The Sims 4 Change Career Outfit Cheat

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If you’re tired of the garish outfits your sims parade around in when they head to off work, you need to try the Change Career Outfit Cheat!

Change Career Outfit Cheat
Change Career Outfit Cheat

It’s no secret that The Sims 4 makes some…questionable…decisions when it comes to creating outfits for sims. Even though the game includes a huge selection of Styled Looks, when it comes to outfitting sims on their own it seems like the game just hits “random” in CAS and goes with whatever comes out.

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Townie fashion is so bad, there are countless memes about it.

This also applies to career outfits—how many times has a sim come home with a new promotion only to be dressed as a gaudy mess? My Stylist sim recently started sporting a pink suit jacket with mismatched pants and a pilot’s helmet! It’s a miracle he could get any work looking like that!

Whether you want to create new outfits, use some CC clothing you like better than the vanilla assets, or modify the existing ones to look much better, the Career Outfit Cheat will fix your problem!

The Change Career Outfit Cheat

If you’re looking for a way to change the career outfit for your Sim, there is an easy cheat to solve your problems. After enabling cheats, make sure the Active sim is the one whose Career Outfit you want to change. Open the cheat console and copy + paste or type:


You will immediately be transported to CAS where your sim will be dressed in their career outfit, as horrid as it may be. From here you can select whatever look you want, bearing in mind that any CC you use will disappear if you delete it from your game.

Whenever you save a new career outfit, the actual career that you have won’t be changed at all. Your Sim will continue working the same way as before, only in new clothes. Each time they get a promotion that has a new work outfit, you’ll have to use the Career Outfit Cheat again to update their attire.


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Get Creative With CC Work Clothes

So now that you know how to change your sims’ work clothes with the Career Outfit Cheat, it’s time to have some fun making new outfits! There are lots of options to give your sims better looking work attire, depending on how involved you want to get:

Standard Vanilla Assets: The game already has quite a variety of clothing, including DLC. Perhaps there’s an outfit from Get Famous that would look perfect on your sim in the Base Game Entertainer career, for example. Newer releases from the time a career path was introduced give you options that were never possible before, so go ahead an play dress-up!

Unlocked Career Items: Like Buy/Build items, the game has multiple locked outfits in CAS that can only be accessed if you reach a certain point in a career. If there’s an article of clothing you’re after that isn’t part of your sim’s current work trajectory, it can be tedious to unlock. Or, you could mod it!

Unlocked CAS Parts by Fogity is a mod that will remove the restrictions in CAS that prevent you from accessing career-locked content. This mod will allow you to get clothing from further up in your career path or from other careers entirely, adding more options & variety to how you dress your sims.

Custom Content Career Clothing: CC clothing creators have a huge range of in-game and custom professions covered when it comes to their attire. Whether you want a simple, modern upgrade to a look or you want to go completely off the walls with your sim’s work style, you can find it through CC clothing. We’ve even got a bunch of it available here on SnootySims:


Being a final judge in how your Sims will look while they’re working is unfortunately a necessity more often than not in The Sims 4. Oftentimes the game acts like a child playing dress-up with their dolls, throwing on whatever funky frock catches their fancy without considering how fashionable it might actually look. If you want your sims to thrive in their jobs, dressing well will certainly help. We recommend you to give the Career Outfit Cheat a try and mess around with it, and hope you have a lot of fun!

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