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Barbie doll fans the world over have collectively lost their minds with the recent trailer drop for the upcoming Barbie movie. While little is known so far as to what the movie is actually about, from what we’ve seen it looks like a lot of love & detail was put into the film. You know who else appreciates love & detail? Sims creators!


If you can’t wait until the movie releases in July, tide yourself over in the meantime by playing with Barbie doll(s) in the Sims 4! It’s not uncommon for simmers to refer to their characters as “pixel dolls,” as the Sims is such a versatile game that can be played in lots of ways. We have all sorts of content on this list to scratch that Barbie CC itch!

Check out our latest CC creation: A Barbie X Horses Bedroom CC pack. It includes 15 objects that add a good little mix into your Sims’ lives. Have a look!


Have you checked our Barbie themed vanity set though? You get 3 objects in this set, all in shades of pink.

barbie sunshine vanity sims 4 snootysims

And we’ve also created the following two Barbie sets. We hope you come to like both! Visit this link to download the bedroom set.


And click on this link to download this Barbie After Party set. Have fun!



Whether you want to create your own version of Barbara Millicent Roberts, or just make your sim look like they come from the same world as the most famous doll ever, there’s oodles of Barbie CC for Create-A-Sim!

1. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Eye Contacts by TheComic

image 30

Found in face makeup, this collection of “contact lenses” gives your Barbie doll sim eyes like the characters from the Dreamhouse Adventures game. There are 15 funky colors and you can get them at TSR.

2. Barbie’s Closet Collection by RIMINGS

image 26

Barbie up with this one of a kind Barbie clothing set by RIMINGS! It has everything from dressers to tops and bottoms and even accessories. Here’s your download link.

image 28

2. Dreamhouse Set by DayLifeSims

image 21

If you liked the hairstyles on the dolls from the previous entry, good news! Barbie as well as her sisters Stacie and Skipper get some love with 3 new hairstyles available in 24 EA colors. You can download these new ‘dos here.

3. Barbie ’59 by TwentiethCenturySims

image 20 edited

The Barbie doll that started it all! This iconic set comes with Barbie’s up-do in 18 original EA colors, her striped swimsuit, white cat-eye sunnies for wearing on the face or atop the head, and black pumps. If you want to get this signature swimsuit yourself, download it here.

4. Barbie Workout Costume by Simtographies

image 46

If you played with Barbie dolls in the early 80’s or saw the movie Toy Story 3 then you are familiar with this outfit! A light blue leotard with pink belt and rainbow leg warmers available for toddlers and up. We love that the younger sims got included in this one! Snag the outfit here.

5. Barbie & Ken Halloween by Reina

image 34 edited

Reina took the classic costumes for Barbie and Ken as seen in Toy Story 3 and not only recreated them, but added several other fantastic colorways as well! I actually had this Ken doll growing up and that statement blue leopard print shirt made the rounds for many years. The 80’s really did have some great fashion! See the other colors and get the outfits (plus the Barbie doll box) here, and keep reading on to learn more about the poses seen in the picture!

6. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Dress by Stardust Sims

image 44

Stardust Sims has quite the collection of Barbie doll CC focused around her stint in fairytale movies during the 00’s, including this lovely lavender number. Swan Lake, Rapunzel, and many other Barbie looks can be found on Stardust’s blog by searching the #Barbie tag. Conversely, check out the “More You Might Like” section at the bottom of the download page to see more of their dollworthy dresses!

If the princess life is your jam, take a look at our favorite pieces of princess CC!

7. Barbie in A Christmas Carol Dress by Felipe

image 29

Wow, Barbie has done a lot of movies! This lovely dress from “Barbie in A Christmas Carol” comes in 20 colors to compliment any sims’ skin tone which includes a special extra festive swatch for the Christmas holiday. Learn more and download the dress here!

8. Calling Bird Dress by TwentiethCenturySims

image 42

This 1950’s frock was inspired by the classic Barbie doll and absolutely looks like something she would have worn back then. There are 10 swatches in both sweet pastels and smart neutrals; add it to your wardrobe here!

9. Barbie Denim Jacket with Tshirt by SimmerKate

image 48

Now we move on to more recent decades and more modern looks for Barbie, starting with this cute crop top and sweater combination. It comes in 4 sweet Barbie doll swatches plus a camo coloration for something a bit more subdued. You can get it here!

10. Barbie Doll Outfit by momo

image 59

Outfit your Barbie sim from head to toe in this slinky coordinated outfit. A dress, fur wrap, lace-up thigh high boots, earrings, heart choker, sunglasses for on the face or atop the head, and a hairstyle will literally deck out your doll from the tips of her pointed toes to the top of her hollow head. Head to the link to scoop up this ensemble for yourself!

Need a matching manicure for this lewk? Check out our favorites!

11. Moschino Barbie Dress + Belt by LaLuna Atelier

image 39

Every Simmer nowadays is familiar with the brand Moschino. The fashion label loves to collab with well-known properties and Barbie is no exception. This dress set features 10 swatches, 6 of which feature the brand’s name written in one of Barbie’s iconic font styles. See the other swatches and download the outfit here.

Looking for another pink-obsessed mascot to love? Why not Freezerbunny?

12. Barbie 2 Piece Sparkle Dress by Good Chill Studio

image 56

A bodycon dress in 26 swatches with a glittery Barbie logo and matching accents. This isn’t meant for your mother’s Barbie doll! Grab these glittery CC goodies here.

13. Barbie x Moschino Collection by 3D Muhari

image 51

Another set of outfits from Moschino, this time with a slick dress in 10 shades and a purse in complementary colors. Oh yeah, there’s an outfit for Ken, too. Get the goods here!

14. Barbie Earrings by Qwerty

image 49 edited

These earrings were inspired by a real pair and as a lifelong Barbie fan, this author’s sim-self has been rocking the pixelized version for a while now! They come in 10 swatches with multiple eye and skin colors sporting natural and colorful hairstyles. If you like funky accessories you definitely need these in your game!

15. Doll Earrings by Grafity-CC

image 54

So the earrings don’t explicitly say “Barbie” on them, but look at them! Grafity knows what’s up. This cute pair of generic-and-totally-not-referencing-anyone earrings comes in a whopping 30 colors, to match any and every outfit you can put together! Get them for yourself at this link.

16. Barbie Necklace by Quen2n

image 52

This glitzy statement necklace features Barbie’s name in all pink, all clear, or a combination of pink & clear diamonds. If you’re the kind of Barbie doll that doesn’t do subtle, this is the necklace for you! Find it here.

17. Barbie by Katverse

image 53 edited

There are dozens of simmified Barbie dolls out there for players to download and enjoy, but I particularly like Katverse’s version because of how well it captures the essence of Barbie. You look at this image and you immediately know who’s she’s supposed to be. If you agree, you can download her for yourself but be sure to check the custom content list included if you want her to look like she does in the image!

18. Summer of ’59 Set by Ice-CreamForBreakfast

image 1

A set of 16 new pieces for every doll in your dollhouse! Even Alan gets some love in this collection which offers clothing, hair, and accessories for adults as well as a swimsuit for children. The flamingo earrings are my personal fave! Check out the collection and stock your closet here.

Buy Mode

Though CAS is a popular area to find Barbie doll CC, it’s not the only one! You can bring Barbie into the world of your sims with these great Buy Mode items!

19. Barbie Kids Room Stuff Pack by Pihe89

image 61 edited

Aren’t player-made stuff packs the best? Pihe89 recolored a variety of in-game items to give young sims their dream Barbie bedroom, totaling 20 new pieces. And since everything is based off preexisting EA objects you don’t have to worry about updating anything for the infants patch. Sweet! Grab the set here.

20. Barbie’s Dreamhouse Stuff Pack by MiaBlack

image 62

If your sim is still a Barbie girl (or boy!) when they’ve gotten a little older, this set is a perfect next step! 21 base game compatible CAS and Buy Mode items let your sim have a perfect pink bedroom with coordinating threads to really viva la vida Barbie! Check it out here.

21. Playable Barbie Dolls by AroundTheSims

image 22

ATS made this lovely set for Christmas a few years ago. It comes with deco gift bags and boxes, but the Barbie dolls themselves are toy objects that your young and youthful sims can play with! There are 3 different dolls in multiple skin tones so every little girl (or boy!) can see themselves represented in their favorite toy. To get this set go here and scroll down to December 18.

22. Sims 4 Barbie Doll Collection by Mel Bennett

image 33

This set has a little of everything so classifying it was a touch tricky. There are 2 deco Barbie dolls, as well as 2 CAS accessory versions for photos and an accompanying posepack. The dollhouse isn’t included but it’s linked to in the post. Visit this page and click the Mediafire or Goggle Drive [sic]link to download them, as the Patreon link no longer works.

23. Barbie Girl Functional Dolls + Deco by SIMMIN MY BEST LIFE

image 38

These Barbie dolls are extra special because they can be named and placed into a sim’s inventory! Now your young sims can carry their favorite Barbie doll around with them, taking them on adventures all over SimNation. There are 4 functional dolls in multiple hair and skin colors for sims to play with along with over 40 swatches of decorative Barbie doll boxes. Oh yeah, Ken’s there too. If you want these toys for your own Barbie-fanatic sim, get them here!

24. Barbie Styling Head from AroundTheSims

image 23 edited

No matter the decade, one thing seems constant: toy companies love making dismembered heads for kids to practice hair & makeup on. Now you can share this horror with your pixel dolls via the simmified version, which functions as a dollhouse with custom accessories. There’s also a deco version for players who prefer to have their kids’ toys judging them menacingly from a shelf, out of reach. If this sounds like your thing, head to December 8 on this page to download these heads for yourself.

25. Barbie Dream House by AroundTheSims

image 24

When I was little, I had a Barbie dollhouse. Unfortunately at that time I possessed a child-like grasp of weight distribution, and thought it would be fun to convince my baby sister to sit atop the house. What resulted was a pile of bent cardboard and disappointed plastic, and a bunch of homeless Barbie dolls. Oops!

Though sims can’t do anything as foolish as child-me did, they can enjoy their own version of Barbie’s Dream House with this cute dollhouse by ATS. Hopefully no angry sims come by and smash it!

26. Barbie Paintings by DopeCherryBlossomHeart

image 57

If your sim is a fan of Barbie’s classic looks, they’ll love adorning their walls with this painting. There are 5 swatches of signature outfits that will blend into any Barbie fan’s collection as well as those who appreciate classic fashion. Go here for the paintings but be sure to get the needed mesh as linked in the post!

27. Barbie Set by SimmerKate

image 50

For a Barbie-loving sim who’s a little older, embrace the luxury of the Barbie life with these sweet deco items. There’s a plush fur bag and makeup case, a cute night light, and 2 drink tumblers adorned with some of her iconic logos. If you’d like these for your own game you can download them here!

28. Barbie Doll Box by eunosims

image 26

This object doesn’t have a lot of function outside of photo shoots and the perfect decor in a Barbie-themed room, but it’s such a cute and fun idea we had to feature it. Toss in a teleporter and download some poses and you’re ready to have your own Barbie photoshoot! Get the Barbie Doll Box here.

Looking to bump up your sim’s photography skill? Take a look at our guide!

Build Mode

Barbie is known for a lot of things. Her love of pink, her many skills, but let’s not forget about her properties! Barbie has had access to so many unique places throughout her career from trendy townhouses to elaborate estates and everything in between. Take a tour with us of some great Barbie builds for the Sims 4!

29. Barbie Kiddies Party Venue by LaSkrillz Gaming

image 60

5 year-old me would have lost my mind to have a birthday party like this! LaSkrillz created a whole set of Barbie themed party items and then even built a space so you can start playing with them right away. There’s a cake table, selfie wall, goody bags, and so many pink balloons! This would be a great set for some photoshoots with your sims’ children and their friends. If you’ve got a sim in mind who would go gaga for this kind of party, grab the set and venue (room) here!

Barbie not the party theme your sim is looking for? Perhaps they’d prefer to celebrate at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria!

30. Barbie Dream Apartment by Chrissie

image 45

A fabulous girly apartment full of clutter and glam, with lots of build tricks thrown in for some truly unique vibes! Visit this link to watch the whole apartment build, and check the video description to get the download link!

31. Barbie Toy House by DambiSims

image 31 edited

How clever is this?! From the front it looks like an ordinary, albeit very pink, house. Go to the back though, and you’re hit with a surprise! This creative build is designed to look like a giant dollhouse that opens from the back, including the detachable walls. The house and yard is full of garish pink decor that’s just perfect for Barbie. Find this house on TSR!

32. Pretty Much EVERYTHING by KateEmerald

image 43

It was impossible to pick a single Barbie build from Kate Emerald to feature here because she has made so many amazing builds for the Sims 4 that will completely astound you, the process of which she features on YouTube. Trust us, you’re better off just downloading all of them:

Barbie DreamhouseBarbie Pool MansionBarbie Camper
Barbie Dream BoatBarbie Heart Pool MansionBarbie Mansion

33. Malibu Barbie Collaboration by SIMplee Tierra & Friends

image 32

A massive undertaking by nearly a dozen different people, SIMplee Tierra & friends created a save file for the Sims 4 that turns Del Sol Valley into an 80’s-90’s malibu Barbie paradise! It’s sunny, bright, retro, and (mostly) pink and reminds me of the Barbie dolls I played with when I was a little girl. Plus, it’s so much cooler than the the version of Del Sol Valley that ships with Get Famous.

Visit this YouTube link for the virtual tour and check the video description for the file download.

Want a more modern, less pink save file? Why not try LilSimsie’s?

Even More Barbie CC!

Here are a few last odds & ends we wanted to include that didn’t fit into the categories above!

34. Barbie & Ken Poses by Hiyut

image 35

Remember those cute outfits from entry #5? Here are the poses to go along with them! There are 8 poses for Barbie & Ken together as well as 6 standalone poses for Barbie. You could even mix and match them with the Barbie box we featured in entry #25!

Visit the link to see all the poses and download them for yourself!

35. Mugshot Poses by Surely-Sims

image 3

Since this post was first written, the full trailer for the movie came out which featured a scene of Barbie & Ken getting taken in by the LAPD and having their mugshots taken. Surely-Sims took those iconic shots and used them to build a fabulous pack of 10 mugshot poses in varying levels of ridiculousness (along with the accessory card). These poses are proving to be a big hit on #simblr for Barbie fans and pose collectors alike!

Bonus: Barbie Lookbooks by SilwerMoon Sims!

image 55

Though she has a specific section dedicated to the many lookbooks she’s created, Silwermoon is such a big Barbie fan that she has several pages of content solely dedicated to recreating Barbie’s antics in the Sims 4. Not every entry includes a lookbook but if you’re after inspiration for dressing up your own Barbie sims, or hoping to find a specific item for your own recreations, it’s worth giving her blog a visit.

And if you’re looking for an extra realistic version of Barbie in the Sims, you must check this link.

image 29

Love lookbooks? We’ve got a whole post about them with over 50 curated outfits!

Barbie CC More CC Finds:

Final Thoughts

After scrolling through this list it should come as no big shock that a lot of Barbie doll fans are also Sims 4 fans and vice versa. Barbie is all about creating your own world and following your imagination and building the experience you want to have, and the Sims 4 isn’t very different from that. If you’re a massive Barbie fan suffering a lack of Barbie content in the Sims, you are now equipped with a list of fashionable, functional, flirty, fantastic files to remedy that. We hope you enjoyed this list and that it holds you over until the movie comes out!

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