10 Sims 4 Bedroom Ideas For Every Taste


About Building Bedrooms in Sims 4

It’s not always easy to build a bedroom in Sims 4. Even if you set all the other rooms in your house, the bedroom can still cause you headaches. Building the ideal bedroom for you in Sims 4 can be extremely challenging, especially if you don’t have ideas where to start. In this post, I’ll go over my top 10 Sims 4 bedroom ideas so you can get some inspiration.

But before I showcase these bedrooms, I’d like to show you my personal favorite bedroom mods and CC for Sims 4. Here are some awesome pieces of furniture and decorations that you can use to create your perfect bedroom. CC isn’t necessary, but it’s damn helpful when you’re trying to build the ideal house.

That said, let’s check out these 10 awesome Sims 4 bedroom ideas.

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10 Awesome Sims 4 Bedroom Ideas

10. Dark Bedroom

If you’re building a classic mansion with a vintage exterior and interior, I’d definitely suggest you check this Dark Bedroom. It’s a simple bedroom with dark wooden elements and violet bed sheets. There are vintage cupboards and windows – everything you’d expect from an elegant and sophisticated home. 

You can check the bedroom here.

9. Bedroom Jasper Pt 2

Here we have a beautiful cozy bedroom, perfect for younger Sims. It’s a complete room with a couple of different color versions. It includes a bed, table, chairs, wall art, desk, lamps, and more! The colors blend nicely together and create a bright glow that you’ll definitely like. The room is a creation by ung999 and you can download it from here.

8. Margo Bedroom

If you’re looking for a clean, modern bedroom that looks super realistic, the Margo Bedroom might be the ideal one for you. The room is made with CC and looks very well in-game. It comes with all necessities that you might need in a bedroom. It’s created by Moniamay72 and you can download it from this page.

7. Modern White Bedroom

But if you’re anything like me, then you probably can’t get enough of beautiful modern bedrooms. This one comes with custom walls and sheets, as well as a bed. Most of the room is in the white color, with clean and minimalistic tones. You can check it here.

6. “Leire” Bedroom by pqSim4

If glamour and luxury aren’t your things, then you must check this build. It’s a simple bedroom with one small cabinet and a few decorations around. There are vases and candles, as well as pictures on the walls. It comes in 8 different color variants, so you can choose the one you like the most. Here’s a direct link to download this bedroom.

5. Manhattan Bedroom

The Manhattan Bedroom has got to be one of my favorite Sims 4 bedroom ideas ever! I simply love how simple, cozy, and relaxing this room looks. It’s a small bedroom with a bed, a mirror, and gentle lights. There are also books and pictures for decorations. This bedroom is perfect for an apartment in City Living, but I’ve used it in a house as well.

You can download the Manhattan Bedroom here.

4. Day Dream Play Room

If you like bright and gentle colors, this is the perfect bedroom for you! The original design comes in pink and white colors, but you have 9 different color variants to choose from. The bed is CC, of course, just like the draperies, the chair, and the rest of the elements. No matter if you’re looking for a bedroom for kids or grownups, this deserves your attention!

This bedroom can be downloaded through this link.

3. Pallet Bed Frame by MXIMS

For all you urban souls out there I got the Pallet Bed Frame bedroom! One look at this bedroom is enough to capture your heart and I mean it. The main element is the pallet bed, of course. But everything here looks super cool and beautiful. It’s definitely a bedroom fit for a young artistic Sim, so make sure to check it out. Here’s a link for download.

2. Anne – Bedroom

The Anne Bedroom is one of my most used bedrooms in Sims 4. It’s one of the simplest builds on this list and it’s a minimalistic bedroom made for two Sims. It’s gentle, elegant, and in perfect taste. Everything looks super realistic, from the large windows to the bed and the sheets too. It’s created by melapples and you can download it from here.

1. Call of the Wild Bedroom

And lastly, we have the Call of the Wild Bedroom. As its name suggests, this is a bedroom that attempts to include more nature than any other bedroom on this list. It has plants as decorations as well as natural wood colors. There are actually a couple of different color versions of this room, so you can pick the one you like the most.

Here’s a direct link to this awesome Call of the Wild Bedroom. 

These were my top 10 favorite bedroom ideas for Sims 4!

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