a whimsical day. Grab it for your little ones from this page.

#17 [EnriqueS4] Emmi Hairstyle

sims4 headband cc 20

Say goodbye to bad hair days. A wide headband for voluminous hair is just what you need to look picture perfect at all times. This one is a must-have, we tell you. Why do you ask? Well, we all know the outfit is never complete unless we rock with trendy, stylish, and comfy maxis match hair.

On the plus side, this hairstyle comes with a headband that’s perfect for all-day wear, so that your sims, whether they are teens, adults, or elders, can enjoy their day to the fullest. If you wish to download this hairstyle with the band, click here.

#18 Blahberry-pancake Roseanne set 4t3 (female)

Sims 4 Headband

We’re not kidding when we say this pack is all about flowers.⁣ Put your inner flower child on display with this rose-themed set. Imagine yourself as the queen of all flowers. This rose-themed set is perfect for you. Not only does it include a perfect rose headband, but you can also get matching accessories to complete your look!⁣

And it’s about time your sims petalled up. Blahberry Pancake has included a rose headband with horns, a rose choker and rose piercings, and rose earrings in this pack. The earrings and piercings are delicate but provocative. You can keep it sweet and simple. The choker is simply put, you’ll look like a goddess. Because that is what your sim is. Click here to install it.

#19 blahberry pancake – 2020 headband – the sims 4

sims4 headband cc 22

Love stepping out of the ordinary? From a galaxy far, far away comes a headband full of stars to brighten up your character’s day! If a headband full of stars is what you want, the new release from Blahberry Pancake is the perfect way to add some starry magic to your female sim’s outfit.

Headbands can look good, but they don’t always feel good. If you’re like us, we wanted a headband that felt as good as it looked. A headband that looked refined but still had that easy street style. You know the type: not too high, not too low—just right. Don’t you want to see your female sim light up with joy? Head over to this page to install it in your game.

#20 Naruto Sims 4 Headband

sims4 headband cc 23

This Naruto headband is finally available for your male Sims. The headband is a very iconic symbol in the Naruto anime and manga. In this mod, you can find a 1:1 replica for your male sims from teen to elder. It comes in 8 different swatches that range from orange to green to purple and more so that you can choose a color that matches your sim’s style. If you love Naruto and want to see your sim wear it too, then this mod is for you! It’s a click away.


sims4 headband cc 1

If you are looking for a way to set your sims character apart from the rest with just a little something, then look no further! This headband is lovely, soft, and made just for your sims characters. This headband is a decorative accessory for the Sims 4 game. It can be applied to any hair, and it comes in 5 swatches to fit any hair color. The bow is a thin, custom design with some flexibility to fit tightly on the hair. You can install this one in-game from this page.


sims4 headband cc 24

The custom sunflower headband for toddlers sims is a fun and creative way to dress up your child. This headband is made from a piece of plush fabric with flowers sewn on the top. The flowers are made in different colors and sizes to add variation.

The sunflower headband for toddlers sims can be worn on any occasion or event. They are great for a day out in the park, or a night at home watching TV. It is perfect for your toddler’s everyday wear! What are you waiting for? Download!

#23 Frufru Princess Bodysuit + Headband – NEW MESHES

sims4 headband cc 25

We all know how precious our little ones are. We want them to be comfortable, feel safe, and have a lot of fun. So, when it comes to designing clothes for your little ones, you want to make sure they have what they need without having too much that they don’t need.

Frufru has made it its mission to design clothes for your new baby or toddler that are comfortable, practical, and cute. This princess bodysuit and headband for your baby sims is an adorable and stylish outfit for your female sim baby. The bodysuit and headband combo is made from peach pink fabric with details in tulle, lace, and sparkles.

The matching accessory for this beautiful outfit is the Frufru Princess Headband which you can find in the Create-a-Sim > Female > Hats section of the CAS panel. Isn’t it lovely? It’s definitely worth giving a try.

#24 Icon Headband – Separated – Kids Version

sims4 headband cc 26

It’s always a fun time to dress up your kids in all the latest trends. This headband is a simple, yet trendy accessory for girls with long hair or short hair. It will add a feminine touch to any ensemble and pairs perfectly with jeans, tights, and cute tops!

And don’t forget that the dotted headbands are also available in 30 swatches, including the showcased purple- so you can be sure that they’ll love wearing them. Feel free to check it out. Here’s your link.


sims4 headband cc 27

I think that a headband for your toddlers in The Sims 4 would be a lot of fun. Not only do they need it to protect their ears from the cold, but it can also match any outfit and will help them look adorable!

This is a pack for your toddler sim characters and it is available in two different versions, each come in 3 swatches. They fit just perfectly on your sim’s head and they are absolutely cute. Try it out here.

#26 [EnriqueS4] Lily Sims 4 Headband

Sims 4 Headband

Custom headbands are one of the most striking and edgy accessories that Sims can wear. Headbands range from simple designs to more complicated creations.

Customizing your headband can be as easy as clicking on it and picking your favorite color. But, if you want to be edgy like our Sim here and wear some spikes with your new headband, then all you need to do is get this pack. Feel free to have a closer look at it here.

#27 Wonderland Headband – Halloween Special

sims4 headband cc 29

The Wonderland Headband by Simtographies is available in three swatches that feature a pearlized finish and a fabulously fun design. This black and white headband brings off an elegant yet playful look that will instantly add some pizzazz to your outfit. It’s the perfect accessory for days when you want to look effortlessly chic and fun! Here’s your download link.

#28 Barbie headband for kids

sims4 headband cc 3

If you have ever played The Sims 4, you know that the game is so much more than just a video game to play. With this game, you get to create an entirely new life simulation for your Sims. You can design their looks and personality traits for them.

It is even possible to give that custom Barbie headband for kids sims in the Sims 4! This headband will come in 10 swatches and is easy to customize with your favorite colors. You can get this Barbie headband from this link.

#29 skipping gym class a headband recolor

Sims 4 Headband

Headbands are great for girls and boys. And they come in different colors. So, you are sure to find one that you like. They are perfect for girls with long hair or who want to tie up their ponytails, and they also work great for boys who want to wear them on their heads and look fancy!

These ones by Llazyneiph have different prints on them. They include Fendi Monster Eyes, Crybaby, Hentai, In Love, Lonely, Loser, LOVELOVELOVE, Papi, STREET, Runes, Whatever, Weirdo, and Not Interested. Moreover, these are available in both English and Japanese variants, all the Japanese writings are merely translations of their English versions. 

To install this pack, head over to this page. But you have to grab the mesh first.

#30 ERSCH – CITRUS Sims 4 Headband

Sims 4 Headband

Do you ever feel like your male Sims need a bit more color in their lives? Well, now you can give them just that! The Sims 4 Headband with oranges is a new headgear. And it features five orange pieces of fruit that sit on top of your head and are visible from the front or back. Moreover, the headband can be worn exclusively by female sims. Download from this post.

Headbands are an important accessory in any Sims 4 game and they can really change up your character’s look. But not all headbands are created equal. You can now pick from high-quality headbands with your favorite designs and colors. We really like how they have a lot of options. You can be really creative with it and the best part is that it is all free. There is something for everyone in our list of best Sims 4 headband CC and we hope you find a great one to suit your sim’s needs!

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