The Sims 4 Save File Guide (The Best 15 Save Files)

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Hey Simmers! If you’re feeling a bit blah about your Sims 4 routine, we’ve got the perfect fix–pre-made Sims 4 save files! Check out this post for all the deets on what they are, where to snag ’em, and how to spruce up your game effortlessly.

sims 4 save file

What is a Sims 4 Save File?

Using a save file in Sims 4 can be a great way to start ahead in your simming journey. Even if you’re not an experienced Sims 4 player, you might be better off using a save file so you can start playing with prebuilt stories and ready-made Sims.

A save file in The Sims 4 is essentially a backup file of one’s entire playtime in the game. It contains everything that one has played up to that point. Save files can generally be uploaded on the internet and shared among all players. You can then download a save file from a specific player and load the game from that certain player’s save point.

Where Are Save Files Located?

Your Sims 4 save files are located in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Saves, or a similar mods directory, depending on where you’ve installed the game. But generally, you can find save files in your Saves folder. And if you’re using a Mac, you could find it via the finder application. Just keep in mind that if you are searching for mods or custom content, you can find them in the Sims 4/Mods directory. But keep in mind that the rooms, the characters, and lots you’ve created, can be found in the Sims 4/Tray folder.

Downloading Sims 4 Save Files

When you download a save file from the internet, you should paste it into your Saves folder too, so it can appear in your game. Keep in mind that it is possible to have multiple save files in this folder, so there is no need to worry about overwriting any existing files. The important part is to select the save you want to load when you launch the game via the main menu.

Since everyone plays the game differently, there are thousands and thousands of shared Sims 4 save files on the internet. From different collaborations and solo creations, we have selected our favorite 15 save files. Take a look at what we’ve gathered below!

Top 15 Best Sims 4 Save Files

15. All Together Now Collective Save File

Willow Creek Save File

This Willow Creek Save File is packed with 7 cool hangouts, 7 awesome families, and a throwback crew for the vibes. Each Sim has their own cool story, jobs, and skills to make this place feel totally real. Your Sims can get lost in the bookish haven at Crawdad Community Library or hit up Crawdad Shopping Center with its boba shop and community garden–it’s super lit!

Here’s the download link.

14. Robynq Save File Willow Creek

Robynq Save File

Creator Robynq just dropped a fresh save file with a mix of lots–some are already filled with skilled Sims, while others are good for your creative touch and new packs. One highlight in this save file is that it’s a lively community hub featuring flats, shops, a gym, a coffee spot, and an internet cafe. Pro tip: LittleMsSams Auto employees work wonders here!

Here’s the download link.

13. la Save De NS Sims 4 Save File


Come and check out this awesome save file, which does not include any CCs or mods! In the said save file, the last renovated world is San Sequoia and the renovation in progress is Chestnut Ridge. The maps have been revamped and the households have been refurnished. To use this, just make sure to follow the installation instructions stated in the post!

Here’s the download link.

12. San Sequoia No Cc Save File

San Sequoia Save File

This is another NO CC save file for The Sims 4, featuring the wonderful world of San Sequoia. It is a refurbished version of the said world, which highlights gorgeous family houses, cafes, townhouses, restaurants, libraries, kindergartens, and more. Your Sim will definitely have a great time going around town with all these pretty hangout places!

Here’s the download link.

11. Ultimate Save No CC SAVE FILE

Ultimate Save File

This is a mega renovation of the existing worlds in The Sims 4. The creator, PlumbobKingdom, used the T.O.O.L. mod by TwistedMexi in furnishing the households and community lots. You’ll notice how the builds are all intricately designed! Just take note that this is a huge save file, so you might want to consider this fact when placing it in your game.

Here’s the download link.

10. Ratboy Sims’ SAVE FILE

Ratboysims Save FIle

Now, this save file from creator RatboySims is a spectacular rendition of various worlds in the game, including Sulani, Magnolia Promenade, Willow Creek, and other worlds. Willow Creek even includes ready-made families with complete backstories that you’ll have fun playing with.

Compatible with: The Sims 4 game version 1.96.397 (The Sims 4 High School Years and earlier packs were used). Here’s the download link.

9. The Love Letter save File

tumblr d8501e6d43a6179c22a1cb64d939a828 0a17e190 1280

Enjoy this cool save file from Simmer Prxnce, which includes edits on every world in the game, some 100% complete, and others a work in progress. The save file even combines some storylines from The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, providing an alternative timeline to the gameplay.

Compatible with: The Sims 4 game version 1.96.397.1020 (The Sims 4 Growing Together and earlier packs were used). Here’s the download link.

8. Portsim Save File 1.0

tumblr 66e9eb87cfe8383b5be3295b82a210a4 c3e82b4d 1280

Explore Portsim, a town from the 1750s in the south, with this historical and cultural save file! In this storyline, you will encounter crime, drug use, and violence, so please download it at your own risk.

Compatible with: The Sims 4 game version and earlier versions only (not compatible with the current version). Here’s the download link.

7. Chestnut Ridge Save File

tumblr 8b83973691e4a3ae3ef241c015ce571b 06e655de 1280

What about a save file featuring the calm yet vibrant town of Chestnut Ridge? With this save file from Mikkimur-Sims, your Sims can enjoy the Equestrian Horse Training Center, the Sweet Nectar Glade, and the Grapevine Terrace. All are CC free!

Here’s the download link.

6. San Myshuno 2.0 Save File

tumblr f5622855e8a77f3d20128216b36d5485 b28609f1 1280

Let Sims explore a better, upgraded version of San Myshuno with this incredible save file. This one features 7 community lots (restaurants, gyms, karaoke), updated townie Sims, 12 new households, and more. We know you’ll thoroughly enjoy this one.

Compatible with: The Sims 4 game version and earlier versions only (not compatible with the current version). Here’s the download link.

5. Lostinsophie Save File

tumblr 9bb3246a3384504ad6c165c6782010b5 391c344a 1280

This is a save file featuring all the current worlds and packs in The Sims 4 (except The Sims 4: Journey to Batuu). You can find townie makeovers, changed jobs, skills, and relationships among Sims, new families, and lots of amazing builds.

Here’s the download link.

4. Portsim Save File 1.2

tumblr cfafa40b600812f7a36a209bda4074df bfac1ea5 1280

Meet Millhaven, a charming sleepy town nestled in the mountains. This save file highlights 22 new Sims (including townies and NPC service Sims) and 5 lots. Be aware that this save file’s storyline involves crime, drug use, and violence so download at your own risk.

Here’s the download link.

3. Sims 2 to Sims 4 Save File

mts goldfi2h 2065622 desiderata

Are you ready for a nostalgic ride in The Sims 4? Imagine playing The Sims 2 again, only this time, within the landscape of The Sims 4. Yup! With this save file by Simmer goldfi2h, you can play with over 200 buildings and 200 Sims originally introduced in The Sims 2.

Compatible with: The Sims 4 game version 1.98.158. Here’s the download link.

2. Basegame Save File 10 Years Later


Take a look at this super interesting save file, by creator Charlypancakes! This save file paints the lives of Sims 4 townies 10 years after they first lived in the worlds. How cool is that, right?! Play with this save file and use the hashtags #10yearslatersave and #snootysims!

Here’s the download link.

1. Antiquated Brindleton Sims 4 Save File

tumblr 1da5e9c9e517bbad21dc8a485cb9e477 f08ba4ea 1280

Want to play some old-fashioned towns and houses in The Sims 4? You are in luck! This Sims 4 save file features an antique Brindleton Bay, inspired by 1890s towns in New England. All in all, the save file includes eight residential lots, seven community lots, and six households.

Compatible with: The Sims 4 game version 1.96.397.1020 (The Sims 4 Growing Together and earlier packs were used). Here’s the download link.

Final Thoughts: Enjoy Playing These Sims 4 Save Files!

So that’s it! We hope that this collection of save files will be able to brighten your Sims 4 gameplay. Download these save files today and trust us, you’ll see your existing worlds in the game come to life with such incredible makeovers. Let us know how your game goes! We are on FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, TikTok, and Tumblr where you can follow and message us! Or, you can leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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