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Are you inspired by Norse mythology and Vikings? These old North-European warriors have marked history with their fearlessness, but have also inspired us with their authentic aesthetic. If you’d like to find cool Sims 4 Viking CC clothes, looks, and details, keep reading!

sims 4 viking

sims 4 Viking Custom Content: Hair, clothes, facepaint & more!

Creative as we are, we are always searching for new ways to build characters and enrich our gameplay. Many of us have tried making history-inspired characters, and it is these moments when we need quality CC the most. Finally, this is especially true for Vikings, who not only had distinctive looks but also wore incredible braided hair and warpaint. To back you up, we took out time to select some of the best Viking stuff one can find and present these to you, including hair, beard, outfits, shields, and rune details.

Here come the best Sims 4 Viking stuff found online. Enjoy!

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1. Norse apron dress for female sims

tumblr ccb146855b8d95a67aaa5e0169b5bc26 7427d6e6 1280

Would you like to look like a real Norse lady? Well, thanks to this CC, you can, and you can look gorgeous in natural-looking fabrics and old Viking jewelry. No matter if your Sims is a toddler, a teen, an adult, or an elderly, the dress fits all ages so all ladies can enjoy wearing it. It is available in 26 swatches and nature-inspired textile dyes. Check out this Norse look here.

2. Sims 4 Queen Lagertha Viking Facepaint

sims 4 queen lagertha facepaint

Queen Lagertha was known for her fierce spirit and bravery, and she wasn’t a stranger to Viking warrior face paint. Unquestionably, she fully embraced it, and now, so can your Sims character. Although inspired by her courage and her Viking soul, this facepaint is both fierce and dreamy and comes in gold, silver, and dark gray. Get this Vikings Queen Lagertha facepaint here.

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3. unisex Viking helmet for Sims 4

tumblr nnkw4uJg9u1u9mbsko1 500

Famous Viking horns were worn by the Vikings of the old times, during rituals and for special occasions. However, this look is not reserved for historical figures only. Now your Sims can feel special and travel back in time, as such headgear is available for them to wear in the Sims 4! This CC is a unisex model, so both the gentlemen and the ladies will be able to wear it. Check it out here.

4. valhalla shaven hair by tekrisims

tumblr phnijdbmCM1wmu6ywo1 r6 1280

Every courageous lady who is not afraid to show up as her unique self will absolutely love this one. Inspired by Viking ladies, this hairstyle is perfect for those who love bold looks. The ponytail is long, and the sides are shaven with braids on the side, to give the look some extra edge and Viking charm. If you like it, this hairdo is free for download here!

5. unisex eivor hair and tattoos

TS4 x64 2020 11 22 17 36 24

Now your Sims can have rune-inspired chest and belly tattoos, thanks to this incredible CC inspired by Vikings. The set includes a unisex braid with shaven sides to give your Sims that dramatic, extra powerful look. Although they are not the warriors from Norse history, they will sure look like that. To get this powerful set of rune Viking tattoos and braided hair, go here!

6. The 100 Vikings-Inspired Face Paint by Necroberry


Vikings were known for being creative with facepaint when going to battles. The great news is, that you can now replicate this and wear a true battlefield facepaint in the Sims 4. This Sims 4 CC includes 100 striking warrior looks for adult Sims you can wear for pure shock value. Besides looking effective, these are suitable not only for both males and females but also for aliens who can wear them. Get these war paints here!

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7. unisex Ragnar hair for sims 4 by LeahLillith

tumblr pdt1jv3hbV1sjvk38o2 1280

If you want your Sims to look like Ragnar Lothbrock from Norse legends and Varior tv series, look no further. This hairstyle replicates what Ragnar used to wear in Vikings season 2 to a T. The cool thing is, if you want to try this style on female Sims, you can do it, too. This is a unisex look with more than fifty swatches so you never run out of hair color options for this one! If you like this Viking beard, feel free to download it here.

8. fur cloak by Natalia Auditore


Scandinavian winters are cold, and Vikings had to wear some heavy fur to keep them warm. Thanks to this Sims 4 CC, you can keep your characters warm and stylish in the real Viking way. The model has a few color variations that replicate real fur, and it is suitable both for ladies and gentlemen. This fur piece is available for download here.

9. Viking age-inspired home for sims 4 by valhallan

tumblr o3q6cuEGe11v17h9oo7 1280

Let’s not forget to create a real Viking home! With this CC, your Sims can now live in a Norse-inspired wooden home. You get not only the wooden exterior but also a nice matching interior, with old furniture made of wood, metal, and stone. The lot size is 20×30, and the main building has no separate rooms, which is exactly what old cabins and houses were like. You’ll get two firepits to keep your folks warm, and some extra garden space, too. You can get this Viking home here.

10. sims 4 female Viking hairstyle

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You can now replicate authentic Viking braids and look like Queen Legartha, Torvi, or Gunhild in an instant. The best part about this hairstyle is that it matches not only Viking looks, but is also a great CC for modern Sims who like to get creative with their hair. This look is compatible with hats, a can has 18 swatches for you to choose from. Get your sample on this page.

11. unisex facepaint v2 by reevaly

tumblr 4ed64bbaf65e5cc1b30ad8aae04a9e19 94f2fc83 500

Want to look fierce and bold? Well, with this facepaint you sure can do that! Algiz rune on the forehead will make your Sims not only look unique but also keep them protected from bad energy. It is compatible with all skin overlays, so you’ll have no trouble matching this paint with other skin presets. Even teen Sims can wear it! Get this facepaint for your Sims 4 here.

12. shields by tinywardens

tumblr pj1dq9BqJu1uewkqao3 500

What is a Sims 4 Viking fighter without a proper replica of a historic Viking shield? These seven Viking shields look rustic and resemble historic battlefield armor to a detail. You can wear them on the hand and the back, and you can even choose the amount of battle blood spilled on the shield – normal, bloody, and really bloody. Show up with a shield like this, and everyone in the neighborhood will respect you. Get these authentic Viking shields for Sims 4 here!

13. The Ragnar Viking braided beard for sims 4

tumblr f18f0e43c27fa4383d5e8d21aa8d6849 f9875939 500

A true Viking look is not only about braided hair, but a long, decorated beard, too. Your Sims can now rock this cool beard with beard jewelry and a braid just like the Vikings did. The look is suitable for Vikings, metalheads, and even modern Sims who love being unique. You get to choose up to 24 beard colors, which is cool. Make it yours and get it here.

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14. Eivor unisex Buzz cut with Braid

tumblr b9c6be270913252f678d9d5a95d23d35 ddd7c97e 1280

An effective buzz cut with a braided top like this one will leave you and all other Sims breathless. No matter if you love your Sims to stand out from the crowd, or you’d like to replicate a Viking look, this one will come in handy big time. The best part? This is a unisex model, suitable for all Sims, from teens to elders! To download this hair cc into your mods folder, go here.

15. Viking age rune stone for sims 4 by tornado sims

MTS tornadosims 1834112 runestonescreen

Mysteries of the Universe are carved in stone. This set of rune stones with Norse symbolism will bring you back into Viking time and help you feel spiritually connected to your Viking ancestors. You can choose from three stone sizes and three different rune carvings in the stone. Place them in your backyard and travel back in time! Check out this CC here!


There you go, simmers. This was our list of Viking-inspired CC. We have included braided looks face paints, outfits, hairstyles, beards, and some authentic Viking details to help you create the old Norse times. These are the essentials you can use. Whether you’ll use these details on regular Sims, or try to recreate old warriors, is all on you. Enjoy your gameplay!

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