The 15 Best Dazzling Celebrity CC for TS4

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Are you a celebrity lifestyle fan and want to impose this on your sims? If this sounds like you then you need to check out this article on the top celebrity CC!

sims 4 celebrity cc

Lights, Camera, Action

Thanks to The Sims 4: Get Famous DLC you can have your sim become a popular celebrity. However, there is only so much you can do with this base game. This is where mods come in and with our list of the top 15 celebrity cc for TS4.

15. Celebrity Walk as Chooseable Walk style

Untitled 73

At our number 15 spot is the Celebrity Walk as a Choosable Walk style. All sims can choose a type of walk style and one of them is the celebrity walk! Unfortunately, you have to be famous to use this walk… until this mod at least! Now you can choose it for any sim, regardless of your fame level.

Click here to download this celebrity cc.

14. Celebrity Makeup Look

Untitled 75

This Celebrity Makeup Look set is inspired by the one and only Ariana Grande. It features eyeliner, eye shadow, and lipstick– all of which will help your sim bring out their inner Ariana Grande.

Click here to download this celebrity CC.

13. Celebrity Quirk Toggle

Untitled 76

The Celebrity Quirk Toggle by TwistedMexi is a mod that lets players toggle celebrity quirks on or off. This can be quite useful for those who want to turn the quirks off without having to reset the entire thing. Pretty useful when you think about it.

Click here to download The Celebrity Quirk Toggle by TwistedMexi.

12. Olivia Rodrigo – Sour Prom Crop Top

Untitled 77

The Olivia Rodrigo Sour Prom Crop Top by Mhmattman is inspired by the popular singer Olivia Rodrigo. It comes from her actual merch collection and features a crop top tuxedo tee and a where’s my teenage dream crop top.

Click here to download The Olivia Rodrigo Sour Prom Crop Top by Mhmattman.

11. The Double U Modern Celebrity Home

Untitled 78

One of the things we envy about celebrities is their beautiful homes. The Double U custom content set is a modern celebrity home you can download for your sim to live in! It comes with the following features:

  • 2 large bedrooms
  • 1 master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in closet
  • 4 bathrooms
  • Open kitchen
  • Study
  • Conversation Pit
  • Lounge with a small stage
  • Double locked safe
  • Gym
  • Poolroom
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Recording room
  • Large patio

Click here to download this celebrity cc.

10. Studio 12 Furnished CC

Untitled 79

The Studio 12 Furnished Custom Content Set by Kiimy_2_Sweet is a building that was created as a one-stop celebrity skilling shop. This is literally according to the creator. It has everything a sim would need to get into a creative mood.

Click here to download this into your mods folder!

9. Taylor Swift Guitar

Untitled 80

The Talor Swift Guitar by Simslyswift is a Maxis recolor of the original guitar, but this time it has Taylor Swift’s name on it. Is this a simple mod? Yes, but for those sims who want to be a singer or musician, there is no better guitar to gain inspiration and practice from than the one from Taylor Swift.

Click here to download The Talor Swift Guitar by Simslyswift.

8. Review and Edit Videos Faster

Untitled 82

The QuickVids Record and Edit Videos Faster Mod by Mikya is a great solution for those sims who are pursuing fame by trying to be an internet star and find it taking way too long. These videos take so long to make usually. However, with this mod, it makes it so much quicker. This will enable your sim to do other things to gain fame!

Click here to download The QuickVids Record and Edit Videos Faster Mod by Mikya.

7. Increased Frame From Working Non Actor Jobs

Untitled 83

The Increased Fame From Working Non-Actor Jobs by WIldride is a great mod for those who don’t want to waste so much time trying to gain fame. This mod changes the default values for sims so they can gain fame more easily. By doing non-actor jobs you can also increase your fame level!

Click here to download The Increased Fame From Working Non-Actor Jobs by WIldride.

6. Celebrity Pose Pack

Untitled 84

Do you want your sim to look like the celebrity you know they are deep down? Well with the Celebrity Pose Pack by Beto_AE0 you can do just that! it comes with a number of poses your sim can use when they are either on the red carpet or just walking through the town.

Click here to download the Celebrity Pose Pack by Beto_AE0.

5. Natural Celebrity Trait for Sims 4

Untitled 85

The Natural Celebrity Trait for Sims 4 makes it much easier for a sim to gain fame with this trait. Also, acting and media production are easier to learn for your sim so they will be famous in no time.

Click here to download The Natural Celebrity Trait for Sims 4.

4. Better Lot trait – Celebrity Home

Untitled 86

The Better Lot Trait Celebrity Home enables any sim to live in a celebrity home. Usually, if a Sim added the trait to their home they would be called posers, but this mod takes away that issue.

Click here to download it today.

3. Longer Celebrity Tile Descriptions

Untitled 87

The Longer Celebrity Tile Descriptions is our number 3 choice. It makes the original 140 character length for celebrity tile descriptions all the way up to 1000 characters. This way you can talk about all your sim’s successes!

Click here to download.

2. Longer Starlight Accolades

Untitled 88

The Longer Starlight Accolades is at our number two spot. It changes the length of time for these events so you are able to get through all the awards at the award ceremony. Hey, everyone deserves to have a chance to be recognized for their greatness.

Click here to download.

1. Musical Theatre Career

Untitled 89

And here is our number one spot which belongs to the Musical Theatre Career. This basically adds a musical career option to your sim in the game. It features the following levels for the first track, which is a Theatre Employee, the base track. They include:

  • Level 1: Ticket Collector
  • Level 2: Cloakroom Service
  • Level 3: Stage Hand
  • Level 4: Assistant Stylist
  • Level 5: Show Extra
  • Level 6: Choir Member

From there, you can join one of two tracks. The first one is Musical Actor with the following levels:

  • Level 7: Understudy
  • Level 8: Supporting Role
  • Level 9: Main Actor
  • Level 10: Musical Star

The other track is Technician with the following levels:

  • Level 7: Scene Builder
  • Level 8: Gaffer
  • Level 9: Sound Engineer
  • Level 10: Creative Director

Click here to download this celebrity cc.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it all your sims, lovers, out there! This is our list of the top celebrity cc available for The Sims.

What are you waiting for? Get downloading!

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