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Furry Is The Highest Level Of Cute

The Sims 4 isn’t only good for simulating human life. With dedicated mods and CC – you can simulate anything! Here is an excellent set of them for anyone who’s secretly a furry and want to unleash their cuteness inside the game. Take a look!

The Best Furry Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Lovely Furry CC With Tail

We start it off with an awesome CC which will transform your Sim into an adorable fur creature on two feet! The change is really neat, with 18 different skin color variants and a lovely tail to accompany your adventures! For more info and a quick download, visit this site.

furry mod

Cute Little Fur Snouts

If you’ve already completed the desired furry look but you only need a finishing touch, consider this snout! It’s compact, adjustable and it can blend in the natural look. Countless thanks go to Catmumcadence for creating this addition which you can download from here.

furry mod

Ohmes-Raht – Feline Skins And Eyes

Stop! This is the ultimate CC and mod pack that you’ll ever need to have an alternative fantasy gameplay in The Sims 4. This amazing addition is stuffed with animalistic skins and eyes so you can create the Sims of your dreams! And it is thanks to Eachuisge that we have this CC which you can download from here.

furry mod

Perfect Fur Skin Overlay – Version 2

And if you still haven’t found the perfect skin overlay for your furry characters – here it is! It comes in many different designs and also with a tail! It is so much fun to play around with it in The Sims 4 and we recommend it to anyone! Emumaster2002 is the creator here and you can download the mod from this page

furry mod

Fursuit Costume Set – 4 Different Types

Missing some fur costumes as well? Take a look at this assortment of 4 flavorful suits that your Sims can now put for whatever occasion they want! A hoary bat, a raptor, a mongoose and a canine are included. Visit thislink to download the mod. For more info you can check ModTheSims where you’ll also find the creator Lilyvalley807.

furry mod

Set Of 21 Unique Animal Eyes By Velouria

Eyes are one of the most important elements to every look and you’ve got to choose the perfect one for your furry Sim. Here you’ll find countless ways to customize and combine, so don’t wait too long to download the CC! You can do that at this site. Go, go, go!

furry mod


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