Pointed Ears Slider In Sims 4 – Learn How To Use It!

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About the Pointed Ears Slider

Playing with Sims of different races is always fun. Not only do we get to see how these magical creatures interact with each other, but we also get to manage their relationships! But magical Sims need to look magical too, don’t they? And it’s pretty tough to make them so in the base CAS menu. So, that is why today we’re talking about the pointed ears slider for Sims 4!

One of the biggest problems that players have when creating or editing their fantasy Sims is actually the ears. You see, in the magical worlds, the native races have special features like extra muscles, markings, or pointed ears. And while these pointed ears are pretty common in Sims 4, they’re far from perfect. 

Well, with this slider, you’ll be able to personally adjust the angle of your Sim’s pointed ears. You’ll actually be able to select which way the ears will be pointing for each individual Sim.

And why is this important? 

Well, it’s important because it adds a great level of diversity for your fantasy elf Sims. It means that you can give them more “character” and make them stand out.

So if all this sounds great to you, let’s talk more about the mod we’re using and how you can download it too!

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Pointed Ears Slider: an Overview

Yes, there are many similar mods to this one that do a fantastic job of letting you adjust your Sim’s pointy ears. However, the one that we’re using here at SnootySims is called Pointed Ears as CAS Sliders. Its creator is CmarNYC, who has also developed other sliders for The Sims 4. For example, you can check the butt slider and the enhanced leg slider.

The Pointed Ears as CAS Sliders mod is now an old mod, but it works perfectly nonetheless. It was originally posted back in 2016 on ModTheSims. And it now has over 60,000 downloads!

If you want to download the pointed ears slider tool for Sims 4 yourself, use this direct link!

And if you aren’t sure how the mod should be installed, just follow the standard process. You first download the contents, then you extract them, and then you copy-paste them into your Mods folder. For more info, you can check this guide on installing Mods and CC!

How Does it Work?

To access the slider, you actually need to be inside the CAS menu. From there, select to edit the ears and turn your Sims sideways. And while your Sims is standing sideways, you can move your mouse up and down to set the angle of their pointed ears. 

If you turn your Sims so he/she is facing you (or away from you), you can use the regular base game ear sliders. This means that you can change how far your Sim’s ears will be from their head.

And that’s how it works!

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The pointed ears slider is compatible with all existing base game sliders and all other sliders you may have installed manually. It’s also compatible with other mods and CC packs that add pointed ears to your game. You can use it on aliens and vampires too.

However, this slider WON’T work if you have mods that override the HotSpotControl for ears in Sims 4. So, don’t install them!


The pointed ears slider is really a neat feature to use in Sims 4. We aren’t sure why its function isn’t a part of the base game, but we’re happy to have it as a mod. 

Speaking of which, we really recommend you to use all of the body sliders for The Sims 4. They add a deep level of customization to the game and allow you to create more distinguished Sims. So, try them out!

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