Top 10 Best Dragon Age Mods & CC For Sims 4

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Dragon Age & Sims 4

Dragon Age is one of the most popular franchises in the gaming world. And one of their biggest titles is Dragon Age Inquisition, which is a massive role-playing game. In Inquisition, you can create your own fantasy character and explore a complex magical world. But, thanks to mods and CC, you can also include a lot of Dragon Age stuff into Sims 4!

I’ve met many simmers that are also fans of the Dragon Age games. And as simmers, we have the opportunity to create and install modifications that allow us to completely change how we play Sims 4. For example, check out these World of Warcraft horns you can use on your Sims!

That said, let’s check out my favorite Dragon Age mods & CC for Sims 4!

Check out this Sims 4 Dragon Mod!

Top 10 Best Dragon Age Mods & CC for Sims 4!

1. Orlesian Battledress

If you’re a sucker for impressive fantasy armor sets like myself, you should definitely download the Orlesian Battledress. It’s simply amazing! The creator, Proud Rose, has done a fantastic job of translating the Dragon Age style into Sims 4. It’s a full-body silver-white outfit fit for a true queen! You can download it here!

2. Fenris from Dragon Age 2

If you like the Fenris character from Dragon Age 2 or the way he looks, this mod is definitely for you! Basically, it lets you create Fenris in Sims 4 with all of his cool characteristics. You’ll get a lot of customization options and you’ll have magical tattoos that glow in the dark! Check out this mod here!

3. Female Antaam-saar Armor

The Female Antaam-saar Armor is a sexy fantasy outfit that you much own! It’s composed of a beautiful tiny top and trousers that fit the color theme. Your Sim will have an exposed belly and wear high fantasy boots. All in all, it’s a great way to dress your heroine! Download this outfit from this link!

4. Vallaslin Tattoos

Tattoos are often the best way to make a Sims 4 character stand out and be unique. Well, these Vallaslin tattoos are for your Sim’s face. They come in many colors and variations, and they look as good in Sims 4 as they do in Dragon Age. I love using these tattoos on my Sims and recommend you to check them out too! Here’s a download link!

5. Dragon Age Decorations

If you’re building a castle or a specific type of house in Sims 4, you definitely need these Dragon Age decorations! There are statues of wolves and deers among the other stuff. Everything is so well-done and looks amazing in-game. So if you’re looking for fantasy decoration for your Sims 4 home, follow this link for a download!

6. Dragon Age: Inquisition – Grand Duchess Florianne Outfit

I don’t believe that there’s a person out there who has seen Grand Duchess Florianne’s outfit and hasn’t fallen in love with it! It’s a long dress with a compatible mask. It’s not too extravagant but that’s precisely what makes it so pretty. On top of the dress, you’ll also get the assassin outfit, which is slick and black and red. Check the outfit here.

7. Dragon Age: Inquisition – Cassandra Heavy Armour

Besides Florianne, Cassandra is another great female character from Dragon Age. She wears heavy battle armor that looks impressive in battle. And thanks to Satterlly, now you can have this outfit in Sims 4 too. It fits humans, vampires, and aliens, so you can use it on many Sims in your game! Download the outfit from this link!

8. Grey Warden Set

If you can’t get enough of the Dragon Age decorations for Sims 4, I present to you the Grey Warden set! This is an awesome collection of items that perfectly represents a Grey Warden desk. The CC pack features 8 items in total, everything from a chair and a table to a treasure chest and a wall banner. All in all, a great CC pack that you can download from here!

9. Qunari Horns

If you’re a fan of the Qunari race in Dragon Age, here are their horns in Sims 4. Not only are these horns the same in every aspect. In fact, there are multiple different models and shapes, as well as different colors available for them. Don’t hesitate to try them out! Here’s a download link!

10. Grey Warden Trait

And lastly, I have an awesome trait for you – Grey Warden Trait. As you can expect, a Sim with a Grey Warden trait is an experienced warrior that gets extra benefits from fitness. They also get Energized and Focused moodlets and the best careers for them are Athlete or Secret Agent. Playing a Sim with this trait is very fun! You can download it from this link.

Those are my top 10 Dragon Age mods and CC for Sims 4!

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