How to make your sim a celebrity on Sims 4

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Welcome to our guide on how to make your sim a celebrity on The Sims 4!

Rising to fame is no easy task both in the real and the Sim world. The Sims 4: Get Famous is the only expansion pack that focuses on celebrity life after The Sims: Superstar. 15 years later, EA gave us what we missed so much in our sims games. True, hard-gained fame!

So today we’re going to tell you how to turn your sim into a superstar!

What you need to know about celebrity life on Sims 4

If you want your sim to become a celebrity, you’ll have to understand how the system works first! That’s why we have gathered all you need to know to make your sim rise to fame.

Getting fame points

The first thing you have to do to climb the ranks is to earn fame. To do that you will have to complete actions that award your sim with fame points. All such actions are marked with a green star symbol. The most obvious path to take is to have your sim participate in commercials. But that’s not all!

Nearly every skill in the game has something to do with your sim’s fame. The better you are at it, the more fame you will gain! However, the length of the task is important too. Small activities like singing or filming a TV spot will give your sims enough points to rise through the first ranks. But, if you want to get the big points, you will have to do the big things. Completing a book or filming a movie will get you massive amounts of fame!

The celebrity ranks

Once your sim begins rising through the ranks, they will get to reap the benefits of being a celebrity. As your rank increases, you will be able to choose Fame Perks for your sims. Beware though, because perks come with quirks as well!

  • Rank 1: Notable Newcomer. Your sim has made their first appearances and word is getting around. So, you are rewarded with one Fame Perk and might just develop one Fame Quirk.
  • Rank 2: Rising Star. Your sim is starting to build a name for themselves. So, you will now have access to two more Fame Perks. Also, your sim can now sign autographs as a way to get fame! But, sims might reject you. You can also organize a meet and greet with your fans.
  • Rank 3: B-Lister. Finally, your sim is starting to get some proper recognition. So, you now have access to two more perks. You can also unlock an additional quirk slot. Paparazzi will start following your sim around. You can use the mirror to put on a celebrity disguise to get some privacy. You also get access to your first Public Image perks.
  • Rank 4: Proper Celebrity. Congrats, your sim is now a proper celebrity! Two more Fame Perks will unlock and your sim will shine like a celebrity. If you don’t like the effect, you can always click on your sim to disable it.
  • Rank 5: Global Superstar. Your sim is now at the top of their game. So, you unlock three more Fame Perks and two Quirks. Since you got so far, your fame decay rate is going to drop, letting you stay in the spotlight. You also can’t drop below Rank 3.

Public Image

Any publicity is good publicity, right? As a celebrity, your sim’s actions are going to be judged by the public. Your sim’s image starts at neutral and can sway towards good or bad. Positive actions will give you a good image, and mischievous and mean actions, a bad one.

You can have a look at how this will affect your sim’s fame perks here.


The Get Famous expansion is a fan-favorite right now thanks to its celebrity system. Plus, it gives you total freedom on how you want your sim to get famous! This guide is going to help you understand how this system works and we hope it will speed up the time you need to get your sim to Global Superstar status.

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