Sims 4: Crown CC & Mods True Royals Need


Fit for a king: Our favorite Crown Mods for The Sims 4

Everybody deserves to be a king or queen for a day, right? In today’s post we collected our favourite (traditional and non-traditional) sims 4 crown mods and cc for you to put you and your Sims in a royal mood. Hope you like them! Combine them with the most awesome hairstyles in The Sims 4 – take inspiration from this post.

My favorite Sims 4 Crown Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Puanani Hair w/ Flower Crown


From Beyonce to Rihanna – I bet you can’t name one celebrity who hasn’t tried this hairstyle! Thanks to the soft waves and the bun on the top, this hairstyle is a no-brainer to match any age, style or event. For a more chic & bohemian look, just add a colorful flower crown. Download it now from here.

Puanani Flower Crown


To make the look even more perfect, add this flower crown. Combine it with elegant clothes for a more refined look – or go full on hippie bohemian with colorful dresses and jewellery! Get the flower crown from this link.

Royal Crown for Male and Female Hat – Version 2


Royal, sophisticated and full of diamonds… This crown, created by Alin2 could be an accessory to anyone wanting to achieve a truly fascinating look. Your Sim can wear it to a ball, a fancy dance party, or just on weekdays to bring some elegance to the grayest of days. Find it at this link.

Swan Sims 4 Crown


Just like a fairytale come true: become a princess for a day or create the perfect wedding look (follow this link to find more wedding cc) with a tiara. It’s guaranteed to have an effect on anyone that sees your Sims princess in this crown! To download this gorgeous accessory, click here.

S-Club LL Sims 4 Crown 202005


Just like the previous one, this crown was created by S-club. You can become an ice queen or a Northern princess within the blink of an eye. Just add this majestic crown to your outfit. From little ladies to adults – this is for Sims of all ages! Get it today from this link!

Alien Crown


Available in gray, black and white, this alien crown from Soloriya is a true gem for sci-fi fans! No matter if your Sim is young or old, male or female, this accessory is guaranteed to turn some heads. If you have a feeling you cannot explain, and all you know is that you need this right now, just click here! For more Alien CC & Mods, follow this link!

Crown Red Queen


If this crown looks familiar, you’re not mistaken – you must have seen it down the rabbit hole, in the Red Queen’s court. Fans of Alice in Wonderland (or just fans of fancy accessories with ruby red gemstones), rush to this link to download it now!

Bruxel – Imperial Sims 4 Crown – Get to Work needed


The one and only, the classic, the crown that pops into everyone’s head when they hear the word ‘royalty.’ Make your Sim into a fancy-looking heir or heiress with this majestic, shiny crown laced with velvet. If you want your Sim to look like they’ve just come from a royal court, go to this link to download it.

Elsa Crown


Attention, young ladies – Kikisimlive has just made all little girl’s dream come true with this crown straight from the movie Frozen! Use this accessory to transport your Sim into the magical world of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf the snowman. Go ahead, just hum ‘Let it go,’ and download it from here.

Crown Bride


Have you seen anything that’s this charming and this mysterious at the same time? Bukovka created a crown for brides which goes with any type of wedding, big or small, traditional or more spooky themed… Just pick a groom outfit to go with the bride’s one, and you’re ready to go! Get it now!

Stella Sims 4 Crown Mod


Shiny, thin, sophisticated wires; blue-purple, refined and delicate stars – this is what makes the Stella-crown unique and suitable for any lady. Whether it’s a teen’s Halloween costume, or an elegant party for adults, this is a fool-proof choice for the perfect look. Just go to this link to get your hands on it right now.

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