Eyebags Custom Content Packs You Didn’t Know Exist


Most people would want to get rid of eyebags but here we are providing you with the coolest collection of eyebags custom content for the Sims 4. As of late, it has become a new trend and we surely want to implement that in our game.

Dark Circles and Eyebags for the Sims 4


The picture on the left presents the eyes before the effect, whereas the one on the right presents them after. Even if you’re new to this trend, we’re sure these mods will get you to want them in-game. Click on this link to download it.

Eyebags N09

eyebags custom content

Praline does a fine job highlighting these dark circles. Your sim characters will definitely look their “best” with these bags under their eyes. Visit this page for easy installation.

Eyebags CC N3

eyebags custom content

This works for both male and female sims, from child to elder. It can also be found under skin details and is available in 12 swatches to match any skin tone. Here’s your download-link.

Eyebags 01 & 02

You get two sets from this package, each is available in 27 swatches to pick from. Your male and female sims, from teen to elder can rock these oldie dark circles. Download here.

EyeBags 8 by sims3melancholic

eyebags custom content

Not only do you get eyebags from this set, there’s also highlight and eyelashes. So, make sure you check it out by visiting this link. Check out latest female hairstyles.

Eyebags 2 by Sims3melancholic

We just had to include this one too, by sims3melancholic. It is available in 24 custom colors. Click here to grab this mod. We recommend some of the coolest eye mods for your sims.

Basic 10 Eye Bags Set

eyebags custom content

This one has to be our favorite! It works for both genders, child to elder. It can be found under four facial details (forehead, mouth, left and right dimple), and the face-paint section. Download this mod by following this link.

Eyebags CC 4

You can see the huge difference between before and after. You get this one in 27 different swatches, so whatever your sim’s skin color was, you’re sure to find fitting eyebags. Click here to install this mod.

For More Eyes mods, Face Details and Scars

We hope you’ve come to like this collection of eyebags cc. There’s definitely more to experiment with when it comes to mods and custom content. So, head over to this post on the best scars for the Sims 4 or follow this link to find more eyes mods for The Sims 4. Enjoy!

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