Sims 4 Save File Guide (The Best 20 Save Files)


The Sims 4 is a game that revolves around being able to customize and build. However, sometimes people can get bored with the same old thing and want to switch it up. That’s why there are save files of pre-made areas for you to download and enjoy. Read this post to learn more about Sims 4 save file and to install the best of them into the game. Enjoy!

sims 4 save file

What is a Sims 4 Save File?

Using a save file in Sims 4 can be a great way to start ahead in your simming journey. Even if you’re not an experienced Sims 4 player, you might be better off using a save file. The base game has many aspects that are problematic and questionable for newer simmers, especially now, years after TS4 has been released. 

A save file in Sims 4 is essentially a backup file of your playtime in the game. It contains everything that you’ve played up to that point. One save file can be uploaded on the internet and shared among all players. You can also download a save file from someone else and load the game from their save point.

Your Sims 4 save file is located in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Saves, or a similar mods directory, depending on where you’ve installed the game. But generally, you can find your save file in your Saves folder. And if you’re using Mac, you could find it via the finder application that you have installed. Just keep in mind that if you are searching for mods or custom content, you can find them in the Sims 4/Mods directory, however the rooms, the characters, and lots you’ve created can be found in the tray folder.

When you download a save file from the internet, you should paste it into your Saves folder too. Keep in mind that you can have multiple save files in this folder. The important part is to select the save you want to load when you launch the game via the main menu.

Since everyone plays the game differently, there are thousands and thousands of shared Sims 4 save files on the internet. From different collaborations and solo creations, here I selected my favorite 15 which I’ve personally used many times in the past. 

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Top 15 Best Sims 4 Save Files

15. MSR Save file 1.0

sims 4 save file

We have to begin our list with this custom Savefile! It is about living life in Sims 4 to the fullest with a diverse and inclusive world. Your characters can live in their own ideal, custom-built home or make it in Sims society. But either way, there is no room for boredom in this save file. With just as much liveliness as our community, all sims have been given makeovers and come with likes and dislikes. Moreover, you will notice that they are given particular skills, careers, and household relationships. So, you should definitely check it out if you’re looking for some townie makeovers and storylines.

The creator has managed to add 31 original families to this save file. You won’t find any builds in Newcrest but you should be able to find a number of them in Willow Creek, Del Sol Valley, Sulani, Magnolia Promenade and other worlds. To download this one, click here.

14. Aurora Sims 4 Save File

sims 4 save file

This save file is created By Baembee. You don’t have to worry about any extra content because this savefile is compatible with the base game. The creator of this save file has made it easy for players to download twonies and main lots via her gallery page. You could access it via this name: Baembee. It is completely custom content free but in order to prevent random spawning of sims, we recommend getting the NPCC mod. To install this one into your hard drive, follow this page.

13. Sims 4 Willow Creek Save File by Devon Bumpkin

sims 4 save file

You’re here in Willow Creek, one of the most interesting districts in all of the sims. You’re a newcomer and you have your work cut out for you. There are so many things to do, and so many opportunities to explore! But with that, there’s also the chance that you’ll get sucked into an adventure or two. Hopefully not some of the darker ones though. Get the ultimate Sims 4 experience with this save file by Devon. It’s got everything a player could want and more, from friends and family to new places and things to explore. Check out this video by the creator for a closer look into what this save file has to offer.

12. Little Root Save File by Aveline

sims 4 save file

Stop playing the same game over and over again! Have your Sims come alive in a new way with Little Root Save File. You can now experience the full breadth of The Sims 4’s gameplay in this file, with brand new content, lots, and townies (from toddler to elder sims). You’ll never have to play the same game twice with this one.

This is a new world that’s perfect for your playstyle with new locations, buildings, and venues, illogical sims and more. You can find anything from a cozy suburban house to a villa on the beach. This Sims 4 save file is created by Tinycowplant, you will find changes in Oasis springs. Brindleton Bay and Granite Falls. You can download it into a new folder from this page.

11. The Disney Save- Willow Creek is LIVE!

sims 4 save file

Oh wow, we’re in Willow Creek and it’s so good to be back. I love the townies and the kids and everyone in-between. The opportunities are endless and there are so many ways to make money and keep the Sims happy without any chaos. You’ll meet so many interesting characters when you explore the map that you’ll never want to leave now it wouldn’t be anything without you, our dear players. With so many different new builds and new sims, you are going to enjoy it.

So, you’ve just basically stumbled across the most detailed Sims 4 save file on the planet. Featuring 18 Disney Sims and their pets, jobs, skills, and outfits, you’ll be able to create your very own fairy tale. There are interesting builds like a basketball court, a secret lab and a lot more. It’s time to stop wasting your time and start having fun, this save file is guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again. To install this one into your game, click here.

10. Windokio, Asian Inspired Savefile

sims 4 save file

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to play The Sims 4? This is the save file for you because it will turn your world into a new place! With brand new houses and community lots, you’ll never run out of things to do. You’ll also never run out of people to do them with. This Save File is just what the doctor ordered for anyone who loves the Japanese anime aesthetic. Make your Sims 4 game less ordinary with a few tweaks that’ll keep your Sim games fresh. The best part is that it’s a super easy download so you can enjoy it in a snap.

What are you waiting for? Get your life started today! We get so many empty lots in the Sims 4 and we’d just love to get some game data on a plate of roses. Here’s your download link.

9. Bunni’s Save File Ver 2.0!

The Sims 4 is a great game but it gets boring after a while, so you start to feel like you’re in a rut. This Sims 4 save file is the perfect solution. All the infamy of the original game without any of the monotony. With this save file, new families, new stories, and new possibilities await you & your Sims. This save file requires City Living.

So, if you have ever wanted an accurate pleasant view of townies, Bunni has got you covered! This file has 11 residential lots and 4 community lots that all have at least one townie on them. All of the townies have accurate jobs and skills, thanks to hundreds of hours spent figuring out what skill levels are required for each level. All townies have their relationships modeled properly as well.

You can now enjoy a new neighborhood in the middle of Newcrest development in Bunni’s Save File. This is a really fun way to play the Sims 4 without waiting for houses to be built. Here’s your download link.

8. JQ Basegame Save – CC Free Basegame Only Save File

sims 4 save file

Save your time and frustration! Use this JQ Basegame Save to start with no custom content and enjoy your own perfect world. As a Sims 4 player, you’ve probably seen the countless threads asking for a base game save. Now, you can play with everything available in the game without having to worry about missing out on new content. You don’t need any game pack for this save file, which is a plus. With this easy-to-use save file, you’ll never have to worry about your game being. Feel free to check it out here.

7. Deligracy’s Newcrest Save

All the lots are built with love and it shows. Everyone loves a good Christmas story with some romance. Grab this Sims 4 save file for some new adventures in Newcrest where you can explore and find new families with some hidden secrets. There are starter homes with weird plants and base game items. Become the hero or villain and have the freedom to make their lives either better or worse. For more information on how to download, click here.

6. The Original Fishy Save File

You’ve played the game. You’ve seen it all. You thought you were done – but the Sims 4 community base never quits! Now you can live out your wildest dreams in depth with this Fishy save file. This is the ultimate Sims experience. It has a ton of original creations that you don’t need any expansion pack for. If you want to feel like a god, this is for you. This file includes over 120 hours of new content, a complete recreation of every lot in the game, and maxed-out families. It’s a passion project that is inspired by creators such as Lilsimsie who has an amazing youtube channel, by the way. Feel free to have a look it at by clicking here.

5. SweetieWright’s Save File

The first save file that I want to show you is the save file that SweetieWright_84 shared with us a couple of years ago. It’s still one of the best save files that you can find because it has two versions – populated and non-populated.

The populated version of this save file consists of over 100 pre-made households. You can pick the one you like and create your own story.

The non-populated version has all the houses and build, but just not the Sims. The safe file doesn’t use mods and CC, but it does use all DLCs up to Snowy Escape. You can download it from here.

4. The Sims 4 Save File from Isleroux

Isleroux is a popular simmer that shared one of the greatest save files in the game’s history. This is one of the most extensive save files that you can find and it has nearly everything you need.

For example, the save file contains over 90 clubs that your Sims can join. There are many different Sims in all neighborhoods with unique personalities and looks. There are 5 worlds, all with great lot traits and interesting and human-like townies.

All in all, this is the perfect setup for playing an amazing story in Sims 4. Here’s a download link to this save file.

3. Plumbella Save File for Base Game

If you don’t own too many Sims 4 packs, then Plumbella’s save file is the right one for you. Not only it is base game-friendly, but it’s also great for newer players in particular.

Plumbella’s save file removes nearly the whole appearance of the base game. It has new lots and houses which are all downloaded from the gallery. You don’t need any DLC to make this save file work, but you can definitely combine it if you have. Also, no mods or CC are needed.

You can find this save file here.

2. The Hey Harrie Seasons Save File

Here we have an awesome save file by the simmer Hey Harrie. It’s not the most massive save file by any means, but it’s one of the most beautiful ones. It focuses mostly on the world, introducing 41 brand new lots and 3 new families of Sims.

If you want to use this save file, you’ll need to have all the Sims 4 DLCs. However, you won’t need any CC or mods, so if you have the packs, then totally get this save file.

Here’s a download link.

And lastly, we have lilsimsie’s popular save file. She’s one of the most famous Sims 4 players out there and her save file deserves all the spotlight. But if you’ve never watched her videos or streams, here’s what you need to know.

In this save file, you’ll get 35 brand new lots, remakes for the basic EA community lots, and 65 new townies families. And while this is the core, there are many other quality-of-life changes and bug fixes. Honestly, this is a better version of the game than anything EA has given us ever.

So if you like this all-in-one save file for the Sims 4, you can download it from here.

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