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Are you curious about learning more about The Sims 4 logic skill? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. When playing The Sims 4, Logic skill is one of the most essential skills to have. After all, it is a prerequisite for advancing in many jobs! Leveling up this skill does not only make you a genius, but it also unlocks incredible activities you can try during gameplay. Learning it can be fun, especially if you love chess or stargazing. Let’s see what this skill is all about and how your Sims can master it!

Sims 4 Logic Skill

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Reading books, playing chess and card games to gain logic skill

Reading Logic books and playing chess is a good old way of gaining sims 4 logic skills.

When it comes to Reading Logic Books, there are three different Logic Book volumes. However, they do require time and trying Logic skills in practice. You can buy them by clicking on a bookshelf, selecting the ”Buy” option, and selecting Logic books from the dropdown menu.

Playing Chess and Card Games is a test and tried method. In the Sims, chess moves have always earned you Logic skills! You can play chess in public areas such as parks or the library for free. Or, you can buy your very own chess board from ”Activities & Skills” in the furniture section of the build mode. You can also improve your logic skill by playing card games with friends. Sims’ friends can play cards at the game table or dining table.

Using Microscope for Learning logic skill

The Sims 4 creators have made learning fun by allowing Sims to learn the logic skill in a couple of new ways, too. You can now use an advanced microscope and telescope to learn. Plus, you can use Easel for more than painting art.

Using a Microscope and Collecting Samples is a Sims 4 novelty for learning the logic skill. Collecting gems, plants, and fossils to examine under a microscope? I say yes! Not only will you have a lot of fun in the process of learning and collecting, but you will also gain Logic skills by doing so! You can get samples both from plants at your house or from plants you find while on a jog in a park.

To collect crystal samples and collect fossil samples, however, you must dig, which will require some time – and then some previous logic skill for you to analyze them. Also, the microscope can be found in the ”Activities and Skills” section. You can collect 12 different Microscope prints in total (and get many replicas in the process). Not to mention you can also earn money by selling these. When collected, crystals, fossils, and plants are found in Sims’s inventory. To take a sample, simply take them out of the inventory can choose ”Take Microscope Sample”.

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Gaining sims 4 logic skill from observatory and painting diagrams

Using the telescope is now elevated, and your Sims can Use the Observatory to level up their logic skills. Making space prints at the Observatory improves the mood, and can earn you some money if you make spectacular prints. In addition, in build mode, you can buy your own Observatory Telescope under the ”Activities and Skills” section for backyard stargazing. There is a maximum of 15 space prints you can get.

Paint Mathematical Diagrams is a fun way of using Easel for boosting logic skills. Nothing develops first levels of logic skills like some math. Drawing mathematical diagrams can help you level up in the early learning process. For this, you will need a simple Easel, fund in ”Activities and Skills” in build mode. You can use ”View Focused Work” to boost your focus and help you gain more logical skill experience.

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What are sims 4 logic skill levels and unlocks?

Logic skill is one of the main Sims skills present since The Sims 1. No matter which way to learn you choose, there is a maximum of 10 logic skill levels. Each has its perks and unlocks fun activities.

Level 1 – You can play chess and card games. With completed Level 1 skill you will become better at winning these games.

Level 2 – This Level unlocks an extra chart option to ”Discuss Logic” with others. At this level, you can unlock collecting and analyzing plant samples using a microscope.

Level 3 – At this level, you can get more experience and level up your chess and cards game!

Level 4 – Now you’ll be able to read more complex content, and read intermediate sims 4 logic skill books.

Level 5 – Aside from plant samples, you can now also analyze fossil samples under a microscope.

Level 6 – This level unlocks more possibilities to learn by using various objects, such as telescopes and chess.

Level 7 – Your Sims can now explore the galaxy in a new way – by trying to ”Search for the Truth” using Observatory. However, they need to be focused to perform this activity. They can now also read advanced logic skill books.

Level 8 – Sims can now give excellent logical advice to others and use ”Provide Logical Solution” to problems in a conversation. With Level 8 you’ll be able to sample and analyze crystals under a microscope.

Level 9 – Your chances of winning cards and chess are much higher, and so is mood satisfaction from winning.

Level 10 – Sims who master Logic skills can ”Rant Logically” to others when upset. This unlock is meant to help alleviate negative moods.


Mastering logic skill takes time and effort. However, unlocking interesting activities that come with it is worth it. Furthermore, as you learn, your Sims gameplay will become more fun and you’ll also be able to earn some extra cash on the side.

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