100+ Skirts CC Finds for The Sims 4

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Welcome to our post on the best sims 4 skirts cc! Whether you’re looking for hot short skirts or more conservative ones, in this post, or in one of the posts linked from here, you’ll find what you’re looking for! We’ve searched all the big and popular websites for you – be it the popular accounts on Tumblr, TSR, or even the big Pinterest accounts.

SnootySims Skirt CC Finds

Street Style โ„–2 (Sweater/Mini Skirt) [MM]

Street Style โ„–2 by Lijoue

Gotham & Silent Skirts [Alpha]

Gotham & Silent Skirts by 317wounds

80s Rad Skirt

80s Rad Skirt

If you love the loud patterns of the 80’s, let your sims rock them with this radical skirt! It comes in 3 versions with a black pattern, a white pattern, and one that mixes both.

Y2K Outfit Set ( Pleated Skirt / Top / Arm Warmer / Long Denim Skirt ) [MM]

rimings y2k outfit set rimings

Incheon Clothes Style For Female ( Turtle Neck Jacket / Ribbed Top & Pants / Jeans / Skirt ) [MM]

incheon arrivals kit add ons simcelebrity00

If you’re like us who totally fell in love with the Incheon Arrivals Kit, then you’d also like this add-on pack from creator Simcelebrity00. The said set includes jeans, ribbed boots, ribbed pants, a skirt, a turtle neck jacket, and more.

Korean Summer Outfit Collection (Backless Top / Layered Strap Top / Layered Tank Top / Cargo Pants / Long Skirt / Mini Skirt) [Alpha]

22summer seoulsoul

Toddler Full Body ( Sweater / Hairs / Skirt / High Knee Socks / Sneakers ) [MM]

kimi onepiece casteru

Mercy Shirt & Skirt ( Hairs / Socks / Blouse / Plaid Skirt ) [MM]

mercy shirt skirt trillyke

The Mercy Shirt & Skirt set is a fun addition to the growing wardrobe of your Sims. There are over 30 swatches available that you can mix and match to create fabulous outfits!

Fairycore Galore Clothes Set for Female (Dress/ Tank Top/ Long Skirt/ Mini Skirt) [ALPHA]

Fairycore Galore Clothes Set for Female

Stylish Street Style Clothes Set for Female (Crop Top/ Pants/ Ripped Top/ Jogger Pants/ Short Dress/ Short Skirt/ Sexy Top) [ALPHA]

Stylish Street Style Clothes Set for Female

Coconut Gals CC Pack – Bikinis, Tops, Skirts, Swimsuits


Summer is still not over with this Coconut Gals CC pack by B0T0XBRAT! This wonderful cc pack comes with different styles of bikinis, tops, and skirts with sweet summer colors.

Summer Swimsuit Outfit Collection ( Beach Short / Bikini / Skirt / Beach Hat / Beach Romper / Beach Blouse ) [MM]

sunkissed a 23 item collection caio

Next Christmas Winter Clothes Set for Male and Female (Sweater/ Skirts/ Scarf) [ALPHA]

Next Christmas Winter Clothes Set

The Holiday Season is really all about style and comfort for our dear Sims. Thus, let them wear the threads from this Next Christmas collection! In this pack, you can dress them in Christmas Mufflers, Christmas Sweaters, and Christmas Skirts.

Chic Clique 2000 Fashion Clothes Set for Female (Dress/ Skirt/ Crop Top/ Pants/ Tank Top) [ALPHA]

Chic Clique 2000 Fashion Clothes Set for Female (Dress/ Skirt/ Crop Top/ Pants/ Tank Top) [ALPHA]

Melita Outfit For Toddler ( Sweater / Hairs / Light Skirt / Matching Shoulder Bag / Boots ) [MM]

melita outfit madlen

Cranberry Collection – Pants, Corset, Romper, Skirt, Shoes, Jeans, Accessories


These statement items feature grunge look for your Sims that includes 9 items such as pants, corset, romper, skirt, shoes, and more. And don’t forget the nails and earring plugs!

Goth is Rock Collection – Pleated Skirt

592 goth is rock collection pleated skirt blue craving

Blazer with Pleated Skirt For Toddler [MM]

brigitte outfit madlen

The shirt – thepoint & julia mini skirt

971 the shirt thepoint julia mini skirt babyetears

Miss Anime Full Body Outfit Set for Female (Sweater/ Skirt) [ALPHA]

Miss Anime Full Body Outfit Set for Female

Cow Girl Clothes Set (Mini Skirt/ Crop Top/ Pants) [ALPHA]

Cow Girl Clothes Set (Mini Skirt/ Crop Top/ Pants) [ALPHA]

Gucci Belted Basic Skirt – GORILLAX3

Screenshot 2022 07 22 at 13.14.29

Now, we present you with a Sims 4 CC item that actually looks like a photo of a real-life skirt. Do you see it too? This new mesh is truly insane, right?! So, this stunning creation was made by GORILLAX3. The skirt comes in 20 swatches. Yes, you read that right… 20 swatches! This means you will have no problem finding a skirt that suits your unique Sim. Now, get to downloading it!

Bloodline Clothes Set for Female (Short Dress/ Long Tube Dress/ Tank Top/ Skirt/ Full Body Suit) [ALPHA]

Bloodline Clothes Set for Female

Girly Outfit Pack (Mini Dress / Mini Skirt / Short Denim Jeans / Denim Skirt / Shoes / Hairstyles / Tights) [MM]

in bloom collection oydis

Kawaii Ruffle Top with Skirt & Strap Sleeveless Dress [Alpha]

rimings kawaii dress set rimings

Crop Top and Snake Effect Leather Mini Skirt

Screenshot 2023 07 19 112937

This sims Crop top and snake leather bottom Set CC makes your sims the fashion icon you want her to be. This is the LINK for the Skirt and the link for the top is the one shown below.

Floral Fianna Crop Top and Skirt Set

Screenshot 2023 07 17 165817

This crop top and skirt set CC is perfect for this coming summer. The LINK for the top is here, and the link for the skirt are the one found below.

Obsidian Clothes Collection for Female (Dress/ Pants/ Crop Top/ Skirt/ Bra) [ALPHA]

Obsidian Clothes Collection for Female (Dress/ Pants/ Top/ Skirt) [ALPHA]

Gucci Ruffle Blouse with Gucci Belt & Pleated Skirt [Alpha]

rimings gucci casual outfit set rimings

Distorted Dusk Collection (Skirt/ Socks/ Boots/ Hat/ Pants/ Shirt/ Dress/ Tights/ Pants/ Top) [MM]

Distorted Dusk Collection MM

Bambi leather skirt / Bangbang hoodie

969 bambi leather skirt bangbang hoodie babyetears

Goth is Rock Collection – Padlock Skirt

565 goth is rock collection padlock skirt blue craving


vyxen mini skirts tank tops

Ribbon Pattern Blouse with Pencil Skirt and Long Skirt [Alpha]

rimings ribbon pattern blouse skirt set rimings

Hot Girl Summer ( Hairs / Skirts / Top / Sleeves / Waist Chain / Heels ) [MM]

hot girl summer aretha

Strap crop top with frills skirt set

Screenshot 2023 07 18 173807

This strap crop top with frills skirt set will make your sims ready for some dancing.

AxA 2023 Collection (Hair/ Accessories/ Skirts/ Jackets/ Tops/ Pants/ Shorts/ Shirts ) [MM]

AxA 2023 Collection (Hair/ Accessories/ Skirts/ Jackets/ Tops/ Pants/ Shorts/ Shirts ) [MM]

Japanese-Inspired Mini Skirt & Sweatshirt Set

miniset babyetears

Ribbon Up Corset with Mini Denim Skirt [Alpha]

y2k corset babyetears

Chanel Designed Collared Crop Top with Pleated Skirt [Alpha]

rimings ch short sleeved collar t shirt check short pleats skirt rimings

Goth is Rock Collection – Half pleated skirt

569 goth is rock collection half pleated skirt blue craving

Sims 4 chanel floral tweed midi Suit, Skirt and clutch

sims4 chanel cc 8

The floral suit is a perfect addition for your sims characters that you like to dress up. In the world of The Sims 4, it is always a good idea to keep your avatar stylish and fashionable. The suit comes along with a skirt and a nice Chanel clutch. To install this one, follow this page.

Aurora Set ( Skirt and Sexy Sweater ) [Alpha]

aurora set babyetears

Long Sleeve Turtleneck and Mini Skirt with Gucci Belt

rimings cotton turtleneck gucci belt mini skirt rimings

High School Look Collection (Skirt / Vest / Jacket / Jeans / Oversized Shirt)

high school years add ons part 2 adrienpastel

Box Mini Pleated Skirt with Belt Detail [MM]

rebecca skirt simpliciaty

[RIMINGS] Strap Ribbed Crop Top & Strap Skirt

193 rimings strap ribbed crop top strap skirt rimings

Harajuku shirts&skirts

harajuku shirts skirts reina sims4

Spring Outfit Pack (Pants / Dress / High Boots / Bow Top / Mini Skirt / Underwear) [MM]

florence a 15 items set caio

Sincerity CC Pack ( Hairs / Hat / Flower Skirt / Belt / Corset / Top ) [MM]

sincerity cc pack clumsyalien

Office Clothes Set for Female (Shirt/ Skirt/ Blouse/ Pants/ Dress/ Blazer/ Eyeglasses Accessory/ Heels) [MM]

Office Clothes Set for Female

Unisex Wendy Dress Set (Corset/Sleeves/ Sleeves with Turtleneck/ Skirt) [ALPHA]

Unisex Wendy Dress Set (Corset/Sleeves/ Sleeves with Turtleneck/ Skirt) [ALPHA]

Gucci Long Skirt with Belt and V Neck Blouse with Turtleneck Set for Female [Alpha]

rimings gucci skirt v neck blouse turtleneck rimings

Ribbon Strap Top and Mini Skirt with Chanel Brooch [Alpha]

soboro ribbon strap top chanel brooch skirt set soboro

Puff Blouse with Belted Skirt & Gucci Crystal Earrings [Alpha]

rimings puff blouse belted skirt earring rimings

Ribbed Off Shoulder Crop Top with Matching Mini Skirt [MM]

rimings ribbed off shoulder crop top short skirt rimings

Pleated Skirt with Matching Jacket and Turtle Neck Top CC Pack [MM]

tracy outfit pack madlen

Tartan Outfit For Female ( Skirt / Belt / Off-Shoulder Mini Dress ) [Alpha]

rimings tartan outfit set rimings

ribbon tank top & skirt set

519 ribbon tank top skirt set euno sims

Short Leather Skirt for Female [ALPHA]

Short Leather Skirt for Female

Daphne Off Shoulder Midi Skirt Dress with Slit [MM]

Daphne Dress

It Girl Collection ( Hair/ Jacket/ Dress/ Top/ Necklace/ Skirt) [MM]

It Girl Collection

Cute Skirt Collection Set for Female Children [MM]

Cute Skirt Collection Set for Female Children [MM]

Wicked Love Long Skirt for Female [MM]

Wicked Love Long Skirt for Female [MM]

Spring Collection For Adults ( Hairs / Polo / Top / Jeans / Skirt ) [MM]

axa spring collection public release aharris00britney scaled

Butter Top &’ Skirt

1118 butter top skirt plbsims

Belted Skirt

Skirt with Chains

This one’s the perfect a skirt for a nighout! The belted skirt is available here!

Princess Hours Set (Skirts/Tops) [MM]

Princess Hours by marsmerizingsims

Short n’ Sweet Set ( Top/ Skirt/ Dress/ Jeans ) [MM]

Short nโ€™ Sweet Set by Joliebean

May Clothing Collection ( Tops/ Tshirt/ Skirt/ Pants ) [Alpha]

May Collection 2024 by astya96

Floraful Set ( Hat/ Dress/ Top/ Shirt/ Skirt/ Pants/ Shoes) [MM]

Floraful by HuiEn

Breeze Set ( Top/ Pants/ Skirt/ Dress/ Bottom/ Shorts/ Shirt/ Glasses ) [MM]

Breeze by Caio

High Risk Set ( Dress/ Bodysuit/ Top/ Skirt/ Shoes ) [MM]

High Risk by B0T0XBRAT

Flower Rhythm Skirt [MM]

Flower Rhythm Skirt by trillyke

Stardust Outfit ( Top/ Skirt ) [MM]

Stardust Outfit by Twistedcat

Tartan Shirt & Sleeveless Top & Basic Midi Denim Skirt [Alpha]

Tartan Shirt & Sleeveless Top & Basic Midi Denim Skirt by Rimings

Girl Boss Collection ( Corset/ Top/ Skirt/ Dress/Bodysuit/ Jacket) [Alpha]

Girl Boss Collection by belaloallure

Camila Clothing Set ( Dress/ Skirt/ Bodysuit ) [MM]

Camila Clothing Set by oydis

Revenge Collection ( Top/ Pants/ Skirt/ Gloves) [MM]

Revenge Collection by trillyke

The Kaleidoscope Set Hair ( Earrings/ Rings/ Necklace/ Top/ Skirt) [MM]

The Kaleidoscope Set by greenllamascc

Inner Glow Set ( Hair/ Sweater/ Shorts/ Skirt ) [MM]

Inner Glow by clumsyalien

January 2024 Metallic Collection ( Corset/ Top/ Pants/ Skirt/ Dress/ Gloves) [Alpha]

January 2024 Metallic Collection by astya96

Short Jacket Style Formal Twopiece Skirt [Alpha]

Short Jacket Style Formal Twopiece by Rimings

Bratz Collection ( Top/ Skirt/ Dress) [MM]

Bratz Collection by uh0htaj

Camelia Set ( Dress/ Top/ Skirt/ Top/ Shorts/ Pants) [MM]

Camelia Set by Serenity

Giselle Set ( Dress/ Top/ Skirt) [MM]

Giselle Set by arethabee

Street Style โ„–2 Set ( Skirt/ Sweater) [MM]

Street Style โ„–2 by Lijoue

Hang Out Set ( Tops/ Skirts/ Shorts) [MM]

Hang Out Set by wotunciba

June Collection – Tops, Skirt, Jeans and Pants

3 1

This June Collection from Astya96 consists of 8 streetstyle clothing items such as jean top and skirt, bomber jacket top, halter top, transparent top, long sleeves top, baggy jeans and pants with 26-40 swatches. You’ll also need thepancake1 slider compatible for this pack. You can download it here.

Chaos Collection Part 1 ( Jacket/ Skirt/ Top/ Jeans) [Alpha]

Chaos Collection Part 01 by backtrackcc

Random Set 03 ( Top/ Denim Skirt) [Alpha]

Random Set 03 by Miro

SantosFashion Rhea Bikini Set (TS4 Female Clothes, Tops, Bikini Bottom & Top, Skirts, Accessories)

307946 rhea bikini setts4 by santosfashion sims4 featured image

Rimings RetroVogue (Y2K Mood Collection – Tops, Dresses, Clothing Sets, Alpha Clothes for Females)

329365 rimings y2k mood by rimings sims4 featured image

Ilo Set for Infants ( Jackets/ Sweatshirts/ Blouse/ Tees/ Button Up/ Snowsuit/ Overalls/ Dress/ Sleeveless Top/ Pants/ Leggings/ Skirt ) [MM]

Ilo Set for Infants

Euphoria Collection ( Dress / Gloves / Shoes/ Cardigan / Bodysuit / Tops / Pants / Skirts / Dress ) [MM]

euphoria collection 33 items serenity

Check this one out! If you’ve watched the teen drama series Euphoria, you will definitely like this collection, which was inspired by the said series. There are 24 items in this pack.

CyberLuxe Y2K Denim Micro Skirt (AlphaCC, Female Clothing Sets, Trendy Alpha Clothes)

330890 y2k denim micro skirt by cyberluxe sims4 featured image

Nixie Bikini with Waist Strap and Skirt [ALPHA]

Nixie Bikini with Waist Strap and Skirt [ALPHA]

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