Relish a Relaxing Dip: Incredible Hot Tub CC for The Sims 4!

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Ah, hot tubs. They’ve been around since the early days of The Sims and have allowed our Sims to unwind and relax from the daily rigors of their lives. As the times have changed, CC creators have blessed Simmers with more hot tubs to incorporate into the game! So, in this list, we have assembled the most incredible hot tub CC that you can download to let your Sims have added joy and relaxation!

sims 4 hot tub cc

Try Out our Top Hot Tub CC for The Sims 4!

Hot tubs have always been an essential favorite in The Sims franchise! It has allowed us to increase our Sim’s fun and relaxation while also giving them the opportunity to form bonds with other Sims, making it a much-needed social and leisure activity. If you would like to spice up your game by incorporating other varieties of hot tubs, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, read on and download the top 15 hot tub CC that we handpicked just for you.

15. Shadeless Hot Tub by hafeezaj

tumblr 5fe9cb8c9ab214d1c1cd55861b44dd31 2923a2c7 1280

For our number 15 spot, we have the shadeless hot tub by CC creator Hafeezaj. Hafeezaj thought that the original Birthday Hot Tub from the base game looked “atrocious”, so she put a spin on it by removing the shade from the tub. In our opinion, it does look a lot better! The CC she launched has 24 swatches available.

Download the Shadeless Hot Tub CC here.

14. In-Ground Hot Tub by Fire2IceWitch

MTS fire2icewitch 1778026 06 17 18 10 14 38PM 1

Doesn’t it look cool when your backyard pool installation also has a matching jacuzzi-type hot tub next to it? With this CC by Fire2Ice Witch, your Sims can have an in-ground hot tub next to their pool, both with matching tiles. So when your Sims are not really feeling the vibe to swim in their pool’s expanse, they can just lounge with their children in this in-ground tub. The CC comes in 12 colors and functions exactly as a hot tub.

Here is the download link for the in-ground tub.

13. The BAFROOM Hot Tub by Felixandresims and Harrie-CC

tumblr 4d57f01f04a77c45deb3443766b94aee af485a74 1280

The BAFROOM is a collaborative set between CC creators Felixandresims and Harrie-CC, who were also the ones behind the success of other popular CC room sets for The Sims 4. The BAFROOM set includes 94 pieces of lavishly-designed modern bathroom items. One of the highlights of the set is this simple but striking wooden hot tub, that adds a perfect touch to any Sim’s backyard.

Download the BAFROOM hot tub here.

12. Nostalgia Tub by My Cup of CC


When your Sims experience a rough day, make sure that you treat them to something not only relaxing but also visually pleasing to their senses. With this CC from MyCupofCC, your Sims are guaranteed to take delight in using this intricately fashioned Nostalgia hot tub. It features a few lit candles around the tub rim to stimulate a calming feeling. It comes in 8 swatches, too.

The Patreon site for the Nostalgia tub is here.

11. Retextured Hot Tub by Lina-Cherie

Sims 4 hot tub retextured recolored

For number 11, we have a hot tub that is such sweet eye candy! Get this Retextured Hot Tub created by Lina-Cherie to instantly brighten up the backyard of your Sims. The tub is sure to invite them for some much-needed peace after a long day. The Retextured hot tub comes in 25 fun colors and requires the Spa Day pack to function in the game.

Download the hot tub CC here.

10. Hot Tub with Roof by AlialSim

tumblr 7b45caccdd436320484b1523ca431999 95888d89 1280

Imagine having a warm, rejuvenating dip in a tub in the middle of the woods looking at the blue sky above, and hearing the sound of birds cheekily singing nearby. Sounds perfect, right? With this CC from AlialSim, your Sims can definitely live this scene! This wooden hot tub with a roof and hanging lights is the next thing that your Sim needs to attain their wellness needs.

Here is the link for AlialSim’s hot tub.

9. Solium Hot tub Set by Syboulette

Solium set preview1

CC creator Syboulette surprises us again with yet another excellent content! Meet the Solium hot tub. It is a CC pack that contains the 7 items that you need to create the ultimate indoor hot tub system. Aside from the tub, the pack is complete with lamps, benches, tables, and other essential clutter. The hot tub itself looks so glorious and refreshing, it makes us want to be a sim just to be able to experience it!

Download Syboulette’s tub set here.

8. Niagara Love Tub Copy by AphroditeCC

tumblr 0ba66df5cec4a55fdad7099497c68413 407ea760 1280

Now, now. If your Sims want to have a great romantic moment with their special someone, this hot tub CC is perfect for them. Let them have a steamy hot tub date with this hot tub created by AphroditeCC. Looks familiar? You bet! This CC is inspired by the heart-shaped Niagara Love Tub from the original The Sims which we all loved. The Niagara Love Tub copy comes in 12 swatches and is compatible with the base game.

Get the Niagara Love Tub Copy here.

7. Asian Hot Tub by Severinka


Ah, we have another deeply invigorating hot tub here for you! Ever tried plunging into those compact little baths in Asian countries which are filled with flower petals and are warmed just enough to fully energize your whole being? This is exactly what we think your Sims will experience when they use this Asian Hot Tub designed by Severinka. It comes in two colors and looks like a well-fitted barrel. It may look like a bathtub, but it functions like a hot tub.

Download the Asian hot tub CC here.

6. Medieval Wooden Hot Tub by The Sense Medieval

tumblr 73d8c3a2229234b4d65b6969815f571d 27ea1c37 1280

This is one of our favorites on this list! If you are designing a medieval type of dwelling for your Sims, incorporate this in their bath area in order to complete that Middle-Age vibe. CC creator The Sense Medieval came up with this CC, and he included a built-in wooden seat inside the tub to make your sims restful while having their old-fashioned bathing. The CC pack also comes with optional water textures which could further elevate the relaxing experience of your Sims.

Get the Medieval Wooden Hot Tub CC here.

5. Ponyo’s Petite Pool by Applezing

tumblr 783d0977af04ce7100604dd080561146 e2554842 500

If you fancy dipping into a solid rock hot tub, then this CC is the right one for you. Ponyo’s Petite Pool by Applezing adds a unique twist to your ol’ regular hot tub. Especially if you are creating a geothermal nature-themed resort or bathhouse, this will fit perfectly into your design. It comes in 6 moss and 6 plain swatches.

Ponyo’s Petite Pool is available for download here.

4. Heart-Shaped Hot Tub by Sims41ife


Another heart-shaped hot tub enters our list! For number 4, we have this hot tub CC created by Sims41ife. Like number 8, this also reminds us of the nostalgic Niagara Love Tub CC from The Sims 1, but this one has a special feature. This adorably-designed heart-shaped hot tub could fit not just 4 or 6, but 8 people inside! talk about a fun social activity for a large group of peers.

Download the heart-shaped hot tub CC here.

3. Spa Hot Tub (Aspen Collection) by Nomad Creations

2021 12 16 03.47.42 1

For our number 3, we are taking you up to the icy, rocky mountains with this luxurious hot tub CC from Nomad Creations. Let your Sims wash away all their worries as they relish a truly invigorating dip in this cozily-built wooden hot tub, perfectly placed within a relaxing outdoor view. The Spa Hot Tub comes in two versions, Night and Day.

Download the Spa hot tub CC here.

2. Japanese Hot Tub by Dreama

tumblr psjbb0CAos1xy9gs9o1 1280

This incredible CC created by Dreama recreates the look of a real Japanese hot tub, also known as an Ofuro in Japan. It is a favorite outdoor bathhouse where people of all ages regularly visit to unwind and relax with their peers. Like a real-life Ofuro, this hot tub CC is designed as an in-ground hot tub and features surrounding rocks which adds to its natural look. It comes in a variety of 12 swatches.

Get the Japanese hot tub CC here.

1. Serenity Hot Tub Set by Syboulette

Serenity New preview Individual 1

For our top hot tub CC in this list, we once again welcome custom content created by Syboulette. This Serenity Hot Tub CC is a sophisticated and splendid gazebo hot tub set that includes 14 items such as pillar lights, swing chairs, and a hanging table. The hot tub is designed to be built within the ground, and the included gazebo functions as its canopy, providing beautiful furnishings such as garlands and romantic lights to complete the tranquil look of the hot tub.

Here is the link for this hot tub CC.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! We hope that you had fun going through the ultimate hot tub CC that we handpicked for your Sims! Download them all and let your Sims revel in the pleasure of dipping their weary bodies in our collection of soothing and refreshing hot tubs. Don’t forget to take a break if you’re feeling tired today as well, dear Simmer, as rest is deeply important. And as always, happy playing!

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