Shoulder Slider In Sims 4 – Give Your Sims Real Shoulders!

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About The Shoulder Slider

One of the most common problems when creating or editing a Sim is the adjustment of the neck and shoulder parts. Why? Because it’s really difficult to find the sweet spot where your Sim looks tall but his/her neck isn’t too far away from the shoulders. So how do we fix this? Well, we use the shoulder slider tool for The Sims 4!

You may wonder, what’s a shoulder slider?

If you aren’t familiar, sliders are tools that allow us to correctly adjust the height, volume, placement, or shape of certain body parts by sliding our mouse left and right on our screens. As a result, we can create unique Sims by giving them realistic body features.

Is this the way the shoulder slider works too?

Yes! You can use the shoulder slider to precisely set how your Sims’ shoulder will look in the game. You can drag them left and right to set the perimeters. And each individual Sim you create can have a completely new look!

Now let’s check this slider in greater detail and explain how you can make it work!

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Shoulder Slider: an Overview

The best shoulder slider that you can find on the internet is called Shoulder Height Slider. It’s created by Hellfrozeover, who initially posted this tool back in 2018 on ModTheSims. Currently, it has over 160,000 downloads, which really speaks about its popularity within the Sims 4 community. 

To get the latest version of the Shoulder Height Slider tool for The Sims 4 use this link!

If you are new to downloading and installing mods and CC for Sims 4, this is what you’ll need to do.

First, you should download the shoulder slider from the link we provided above. Second, you’ll need to extract the contents of the download and paste them into your Mods folder. And lastly, you’ll need to enable Script Mods and CC in your game’s settings.

And your shoulder slider should be working properly!

How Does It Work?

In the Shoulder Height Slider tool, you actually get 3 different sliders. In other words, you can adjust the height of your Sims’ shoulders, their traps, and the shoulder bones. But let’s see how you can find these sliders in the CAS menu.

  • Shoulders – you can use this slider while your Sim is facing you.
  • Traps – this slider can be used while your Sim’s back is facing you.
  • Shoulder Bones – and this slider can be found while your Sim is facing either left or right on your screen.

Clicking on the Sim’s shoulder while he/she is in any of these positions in CAS will let you use one of the 3 sliders. Then simply drag or slide your points to the point where you like what you’re seeing!

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The Shoulder Height Slider is compatible with most knowns mods and CC for Sims 4. It works perfectly with other sliders and custom clothing. 

However, this tool ISN’T compatible with mods that replaces the 8B18FF6E_00000000_0000000000005CFD resource. This and similar resources are responsible for giving the frame of your male and female Sims, and the sliders are based on them. 

So, don’t install anything that completely changes the frame of your Sims!


As you can see, the shoulder slider is really an amazing feature. It adds a deep level of customization to the CAS experience, and we love using it! The best part about it is that it works on both male and female Sims, so no one has to be excluded!

Check this guide if you’d like to see more body sliders for The Sims 4. We have an extended post that will guide you through each and every one of them, so you can make some truly unique Sims.

Happy simming!

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