30+ Most Daring Eyeshadow CC for the Sims 4!

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If you’re looking for the best eyeshadow for your female sims in TS4, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 30 eyeshadow CC picks to help you make your decision. From natural-looking eyeshadows to smoky and dramatic shades, there’s something for everyone on our list!

sims 4 eyeshadow cc
Eyeshadow custom content for the Sims 4

Be a Covergirl!

While The Sims 4 has some great default makeup, sometimes you just want a little more. This is where custom content comes in! With this list of the top 30 best eyeshadow cc for The Sims 4, your sim will be able to express their inner cover girl and walk the runway with the best of them.

Feel free to have a look at the collections below to complete your Sim’s look!

30. Soloriya Makeup Set

eyeshadow cc

The makeup set by Soloriya is a set that contains blush, eyeliner, eyes, highlight, lipstick, and most importantly eyeshadow! The eyeshadow set is for all ages and all genders, which is very inclusive when you think about it. It has a total of 20 colors so if you want your sim to wear something different for every outfit, you can do that! Here’s a direct download link.

29. Eyeshadow By Horbarbie

eyeshadow cc

This set by Horbarbie is a double set! It comes with 8 different swatches for crop tees and then 4 swatches for eye shadow. The eyeshadow is the one we want to focus on. While there are only four of them, they are all very bright with a hint of sparkle. There is no way your sim will go unnoticed when they are wearing this eyeshadow. Click here to download this custom content set by Horbarbie.

28. Sparkly Eyeshadow

image 171

The Sparkly Eyeshadow set is for everyone who loves sparkles. I mean, this has too many sparkles you might end up literally blinding some of the other sims your sims interact with. This comes with 30 swatches and is for males and females., which is always awesome. Click here to download!

27. The Tribe’s Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow Palette

sims 4 eyeshadow cc

The Tribe Juvai’s Place by Simbla is an eyeshadow set that comes with some natural colors but also some great unnatural colors too! It is a base game compatible with 6 total swatches. One of the great parts about it is that it suits all skin tones so it is very inclusive to all sims. Click here to download!

26. Rose Garden Eyeshadow by Sagittariah

image 173

The beautifully named Rose Garden Eyeshadow by Sagittariah is a base game-compatible custom content set. It comes with 30 swatches and is available for even occult sims. This way your vampire, werewolf, or alien sim can look as fashionable as all those human sims out there. Click here to download!

25. Candy Eyeshadow by Florr

image 174

The Candy Eyeshadow by Florr is a base combinable custom content set. It has a total of 3 swatches, which might not seem like a lot on the surface. However, sometimes quality is better than quantity and once you get a look at this eyeshadow set you’ll understand exactly why. Click here to download!

24. 7 Spring-inspired Colors

eyeshadow cc

The Flower Power Eyeshadow with Bonus Eyeliner by TheBlondeSimmer is a beautiful floral-inspired custom content set. It comes with 8 swatches that have 7 colors with one being just the stand-alone flowers. All genders can use this set along with sims aged teen all the way to elder. Click here to download!

23. Ultimate Eyeshadow collection by Pralinesims

eyeshadow cc

The Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection by Pralinesims is THE custom content pack to get if you want a ton of eyeshadow options. It comes with 80 total eyeshadows so you are bound to find your favorite color in this set. If not, well now is the time to pick a new favorite color! Click here to download!

22. Mistress Eyeshadow by V1s4G3

image 175

The Mistress Eyeshadow Custom Content set by V1s4G3 certainly has a villainous feel to it. It comes with 10 swatches and even if your sim is not planning to be in a criminal career they should certainly wear it. This eyeshadow will make other sims think twice about messing with them. Click here to download!

21. Pride-Inspired Eyeshadow

image 198

The Pride-Themed Eyeshadow by Mari is the gayest eyeshadow on this list! Literally, because it was made for Pride Month and LGBTQ people. It is not Pride Month anymore, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t use and enjoy this great colorful eyeshadow that is sure to make an impact. It comes with 14 swatches, 7 being pride flags and the other being 7 gradients. It’s also enabled teens to elders. Click here to download!

20. Early Sunsets Eyeshadow

eyeshadow cc

The Early Sunsets Eyeshadow set by Zombietrait comes with a total of 7 swatches for its eyeshadow. It’s a base game compatible and perfect for all genders, aged teens all the way to elder. There also is the Destroya Blush set that comes bundled with it. In this set, you get 12 swatches for blush! Click here to download!

19. Phoebe Eyeshadow

eyeshadow cc

The Katverse Phoebe Eyeshadow by the aptly named Katverse is a custom content set that contains a total of 20 swatches, all of which are colorful. It’s for males and females, aged teens all the way to elder. Everyone can sport this lovely eyeshadow! Click here to download!

18. Sukeban Eyeshadow

eyeshadow cc

The Sukeban Eyeshadow by Twin-Creeks is a base game-compatible custom content set. It has 50 swatches in such colors as natural, bronze, and even colorful ones. Doesn’t matter if you want to have your sim wear something that makes their eyes pop or is more subtle. There is something for all occasions. Click here to download!

17. Autumn Eyeshadow

image 179

The Autumn Eyeshadow Set is an excellent piece of custom content that focuses on more natural colors than unnatural ones. It has a variety of shades with a total of 25 swatches available for your sim to choose from. Click here to download!

16. Heart Eyeshadow

sims 4 eyeshadow cc
Sims 4 Eyeshadow CC

The Heart Eyes Eyeshadow Set by Twistedcat is a piece of custom content that is filled with love! Literally, because it features hearts in the design. It comes with 12 swatches and is for all genders, aged child sims all the way to elder sims. Click here to download!

15. Euphoria 2.0 Eyeshadow Set

image 181

This Euphoria-inspired eyeshadow set by Immortalysasims comes with four specific sets. You can use sparkle, glitter, double color, or Maddy’s eyeshadow on your sim. It’s for both genders of sims so anyone can rock this look. The same goes for those nonbinary sims out there. Click here to download!

14. Louse Eyeshadow

The uniquely named Louise Eyeshadow by Swagsimsfairy is a unique and funky-looking eyeshadow your sim will look awesome sporting. It comes with a total of 5 swatches and all you need for this to work is the base game. So what are you waiting for? Download it! Click here to download.

13. Festival Makeup Set

image 182

The Festival Eyeshadow Makeup set by Unidentifedsims is a makeup set that will make you feel like you have entered the Soleil. It comes with 12 color shades and works with sims aged teens all the way up to elders. There’s no clowning around when it comes to this custom content! Click here to download this eyeshadow CC!

12. Americano eyeshadow

image 183

The Americano Eyeshadow by Cubersims has a total of 40 swatches. They are base game compatible as well as working with all genders! Also doesn’t matter the skin tone. They will work with all of them. What more could you ask for in an eyeshadow cc pack? Click here to download!

11. Gold Vivid Glitter Eyeshadow

image 184

The Gold Visit Glitter Eyeshadow by Goppols Me is a sparkling addition to any sim player’s collection of eyeshadow. It features 20+ options so there is something for everyone if you find that one of them doesn’t click with you. Click here to download this eyeshadow CC pack.

10. Flames Eyeshadow

image 185

The Flames Eyeshadow by V1s4g3 is another funky-looking eyeshadow set that will make your sim look like the boss you know they come with a total of 5 swatches and tend to work better without eyebrows, but this is entirely up to you. Click here to download!

9. Wine and only Eyeshadow Palette

image 186

The Wine and Only Shadow Palette by Frostsims is a fancy eyeshadow custom content set. It will make your sims like a classy dame or gentleman. This set comes with a few swatches, all of which have an upscale aura to them. Click here to download!

8. Lavender Eyeshadow Palette

image 187

The Lavender Eyeshadow Palette by Simpai is pretty self-explanatory. This lavender-colored inspired palette comes with a few different shades of lavender so if one doesn’t fit your fancy, certainly another will. Click here to download!

7. In Malibu Eyeshadow

image 188

The In Malibu Eyeshadow by Lumslums is in the hot summer collection. Considering they mentioned Malibu, where it gets pretty hot, this is fitting! It comes with 4 swatches and is base game compatible. Click here to download this eyeshadow CC file!

6. Kaleidoscope Eyeshadow

image 189

The Kaleidoscope Eyeshadow by Sagittariahx is a quirky eyeshadow set that looks like it really did come straight out of a kaleidoscope. From the moment you put this on your sim, they will be standing out amongst not only the household but also the neighborhood! Click here to download!

5. Fizz Eyeshadow

image 190

The Fizz Eyeshadow by Granitefalling is a beautiful eyeshadow set that has a natural look to it. Sometimes, you just want something that is more on the natural side and this custom content brings it. Click here to download The Fizz Eyeshadow! We promise that you are not going to regret it one bit.

4. All Eyeshadow Custom Content Set by Taiga Sims

image 191

The All Eyeshadow Custom Content by Taiga-sims features a total of 100 swatches. It has every color under the sun so chances are it should have your favorite color available for you to use on your favorite sims or household. Click here to download this amazing eyeshadow CC package.

3. Eyeshadow Custom Content Set by Justasimthing

image 192

The Eyeshadow Custom Content Set by Justasimthing is for sims aged teen to elder. It’s game compatible so you don’t have to worry about having a specific pack to download it. Click here to download.

2. Coutre Eyeshadow

image 193

The Coture Eyeshadow by Simbience is a custom content set that is available for males and females all the way from teen to elder sims. It has 20 swatches, but this is not all! It also has two versions: one is a runway look and the other is an everyday look. Click here to download this eyeshadow CC pack.

1. Dorina Eyeshadow by Evellsims

eyeshadow cc

The Dorina Eyeshadow by Evellsims is our number one choice and well deserving of it too. This set comes with 35 swatches and is for female sims only, aged teens all the way to elder. Click here to download!

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap sims lovers out there! You now know the top 30 eyeshadow CC packs that we believe stand out from the rest. Go on and start downloading!

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