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Welcome to an introduction to the Sims 4 Open World Mod Brookheights. Here you will find all you need to take your Sim into a genuine open world. You will find out how to get the best out of this world of amazing attractions.

sims 4 open world mod

What is a Sims 4 Open world?

Firstly Open World Brookheights is an additional world that is obtainable as downloadable content, to add to your Sims4 game. Open world Brookheights is like a new country that attaches to your game, however, The Sims 4 Get to Work and The Sims 4 City Living are required for it to be playable. Within this world, you will find many many attractions that are quite different from the Sims4 Base game. However, It will be a whole new adventure, with cars, airports, and a story mode. It was created by Simmer Arnie, who lost his job due to Covid-19 and he spent his newfound freedom creating it.

Here is a link to download this content.

The Game is currently being updated (May 22nd 2022) and the link will be active again very soon.

How does it work?

sims 4 open world mod

Within Sims4 Openworld Brookheights space, you can choose between Story Mode or import the World.
Therefore you can play the Story Mode using the custom “Brookheights – Story Mode” or
import the world in one of your save files.
This world is not like other worlds in the Sims 4. An “Open World” is a large area in a game that doesn’t require loading screens, you can freely move around this playable area.
However there is a difference between this mod and the Sims 3 kind of open worlds, so don’t expect it to be the same. For instance, Brookheights has many venues that are placed off-lot in an expandable 360×360 playable area, around a 50×50 Active Lot in the middle of
the world. The active lot, you can build on.

What new experiences can be found in Openworld?

sims 4 open world mod

Within Openworld-Brookheights an adventure begins. One of the main aspects of this New York City-inspired world. is its story mode. This story begins with Amos. Amos is on a quest to find his origins. He goes on an adventure all around the world to find out clues about his missing
parents, and where they came from. Above all, this is a whole new world with no limits!

There are so many features in this world, including renting a lodge in the Greenmount Forest, going to a musical on Broadstreet, hitting the gym, and even grocery shopping. However, obtaining employment here is a little different, you will have to get a visa! Therefore you will head to a specific building to obtain this. The Buildings are fully interactive – you can enter the buildings, wander around and check out what’s going on in them.

One of the best features of Openworld-Brookheights is that you can drive! Once you start earning money and you do well, you will have enough money for a car and drive around town, wow! and to top this off, in addition, you can even ride in a plane, you can visit your local airport and hop on a plane to a different place, this is a huge map, with more parts getting added all the time. Arnie is continually adding updates to this, so it’s current and ever-evolving. It’s a perfect addition to your Sims 4 experience.

the maps in Openworld-Brookheights

These are some examples of the wonderful maps you will find in Brookheights. They are so colorful and immersive, such amazing work went into creating these.

sims 4 open world mod
Del Sol Valley
Screenshot 2022 05 23 at 15.12.05

Magnolia Promenade

Screenshot 2022 05 23 at 15.11.46
Granite Falls
Screenshot 2022 05 23 at 15.08.20

How to install Openworld Brookheights.

Windows computer

Openworld Brookheights installation instructions for Windows.

The mod does have an automatic installer for windows, but it only works properly in the English version of the game and you install it in the default directory. Otherwise,here are the manual steps:

  • Download Openworld Brookheights installer
  • Unzip the downloaded archive and go to the Brookheights folder.
  • Open the Manual Install folder.
  • Place the contents of the graphics folder in[drive]:\Users\[username]\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\ConfigOverride.
  • Take the entire folder (not just its contents) MODS AND CC and place it in [drive]:\Users\[user name]\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.
  • Place the contents of the SAVE FILE in [drive]:\Users\[username]\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Saves.
  • Next, open the main catalog of The Sims 4. There are a few folders here, where you need to place the remaining files of the downloaded archive.
  • Open the Manual Install folder again and navigate to the GAME folder.
  • Place the contents of the WORLDS folder in The Sims4Delta folder, and agree to replace files.
  • Place the contents of the CAMERA SYSTEM folder in The Sims4 directory and agree to replace files.
  • Done. Make sure you have enabled the use of mods in the game option.


Openworld Brookheights installation instructions for Macintosh computers.

The manual installation process for Mac computers. Open the Manual Install Folder. It is divided into 4 parts:
GRAPHICS: place the content of this folder in Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 4/ConfigOverride
MODS AND CC: place the entire folder « BROOKHEIGHTS FULLBUILD » in: Documents/
Electronic Arts/Sims 4/Mods
SAVE FILE: place the save file inside this folder in Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 4/Saves

GAME: This folder is divided into two folders, place the content of each folder in these directories: WORLDS: place the content of this folder in MacintoshHD/Applications/ Right click on The Sims and choose « Show PackageContents » /Contents/Delta/EP01/Worlds/Areas. You need to replace the existing files in the directory.
CAMERA SYSTEM place the content of this folder in MacintoshHD/Applications/ Right click on The Sims and choose « Show Package Contents » /Contents/res/ You need to replace the existing file in the directory

If the is not located in the main applications, go here: MacintoshHD/Users/YOUR NAME/Applications/ Right click on The Sims and choose «
Show Package Contents » / Contents/Delta/EP01/Worlds/Areas MacintoshHD/Users/YOUR NAME/Applications/ Right click on The Sims and choose «
Show Package Contents » / Contents/Res
Once installed, make sure you activated your Mods and Script Mods in the options of your game.
You can uninstall the Mod by deleting the files in your Mods Folder and right+click in origin to
“Repair Game”

is it worth it?

In Conclusion, Openworld Brookheights is worth it, it is a fantastic addition to your Sims4 Gaming experience, bringing variety, adventure, mystery, and fun. It’s a world that will keep you engaged even more in your Sims experience and you won’t look back.

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  1. I am interested in downloading your mod ‘sims-4-open-world-mod-brookheights. My main problem is that link you gave for the download takes me to Wix domain??which I am unfamiliar with. Are you able to send me your direct save file, if not can you publish somewhere else.

    • Aileen, unfortunately the creator of this mod, Arnie, has retired from making content for The Sims 4. You can however find a legacy version of the Brookheights Mod along with some of his other creations here on his Patreon page. As we are not the maker of the mod, SnootySims cannot offer any additional mod support beyond that. Hope this helps!


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