100+ Goth CC Finds for The Sims 4

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We all have a little corner in us where our rebellious selves hide. Why not tear those walls down and unleash that chaotic aspect of your character through some dark clothes and hairstyles? And that is exactly what we bring you in this post โ€“ a list entirely dedicated to Goth Mods and CC for The Sims 4! Enjoy!

goth cc finds

Goth is Rock Collection – Pleated Skirt

592 goth is rock collection pleated skirt blue craving

goth floral lace skirt ~ supporters / members โœจ by lynxsimz

339648 goth floral lace skirt supporters members 10024 by lynxsimz sims4 featured image

Dark Enchantress: Aithsims’ Goth Hoodie Fix (Alpha CC Update)

339221 goth hoodie f fix by aithsims update sims4 featured image

Mystique Bella: Unveiling a Chic Goth Transformation (Goth & Alpha CC)

186056 yet another bella goth makeover sims4 featured image

Gothique Glamour: TS3 Conversion Living Set by XSavannahx987 (GothCC, AlphaCC, Accessories)

313586 ts3 conversion gothique living by xsavannahx987 sims4 featured image

Dark Elegance by KiaraZurk: TS2 Goth-Inspired Female Attire (Dresses & Sets)

336265 ts2 goth clothes by kiarazurk sims4 featured image

Mystic Shadows: Unveiling the Trad Goth Collection (Apparel & Decor Essentials)

199723 the trad goth collection sims4 featured image

Alexiasi’s Enigma Estate: A Gothic Manor Masterpiece (#GothCC #AlphaCC #LotResidential)

248068 the gothic manor by alexiasi sims4 featured image

Raven’s Realm: The Ultimate 80s Goth Ensemble (Tops, Sets, Alpha Hair & More)

250256 the godforsaken 80s goth pack sims4 featured image

RubyGoth’s Teen Haven: Edgy Bedroom Essentials (Beds, Decor, & More)

109311 teen room stuff by rubygoth sims4 featured image

Raven’s Edge: Sporty Goth Sweatpants (Alpha Female Collection)

340843 sweatpants sporty goth collection sims4 featured image

Raven’s Roost: Sinister Gothic Victorian Abode by SimKatBuilds (#GothCC, #AlphaCC, #LotResidential)

262629 sinister gothic victorian by simkatbuilds sims4 featured image

Dark Elegance by SG5150: Enigmatic Gothic Rings (Accessories & Decor)

141984 sg5150 gothic rings sims4 featured image

Gothic Glamour: Razorblade Romance Valentine’s Collection (Apparel & Accessories)

267510 razorblade romance an itty bitty gothic y valentine s collection sims4 featured image

Suzuka’s Shadow Blossom: Pastel Goth Recolor Set (GothCC, AlphaCC, LotsCommunity, SPA)

85236 pastel goth recolor by suzuka sims4 featured image

ObsidianQrow’s Enchanted Pastel Goth Necklaces (Unique Accessories for the Chic Goth)

198935 pastel goth necklaces recolor by obsidianqrow sims4 featured image

Midnight Whispers: Pastel Goth Jammies Set (Sleepwear & Accessories Collection)

342968 pastel goth jammies set sims4 featured image

Gothic Glamour: Enchanting Accents for Living Spaces (Decor & Accessories Set)

339418 oh my goth sims4 featured image

Gothic Grace: Modern Elegance in Residential Builds (#GothCC #AlphaCC #LotResidential)

202416 modern gothic build sims4 featured image

Minigothic Majesty by Guala: Chic Goth Tops & Skirts (AlphaCC Collection)

250315 minigothic by guala sims4 featured image

Lonely Graves Cozy Gothique: Embrace Lazy Days with Stylish Goth Shirts

318257 lazy day goth shirt by lonely graves cc sims4 featured image

Koisser’s Enigma: Lil Goth House Vol. 2 (Gothic, Alpha, Residential Lot)

277304 koisser s lil goth house vol 2 sims4 featured image

Gothic Grace’s Ultimate HQ Mod Pack (Goth Galore Kit, #GothCC, #AlphaCC)

339415 hq mod replacement files for sp48 goth galore kit sims4 featured image

Gothic Glamour Unveiled: Goth Galore Kit’s Luscious Lipsticks (#GothCC #AlphaCC)

340182 hallo i ve converted makeup from the newest kit the goth galore kit d sims2 featured image

Dark Majesty Manor: Haledela Goth Estate Re-Imagined (LotResidential, #GothCC, #AlphaCC)

195295 haledela goth estate re imagined sims4 featured image

GothMilk Enigma: The Ultimate Pyx_S4 Bag (Accessories, Goth & Alpha CC)

306381 gothmilk bag by pyx s4 sims4 featured image

Gothic Grace: Annique & Stereo91’s Window Set IV (#GothicCC, #Builds)

339924 gothic windows set iv by anniqandstereo91studios sims4 featured image

Mystic Shadows: Enchant Your Space with Gothic Wall Decals (Accessories & Decor)

314440 gothic wall decals by winner9 sims4 featured image

Mystic Arches: Gothic Wall Elegance by TheJim07 (#GothCC, #AlphaCC, #Builds, #ArchDeco)

194213 gothic wall arch by thejim07 sims4 featured image

Dark Ink Enigma: Gothic Tattoo Art by [bibidsims] (#GothCC #AlphaCC #Tattoos)

296888 gothic tattoo by bibidsims sims4 featured image

Mystic Shadows: Enchanting Gothic Dress Sets for the Stylish Femme (Alpha CC)

179286 gothic set sims4 featured image

Mystic Shadows Collection: Gothic Bedroom Essentials (TS3 Accessories & Furniture Set)

105136 gothic set from ts3 sims4 featured image

Mystic Weave: Enchanting Gothic Rug from TS3 (Gothic Decor Essentials)

106094 gothic rug from ts3 sims4 featured image

Mystic Midnight: Gothic Rose Horse Accents (Horse Ranch & Alpha CC Collection)

330397 gothic rose horse acc collection sims4 featured image

Gothic Blossom: Unveiling the GuemaraSims Rose Collection (Now Public!)

343234 gothic rose collection 40 public now 41 by guemarasims sims4 featured image

Dark Rodeo Rogue: Gothic Punk Assassin & Cowboy Recolor Pack (#GothCC #AlphaCC)

191164 gothic punk assassin and cowboy recolor retexture pack sims4 featured image

Mystic Reflections: Enchanting Gothic Mirror (TS3 Accessories & Decor)

105991 gothic mirror from ts3 sims4 featured image

Mystic Shadows Manor: Sooky88’s Gothic Residential Masterpiece (#GothCC #AlphaCC #LotResidential)

309061 gothic manor by sooky88 sims4 featured image

Elaine’s Enigma: Gothic Makeup Set for Tattooed Beauties (Eyeshadows & Lipsticks)

145359 gothic make up set by elainevv sims4 featured image

Mystic Flames: Enchanting Gothic Fireplace (TS3 Accessories & Decor)

106164 gothic fireplace from ts3 sims4 featured image

Tomiochan’s Twilight: Mastering Gothic Eyeliner for Mesmerizing Eyes (#GothCC)

325949 gothic eyeliner tomiochan sims4 featured image

Gothic Glamour: Enchanting Dresses and Necklaces for the Alpha Female

334199 gothic dress and necklace sims4 featured image

Gothic Gateway II: Majestic Doors from Set 1 (GothCC, AlphaCC Builds & Deco)

335494 gothic door ii from set 1 fixed sims4 featured image

Raven’s Banquet: Gothic Dining Set (TS3 Chairs & Tables) #FurnitureEssentials

105663 gothic dining chair table from ts3 sims4 featured image

Mystic Manor: Goth Family Home (With CC Links) #gothcc #alphacc #lotresidential

285557 goth s family house cc links sims4 featured image

Mystic Nocturne Square: A Gothic Haven (#GothCC, #AlphaCC)

378 goth town square sims3 featured image

Cosmic Elegance: Unveiling the Goth Tee by Cosmiccs4 (Trendy Female Tops & Alpha CC)

151926 goth tee by cosmiccs4 sims4 featured image

Mystique Noire: Natalia-Auditore’s Enchanting Goth Lace Robe (Elegant & Seductive)

196562 goth lace robe by natalia auditore sims4 featured image

Gothic Glamour Unleashed: Annett’s Goth Galore Kit (Recolors, Part 1)

340908 goth galore kit recolors part 1 by annettssims4welt sims4 featured image

Raven’s Realm: Goth Galore Kit (Part 1) – AnnettsSims4Welt Basegame Outfits

339217 goth galore kit part 1 basegame compatible by annettssims4welt sims4 featured image

Raven’s Realm: Goth Galore Kit Part 2 (Basegame, AnnettsSims4Welt)

339681 goth galore kit part 2 basegame compatible by annettssims4welt sims4 featured image

Midnight Majesty: Annett’s Goth Galore Boots Kit (Recolors & Alpha CC)

341281 goth galore kit boots 1 recolors by annettssims4welt sims4 featured image

Raven’s Embrace: Goth Galore Armwarmers (UncannyValleyTS4 Accessories & Apparel)

339274 goth galore armwarmers by uncannyvalleyts4 sims4 featured image

Natalia-Auditore’s Enigmatic Ensemble: Gothic Corset Set (Tops, Clothing Sets, Alpha CC)

196563 goth corset by natalia auditore sims4 featured image

Dark Elegance Unveiled: Goth-Inspired Apparel & Beauty Collab by @yourappa & @kiwigum

150761 got goth a cc collab with yourappa and kiwigum sims4 featured image

Mellosakicc’s Enigmatic Haven: Gothic Bedroom Essentials (Beds & Tapestries)

306113 generic goth ish bed tapestry by mellosakicc sims4 featured image

Mellosakicc’s Mystique: Chic Goth Tees Collection (Trendy Tops & Sets)

326126 generic goth tees by mellosakicc sims4 featured image

Cassgoths’ Ink Enigma: A Gothic Tattoo Collection (#GothCC #AlphaCC #TattooSet)

218504 favour a set of tattoos by cassgoths sims4 featured image

Gothic Grace: Chic Elder Goth Ensembles (Tops, Dresses & Alpha Hair Sets)

314517 elder goth sims4 featured image

Ink Enigma: Dedgrl’s Milky Goth Tattoo Art (#GothCC #AlphaCC #Tattoos)

310616 dedgrl tats by milky goth sims4 featured image

Mystic Yeons Enclave: Enchanting Gothic Dresses (Alpha Clothing Collection)

240664 cozy yeons gothic dress sims4 featured image

Mellosakicc’s Enigma: Chic Goth Tees Unveiled (Commercialized Goth Apparel)

306024 commercialized goth tees by mellosakicc sims4 featured image

IntraMoon’s Chilling Elegance: Gothic-Inspired Coldwater Photoshop Set (#GothCC, #Set, #AlphaCC)

250701 coldwater a gothic inspired photoshop set by intramoon sims4 featured image

Gothic Glam Kids: Enchanting Layered Tops for the Young Fashionista (#GothCC #ChildrensClothing)

318266 children s layered goth top sims4 featured image

Mystic Ceres: A Qogoth-Inspired Gothic Masterpiece (#GothCC, #AlphaCC)

305736 ceres cas background by qogoth sims4 featured image

Dark Elegance: Dorothy’s Enchanting CassGoths Dress (Gothic Fashion)

153861 casssgoths dorothy dress sims4 featured image

Gothic Glamour Unleashed: Big Liner Looks by DodgeGrandCaravanStan (#EyesEnigma)

237333 big goth liner by dodgegrandcaravanstan sims4 featured image

Berkanan Bliss: Unleash Your Gothic Flare with Trendy Alpha Pants

310230 berkanan gothic flare pants sims4 featured image

Bellagothes’ Enigma: Wicked Alpha Hair for Goth CC Enthusiasts (Female Short Styles)

150234 bellagothes wicked hair sims4 featured image

Bellagothes’ Caraphernelia: Unveiling the Alpha Goth Eyeshadow Collection

148305 bellagothes caraphernelia eyeshadow sims4 featured image

Bellagothes’ Hellchild Tresses: The Ultimate Alpha GothCC Female Hair Collection

151645 bellagothes hellchild hair sims4 featured image

Gothic Grace: AC Unity Set 3 (Anniq&Stereo91) – Windows, Doors & Decor Accessories

338106 ac unity set number 3 gothic items by anniqandstereo91studios sims4 featured image

AnachroGothic Elegance [Simblreen 2021: Gothic Arch Panels] by AnachroSims – #GothCC Mastery

293477 simblreen 2021 gothic arch panels by anachrosims sims4 featured image

Maurice’s Mystique: Qogoth’s Ultimate [GothCC & AlphaCC] Presets

306854 qogoth maurice preset sims4 featured image

Mystic Dew of the Sea: Enchanting Gothic Witch Paintings [Magic Month]

248145 magic month gothic witch paintings by dew of the sea sims4 featured image

Ink Enigma: Exploring Gothic Tattoo N3’s Dark Charm (#GothCC, #AlphaCC, #Tattoos)

293312 bibidsims gothic tattoo n3 sims4 featured image

Gothic Long Sleeve Crop Top and Mini Skirt [ALPHA]

Gothic Long Sleeve Crop Top and Mini Skirt Set

Dark Goth Lipstick Makeup [ALPHA]

Dark Goth Lipstick Makeup

GothicElegance by FelixandreSims (Revival Interior Set – Accessories, AlphaCC, Living Room Objects)

293484 gothic revival set interior by felixandresims sims4 featured image

Gothic Kitty Glamour (Lady Simmer’s Gothic Makeup Collection – Lipsticks, Eyeliners, Eyeshadows)

332988 the gothic kitty a little gothic collection by lady simmer sims4 featured image

GothicGrace Top (Female Alpha CC, Goth Clothing Set, Stylish Tops)

334182 goth top sims4 featured image

RavenBlends Gothic Ink (Gothic Tattoo Collection by RavenBlends – AlphaCC Inspired Tattoos)

336560 ravenblends gothic tattoo by ravenblends sims4 featured image

Spidey Stud Charm (Gothic Nose Piercing Accessory, AlphaCC Jewelry for Ear & Nose)

339338 spidey nose stud sims4 featured image

Goth Galore Ensemble (AdrienPastel’s CC: Tops, Sets, Skirts, Shorts, Alpha Clothes for Female)

340524 128209 goth galore cc add ons by adrienpastel sims4 featured image

jumpsuit – sporty goth collection

340145 jumpsuit sporty goth collection sims4 featured image

hoodie + corset – sporty goth collection

340503 hoodie corset sporty goth collection sims4 featured image

joggers – sporty goth collection

340511 joggers sporty goth collection sims4 featured image

croptop – sporty goth collection

340842 croptop sporty goth collection sims4 featured image

Recolored ‘Questionable Tee’ by @okruee: 14 Swatches, Unisex, Mesh Required


Complete Hair Creation Guide: All EA Swatches + True Black, No Random


SKATE OR DIE! Tattoo Pack: Dark/Light Swatches, AF/AM, Upper Left Arm


Hellchild Hairi Spiked Hawk: Maxis Match, EA Swatches, Ombre, Teen-Elder


Wicked Hair: First Mesh Creation, BGC, EA Swatches, Teen-Elder Female


Princess-Inspired Ballgown Bun: 5 Styles, Luxury Party, T-E, 24 EA Swatches


Carol Ann Dress: Get Together, Teen to Elder Female, 50 Swatches


Meg Dress: BGC, Teen to Elder, Female, 55 Swatches Available


Kim Possible-Inspired Lipstick: Get the Sitch Look!


Dorothy Dress Tribute: 80th Oz Anniversary, 30 Swatches, Teen-Elder Female


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