The Sims 4 Acting Skill Guide

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Dreaming of becoming a Hollywood star? Any Sim can be a star worthy of admiration once they master the acting skill! Here is all you need to know about it.

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The Sims 4 Acting Skill: Show The World Your Star Quality!

Help your Sim become the king or the queen of performance, and introduce them to acting skill! This is one of the major skills in the game, and was featured in the Sims 4: Get Famous expansion pack. It’s closely tied to the Actor career featured in the same pack. However, Sims can learn how to act without having to join the career and can use their skill for pretense to save conversations, or even to get some simoleons. Let’s learn more about the skill and go over all unlocks!

Learn The Skill, And Perform For Tips!

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To start learning how to act, all you need is a mirror or a microphone you can get from the buy menu. Make sure your Sim feels as confident as possible, as this is the ideal mood for nailing this skill and can help them master it faster. The most rewarding thing about learning the skill is gaining the ability to perform for tips in front of a crowd. This is a great way to get some cash and works much like playing an instrument for tips. On top of that, performing in front of big crowds can earn them some fame points, no matter if your Sim is in the Acting career or not.

Sims can perform with others very early on, at level 2. As they get better at acting, they will unlock new types of scenes to perform solo or with others. To make them perform alone, just click on your Sim and assign them to perform for tips. If you need some help with either the Acting career or learning the acting skill, try out acting cheats!

Acting Skill Levels And Unlocks

Being a major skill, acting has 10 levels. Most unlocks are new scenes and social abilities, but there are also handy objects, like Trouper’s Looking Glass and Basic Microphone Stand, that can help them learn the skill faster. This is what each level brings:

Level 1Sims can Practice Acting in front of a mirror, or a microphone.
Level 2Sims can act with another Sim and Cry on Demand.
Level 3Sims can perform a Romance Scene with another Sim (can be done for tips) and Save an Awkward Conversation.
Level 4Sims get Trouper’s Looking Glass, a mirror that boosts acting skill gains.
Level 5Sims can Perform a Musical Scene.
Level 6Sims can Perform an Action Scene. They can also Act Not Bored to save themselves from boredom, and Save a Boring Conversation to save everyone involved from a boring conversation.
Level 7Sims can Perform a Horror Scene and Save an Unpleasant Conversation.
Level 8Sims can Perform a Sci-Fi Scene. This level unlocks the Basic Microphone Stand, which gives an acting skill boost.
Level 9Sims can Perform a Comedy Scene and Act Not Embarrassed to eliminate embarrassment.
Level 10Sims can Perform a Drama Scene. They will also unlock a new gold jacket and pants.

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Although any Sim can learn the Acting skill, those that benefit from it the most are Sims in the Actor career since skill level directly impacts their success and performance. Sims who are not in the industry can still use their acting abilities to perform in public for cash or navigate unpleasant social interactions, which is great for neutralizing the effects of bad conversations. Happy simming!

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