The Sims 4 Bedroom Ideas: Create The Best Sleep Sanctuary!

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Read this article to unlock fresh, stylish, and unique Sims 4 bedroom ideas that will transform your Sims’ sleeping spaces and help them have restful nights!

sims 4 bedroom ideas

Top Sims 4 Bedroom Ideas You’ll Surely Love

Bedrooms in The Sims 4 go beyond being mere sleeping quarters. They are the spaces where your Sims’ dreams come to life and where they go to replenish their energy bars after a long day of work. Since these rooms play such a huge role in your Sims’ daily lives, why settle for uninspiring designs when you can create bedrooms that are not only functional but also oozing with personality? In this guide, we’ve handpicked a selection of incredible bedroom ideas that will cater to your Sims’ comfort and style preferences!

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bedroom cc
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Luxury Bedroom Set

Luxury Bedroom Set SNOOTYSIMS

For a really awesome bedroom idea, get this Luxury Bedroom Set from us! With its stylish vibes, this one is a total must-have for your Sims. 😳

What’s included:

  • Double Bed
  • 3 Curtains
  • Rug
  • Lamp
  • Ceiling Decor with Lights
  • Nightstand
  • Nighstand Decor: Alarm
  • Nightstand Decor: Tray with Cups
  • Floor tile

Click here to download!

Lottie Bedroom Set ( Bedfram / Matress / Decor / Mirror / Desk / Stool / Dress / Plants / Rug / Shelf ) [ MM]

lottie bedroom myshunosun

You can also opt for the Lottie Bedroom Set, a boho-inspired bedroom that is filled with items that are relaxing to the eyes. Enjoy the selection of candles, rugs, and books that come with the pack, too!

Click here to download!

Swell Bedroom Set (Headboard/ Bed/ Bedding/ Pillows/ Blanket/ Bolster/ Nightstand/ Chair/ Bench/ Table/ Lamp/ Clutter) [ALPHA]

Swell Bedroom Set (Headboard/ Bed/ Bedding/ Pillows/ Blanket/ Bolster/ Nightstand/ Chair/ Bench/ Table/ Lamp/ Clutter) [ALPHA]

Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning, in a comfy bed with a sturdy headboard. On it, you can relax your head while you read your magazines. This is exactly what the Swell set offers—a bedroom with throw blankets, an accent chair, a brass lamp, a magazine, and glasses.

Click here to download!

The Coastal Collection Bedroom Set (Bed Frame/ Mattress/ Dressers/ Side Table/ Lamp/ Mirror/ Ottoman/ Painting/ Rug) [MM]

The Coastal Collection Bedroom Set (Bed Frame/ Mattress/ Dressers/ Side Table/ Lamp/ Mirror/ Ottoman/ Painting/ Rug) [MM]

Incorporate another awesome bedroom idea into The SIms 4 with this Coastal Collection! The set includes a High Wingback bed frame, a bed mattress, dressers, a bedside table, lamps, and a woven wool rug.

Click here to download!

Barbie X Horses Bedroom CC Pack


This is a very special bedroom set from all of us at SNOOTYSIMS. We hope you all come to like it. It’s a lot of stuff mixed into one big bedroom – but yeah, that’ll be your next cowboy Barbie’s comfy space! You get 15 different objects that make up the set.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Bed (2 swatches)
  • Nightstand
  • 3 Hats (2 of which come in 2 swatches)
  • Radio
  • TV (2 swatches)
  • Purse
  • Suitcase (2 swatches)
  • Leather Bag
  • 2 Rugs
  • Wallpaper
  • Guitar Case
  • Cowboy Boots


Click here to download!

Sweet Kids Room Set (Bed/ Shelves/ Decors/ Rocking Chair/ Table/ Clutters/ Storage/ Cradle) [MM]

Sweet Kids Room Set (Bed/ Shelves/ Decors/ Rocking Chair/ Table/ Clutters/ Storage) [MM]

Grab this Sweet Kids Room pack from RusticSims. It’s a delightful bedroom idea for your adorable little Sims. The pack has 24 Maxis Match items that are all functional in the game. How sweet!

Click here to download!

Bedroom Set Recolor (Bed/ Chairs/ Pillows) [MM]

Bedroom Set Recolor (Bed/ Chairs/ Pillows) [MM]

This is the Modern Luxe Kit Recolor. Enjoy the Avant Chair, The Dreamer’s Chair, The Hightower Double Bed, and The Perfect Pillow which all come with this pack!

Click here to download!

Sims 4 Barbie CC: Come on Barbie Bedroom Set


Come on, Barbie, let’s go party! We’re a bit late to the party actually but we still wanted to contribute with this bedroom set! We’ve deviated from the standard Barbie color palette and opted for a more purple/light pink vibe.

The following items are included in this set.

  • Bed
  • Desk
  • Vanity desk
  • Vanity mirror
  • Vanity chair
  • Gaming chair
  • Carpet
  • Pillow decor
  • 2 wall decor items
  • Neon light
  • Wallpaper
  • Floor
  • Wall light
  • Column decor

Click here to download!

Rainbowic Bunk Bed CC Pack By SNOOTYSIMS


Here’s a lovely bedroom idea for your toddlers, infants, and kids! They won’t all get to sleep in that bunk bed, but they can all enjoy the bright colors. Get the following items:

  • 3 Functional pouf chairs (plus a decorative one)
  • 2 Functional Mattress
  • 2 Bedframes (they make up the one in the image)
  • 2 Plants
  • A functional octopus toy
  • Octopus decor
  • Cat pillow decor
  • 3 wall decor letters

Click here to download!

vaporwave bedroom set

vaporwave bedroom set nickname sims4

Another really cool idea is to have a vaporwave room, furnished with neon signs, retro clutter, and aesthetic artful prints, just like this one from NICKNAME_sims4!

Click here to download!

Tui Bedroom

tui bedroom kiwisim4 scaled

The Tui Bedroom is part of the four-set Tui Home Pack, which focuses on modern and edgy styles with splashes of color. The creator terms the pack as a “maximalist” set.

Click here to download!


sayulita bedroom set patreons members rusticsims

It’s time for a bedroom idea that celebrates the charming and rustic pieces of Sayulita, a stunning beach in Mexico. Download this pack and add it to The Sims 4, as it will give you access to 50 all-new items, 3 wallpapers, and more.

Click here to download!

[DOWNLOAD] Dreamy set

download dreamy set syboulette

The soft pastel colors and dreamy vibes of this set will totally calm your Sims and let them be able to rest right away! All in all, there 21 items for your Sims to enjoy.

Click here to download!

January 2023 Set (2) – Cloudsailing

january 2023 set 2 cloudsailing cowbuild

Here’s another cool bedroom idea: to have a bed sailing in the clouds. Yup! Surely,  with this Cloud-Sailing Set from creator Cowbuild, your Sims will have the most optimal sleep each night.

Click here to download!

Neutral Palette Bedroom Set Furniture (Closet / Books / Bed / Thermostat / Clothes) [MM]

Agnes New 2 square

Bedrooms should feel calm and exude a peaceful vibe in order to provide Sims with a relaxing sleep. Go for ones with neutral tones, like this Agnes Set from Syboulette! There are over 29 items in this set.

Click here to download!

Rory Bedroom Set ( Bed / Plants / Shelves / Night Stand / Alarm Clock / Lamp ) [MM]

rory bedroom leaf motif

What about mixing up a few colors and styles here and there to create a fun-looking bedroom? With this Rory Bedroom Set, your Sims can bask in the wonders of bold-colored beds, neon shelves, vintage decorations, and other seriously cool stuff.

Click here to download!

Urban Bedroom Kit ( Bed / Cabinet / Chair / Vanity / Dresser / Plants ) [MM]

urban bedroom kit quirky introvert cc

Turn your Sims’ bedrooms into a modern cityscape with the pieces from this Urban Bedroom Kit! There are over 50 items available, including various beds, side tables, plants, wardrobes drawers, and other decorative clutter.

Click here to download!

Hotel Themed Bedroom Furniture Pack (Bed / Window / Desk / Chair / Cushion / Sofa / Carpet / Coffee Table) [MM]

hotel bedroom cc pack cc pack for the sims 4 sixam cc

Let Sims feel super posh while they rest, with this Hotel Bedroom CC from SixamCC! The set features sophisticated-looking items that deserve a 5-star rating. There are even carpeted floors included!

Click here to download!

The Octave Apartment Collection ( Bedroom / Chair / Plants ) [MM]

the octave apartment harrie

The Octave Apartment is a great and complex 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom build from HarrieSims. A special highlight to the bedrooms of the said set, which is precisely what you need to have a stylish bedroom for your game.

Click here to download!

Kyoto Bedroom Collection ( Bedroom / Shelf / Bonsai / Vase / Tatami Mats ) [MM]

july items kyoto pt 2

How about a Japanese bedroom that incorporates that “zen” feeling? Go for this one! This Kyoto Set features 33  objects for the bedroom, including a futon bed, tatami mats, bonsai, imari vases, and so much more!

Click here to download!


image 30

Our humble crib CC is a perfect bedroom set idea! This is one of the very first furniture CC packs that we have created and it turned out well. The crib comes with a hanging plant accessory which you can download separately. The set also offers a few more items for your infants/toddlers/kids rooms, including a functional high chair and sofa.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can up our game next time! Have a look at it and download on our Patreon page.

image 31

Click here to download!

Chateau Part 7 – Wooden and Floral Themed Bedroom Furniture Set

Screenshot 2023 08 04 075440

This chateau part 7 bedroom furniture set is a wood and floral themed-looking pack which consists of approximately 19 to 20 items like bed with hanging canopy, dresser, drawer, side tables, vintage telephone, alarm clock, peony bouquet, or table lamp!

Screenshot 2023 08 04 075451

Click here to download!


3218 y2k bedroom laskrillz

Y2K is a theme that has gone classic. People have associated it with bright and bursting colors and technological or futuristic aesthetics. We think it would be a great idea if you inject your Sims’ homes with a Y2K-inspired bedroom!

Click here to download!

Arcana bedroom🌺

1756 arcana bedroom winner9

We’re serving you more modern bedroom ideas! This one called the Arcana Bedroom, provides your Sims with two bedding variants comprising of blankets, double pillows, and bed covers.

Click here to download!

Pastel apartment: part 1🌺

1568 pastel apartment part 1 winner9

Go and add this charming pastel bedroom set to your Sims’ homes. Apart from the beds, you’ll also get access to 29 objects, decorations, plus walls!

Click here to download!

[DOWNLOAD] Little Dino set

553 download little dino set syboulette

The Little Dino Set is a dinosaur-themed bedroom for kids and toddlers. It has over 30 items that are super adorable, like huge dinosaur plushes, cute succulent plants, pop-up books, and more.

Click here to download!

Cottage bedroom set is available in Early Access

505 cottage bedroom set is available in early access syboulette

If the bedroom items in The Sims 4: Cottage Living seem a little bit lacking for you, you can infuse more cottage-themed objects from this Cottage Bedroom Set by Syboulette. It includes 21 items that exhibit a lot of charm.

Click here to download!

Cyber Girl Set by Mechtasims

image 479

We couldn’t sacrifice a single CC pack on here, so we’re starting with a fully furnished cyber bedroom that will certainly have your sims living in style. There are interesting objects to discover, the alien house being on top of them.

Click here to download!

Old-Fashioned Camping Bedroom by SNOOTYSIMS

SNOOTYSIMS Furniture CC Pack Bedroom

This is our very first furniture CC pack for the Sims 4, and we are very proud of how it turned out! If you’re looking for an old-fashioned, camping-style type of furniture for your next bedroom build, this one’s perfect for you.

Click here to download!

Andromeda Bedroom Set

Untitled 31

What about a space-themed bedroom idea? This could be a hugely inspiring space for all science-loving Sims, whether kids or adults! Click on the link to download the Andromeda Bedroom set today.

Click here to download!

Over the Rainbow Set – A Child and Toddlers Bedroom

Screenshot 2023 07 28 095913

This children’s and toddlers’ bedroom set is going to enhance your Sims’ building journey by providing more flexibility and freedom to customize the bedroom for your toddlers. This set consists of 32 Items including beds, carpets, mirrors, paintings, tables, drawers, Etc.

Screenshot 2023 07 28 100003

Click here to download!

Wrapping It Up: Try These Bedroom Ideas Today!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Sims 4 bedroom ideas! Say goodbye to dull and predictable spaces, with these bedroom downloadables that are oozing with personality and style, making your Sims’ lives truly extraordinary. Remember, bedrooms in The Sims 4 are more than just sleeping spaces, they’re the windows into the dreams of your Sims.

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