Best Cleavage Overlay Mods and CC for the Sims 4

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Let’s make one thing clear: skin overlays add an extra essential dimension to our sims —we’re talking peanut butter and jam! And indeed, the more detailed they are, the better. So, we have prepared you a list of the best cleavage overlay mods and custom content that we are certain will come to your liking. You could also check our collection of the latest skin defaults and replacements.

And now, without any further delay, let’s being!

Cleavage Details for Female Sims and Skin Overlays

Raina Cleavage Skin

cleavage overlay

We’re kicking this off with Raina cleavage overlay. It comes in twenty different shades and I personally use it in-game almost all the time. To install this mod, click here. You could find amazing underwear custom content like the one showcased, here.

Flower Overlay

cleavage overlay 7

With this mod, you get to choose between fit and muscular versions. Each of them is available in 12 colors, 2 cleavage details and a belly button. Here’s your download link.

Ekkisims 2

cleavage overlay

Simmers, this overlay is available from teen to elder. They come in a number of different swatches for different intensities. You could find it in the skin details category or under tattoo category in the upper chest tattoo slot.

Grab this one by visiting this page.

Mari Skin Overlay

cleavage overlay 4

This stunning work by Softpine is maxis matchy and is available in four unique versions. Here’s what it offers you: cleavage details, nipples and monolid.

Click here to download this mod.

Aphrodite Skin and Overlay

cleavage overlay 1

Serenity’s first ever designed skin overlay and we’re here for it. We get 6 unique tones, 2 eyelid versions and 4 opacity looks. Download here.

Cleavage Overlay

cleavage overlay

Another work of art done by Ekkisims, only a couple of months ago. Keep an eye for their upcoming mods, they sure make modding more exciting. This one adapts to a variety of skin tones so it could fit any of your sims.



cleavage overlay 5

There’s no need for push-up bras for our sims anymore, this mod does the job. Heihu is a maxi match cleavage overlay that blends well with all skin tones. You can find it under skin details.

To get this overlay, follow this link.

Livia Skin Overlay

cleavage overlay 8

Kiss the cartoonish sims 4 looks goodbye with Livia’s skin overlay. It’s available to you in twenty colors, each with 2 different face versions. Click here to download.

Daisy Skin

cleavage overlay 9

A non-default skin that we absolutely recommend is Daisy’s. It’s one of those skins you can never go wrong with. Download from this page.

Cleavage Details Set

cleavage overlay 10

Hello, full-coverage set! You get 48 colors, what? Yes. It’s found in tattoo category for chest. Follow this link to grab this cc.

Female Fantasy with Cleavage

cleavage overlay 11

Another perfectly designed overlay by Remussims. I honestly fell in love with all 18 colors in comes in. You should check it out for yourself. Download.

Lotty Skin

cleavage overlay 12

Melancholic much? A realistic representation of body types, shapes and tones. You can explore 30 different variations under skin details. Go on, download it. Oh and if you’re liking this hair, make sure your stop by this post.

Female Abs

overlay mod

Your sims will definitely rise and shine with these female abs. Good thing is, it works with almost all default skins tones and overlays. To install this one, click here.

Mythos Overlay Mod

cleavage overlay 14

Recommended! Not only do you get twenty distinctive colors, six overlay versions, but also semi-transparent designs. Visit this link to install this overlay.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of cleavage details and skin overlays for your female sims. Don’t hesitate to check out realistic skins that could step up your game. Happy modding!

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