25 Spectacular Anime CC and Mods for The Sims 4


Whether you have just newly ventured into anime or you’re already a certified Otaku who’ve watched hundreds of anime episodes, you will definitely love to read through this list of the best anime CC and mods that we curated for The Sims 4! Check out our full list below!

sims 4 anime cc
Sims 4 Anime CC & Mods!

A Bunch of Cool Anime Mods

Who says that anime is just a bunch of Japanese cartoons for kids? No one, because anime is an entirely remarkable world filled with interesting characters and excellent storylines! With the ever-rising number of TS4 creators and more and more mods and CCs being launched, even The Sims 4 is no longer devoid of the wonders of anime.

In this list, we offer you the best anime CC and mods. First off, let’s start with the mods. We have selected a handful of anime-related ones that you can use to make your gameplay more exciting. These will surely provide you with loads of fun!

1. Hunter x Hunter Career Mod by Sokkarang

Sims 4 Anime Mods: Hunter Career!

If you’ve ever wanted to be a Hunter from the HxH anime, this mod will make your dream a reality! The HxH Career mod consists of 11 branches, all with their own job descriptions and specific tasks. You can become a Beast Hunter, a Blacklist Hunter, a Gourmet Hunter, a Hacker Hunter, Sea Hunter, or a Treasure Hunter, among others. Plus, there are also Work From Home assignments available in this career.

Download this Career Mod for Hunter x Hunter here.

2. Naruto Ninja Career Mod by RayBreeder7

Aside from the HxH Hunter Career Mod, we also have a Ninja Career mod inspired by the anime Naruto Shippuden! With this mod, your Sims can begin their journey to be the best Ninja in town. The entire career track has four separate branches, based on the storylines of Naruto Shippuden characters Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Iruka, Tsunade, and Obito. These include the Medical Ninja, the Rogue Ninja, Academy Instructor, and the Road to Hokage branches. Some of the skills your Sims need to develop are Fitness, Logic, Mischief, and Charisma.

You can download this Career mod through the link here.

3. Anime Neighborhood Background by Fesim

Picture the animated sights of scenic alleyways, lined with sakura trees and their gently-falling leaves, and the sky hovering above with those big blue clouds. With this anime mod by Fesim, you can have such picturesque anime CAS backgrounds in your game! There are five lovely neighborhood styles to choose from. Just remember to select only one background to place in your Mods folder at a time.

Access and download the anime background mod through this link here.

4. Watch Anime on TV Mod by Ebonix

We all know the great feeling of watching good ol’ anime on TV, just sitting back and relaxing as we root for our favorite anime characters to succeed in their journeys. With this anime mod, your Sims can now also experience watching anime on their TV sets! Yep! They can enjoy a variety of anime available—Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, Demon Slayer, One Piece, One Punch Man, Blue Exorcist, and many others with this mod! Just make sure that you have The Sims 4: Movie Hangout Stuff Pack installed.

Download the Watch Anime Mod here.

The Ultimate Anime CC packs

Next off, we deliver you some of the finest anime custom content from talented CC creators all over the web. Check out the entire list!

5. Different anime hairstyles by simomo cC

Side note: don’t place the tray files in your mods folder. If you do, they won’t appear in-game. We recommend checking out this guide on how to properly install Sims in the Sims 4!

Simomo has collected all of her CC in a single post. Here’s a direct link to it. Just look for the names of the hairstyles you want to download them.

6. Different anime hairstyles by Raccoonium

The order of the pictures above corresponds to the order of the download links below.

  1. To download Alastor hair, click here.
  2. To download Touka hair, click here.
  3. To download Palm hair, click here.
  4. To download Klara hair, click here.
  5. To download Ram/Rem hairs, click here.
  6. To download Cynthia hair, click here.
  7. To download Azure moon hair, click here.
  8. To download Antarcticite hair, click here.
  9. To download Xerxes hair, click here.

All of these hairstyles are BGC which is great! Huge shout out to Raccoonium for their awesome CC creations!

7. Final Fantasy VII hairs retextured by Raccoonium

Go and download these Final Fantasy hairs through this link.

8. Anime Eyes by Peachs3-ed Sims

When you’re a big fan of anime, you know how much the eyes of anime characters matter in conveying their emotions, as their stunning peepers are the windows to their quirky personalities! With this CC created by peachs3ed-sims, your Sims can now have their very own anime eyes in the game! The said eyes come in 12 different colors and look quite flashy—making it perfect for your Sims who love attention.

Go and download these 12 beautiful anime eyes through this link.

9. Sand boy hairstyle by obsidian sims

This alpha hairstyle is inspired by that of the only and only sand boy! If you’re looking to recreate Gaara in the Sims 4, you’ve got to have this hair CC. It’s compatible with the base game and comes in 58 swatches. Here’s your download link.

10. Haikyuu Uniform by Megu

Three, two, one, serve! Let your Sims play Volleyball like the beloved characters from the sporty anime, Haikyuu! With this anime CC from creator Megukiru, you can now dress your Sims in Haikyuu MSBY Black Jackals volleyball uniforms. Now, they can feel like they are a part of the team! The said uniforms come in two varieties, and in four swatches. All are compatible with the base game.

Download these MSBY Black Jackals uniform sets through this link here.

11. Naruto Shippuden Jounin Uniform by Happytobe

Your Sims can now also get the awesome look of Jounins in Naruto Shippuden with this stylish Jounin uniform CC from Happytobe! Yep, they can roam the neighborhood as ninjas with this look. Both female and male Sims can wear the uniform, which includes forehead strap-ons, masks, tops, jackets, pants, bandages or mails, and sandals. There are also some variations of the uniforms, including leggings, scarves, and other versions of the tops. All in all, there are 22 meshes available for download.

Visit the site and download the uniform here.

12. Demon Slayer Male Yukata by Modestystudio

Let us now move forward to another awesome anime CC! This time, we have an incredible yukata CC inspired by the anime Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba. CC creator modestystudio recolored the default Yukata from The Sims 4: Snowy Escape and transformed these into the Yukatas of Tanjiro, Tomioka, Gyomei, Sanemi, and other characters in the said anime. Now a total of 8 new Yukata swatches are available! Teens to Elder Sims can wear these male Yukatas.

Get these male Yukatas for your Sims through this link here.

13. One Piece Wanted Pirates Posters by sofy_mpr

Are you also a fan of the badass Straw Pirates who rock the seas in the popular anime One Piece? If you are, then you’d love this anime CC pack from sofy_mpr! This pack contains 17 WANTED posters featuring characters Luffy, Chopper, Franky, Brook, Jinbei, Sanji, Nami, and many others. The posters have the words, “Dead or Alive?” and the prize money for the fugitives. You can hang these posters on the bedroom wall of your Sims or anywhere you prefer.

Hang these posters in the game after downloading the CC pack here.

14. Attack on Titan Erwin Smith Outfit by Stacked-Rubbish

Let your Sims heartily shout “Sasageyo! Sasageyo!” while thumping their right fists on their chests as they sport this phenomenal Attack on Titan Erwin Smith outfit in the game! Yep! They will definitely feel ready to fight imaginary Titans when they get to wear this cool uniform. CC creator Stacked-Rubbish made this available for male Sims in the game.

You can get this Attack on Titan anime CC through this link here.

15. Naruto Shippuden Outfit by Happytobe

Naruto Shippuden Outfit cc

From childhood to adulthood, your Sims can now replicate Naruto’s style with this CC pack from creator Happytobe! These Naruto outfits come in three variants. First is the Naruto Classic outfit which includes children’s ninja shoes, jacket, and pants. Second, we have the Naruto Shippuden outfit which consists of ninja shoes, tattoos, a jacket, and pants. Lastly, we got the Naruto Old Fogie outfit which features a Kage hat, a Kage coat, a jacket, pants, and shoes.

Obtain the three Naruto outfits anime CC through this link here.

16. Death Note Light Yagami Hair by Kamiiri

Did you also get swept away by the exhilarating fight between rivals Light Yagami and L in the anime Death Note? Because we did! Well, if you ever wanted to recreate the hairstyle of the brilliant and mysterious Light, then you’d like this anime CC created by Kamiiri. The hairstyle is base game compatible and is available in all 24 EA colors, plus 4 new meshes.

Copy Light Yagami’s look by downloading this anime CC here.

17. Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei Ayanami Plugsuit by Cloudcat

Everyone who has watched the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion has probably fallen in love with the delicate but impressive character of Rei Ayanami. Her feminine personality did not keep her from excellently maneuvering a huge mecha. If you want your Sims to replicate her look, then check out this Plugsuit from CC creator Cloudcat! It is base game compatible and comes in a single swatch.

Achieve Rei Ayanami’s look by downloading this anime CC here.

18. My Hero Academia Uniforms by Botrom-U1

My Hero Academia Uniforms cc

Let your Sims feel like they are official enrollees of Boku no Hero Academia or My Hero Academy with these class uniforms created by BOTROM-U1! These class uniforms are available for male Sims, from teens to elders. Such outfits come in a Bakugo version and a Midoriya version and feature two shoe variants. You can also choose to equip the variant with a jacket, or the one without the jacket. Whichever you choose, your Sims will definitely feel ready for their Hero classes with these outfits!

Dress your sims in the My Hero Academia class uniforms available here.

19. Sailor Moon Outfits by SilverMoon

sims 4 sailor moon

If you were born in the 90s, you’d definitely remember the Sailor Moon craze that dawned on us lots of years ago! We all loved watching how the Sailors of the Solar System beautifully transformed into their outfits in front of our eyes. With this anime CC pack from SilverMoon Sims 4, you can let your Sims wear the same stylish Sailor outfits for the game. The said anime CC pack contains tiaras, gloves, boots, and Sailor hairstyles—perfect for making your Sims feel like a legit guardian of the Solar System!

Take a look at this anime CC pack and download it here.

20. Sailor Moon Tattoo by Faez

anime tattoo

The marvel that we feel for Sailor Moon does not end here! Because, for number 16, we once again have an anime CC pack featuring our precious guardian of the Solar System. Launched by CC creator Faez, this anime CC is a minimalist Sailor Moon tattoo for your Sims. It is available for males and females alike, from teens through Elder Sims, and can be noticed in their arms.

Get this tattoo for your Sims through this link here.

21. Attack on Titan Painting Collection by SavannahRaine

anime cc

For number 17, we once again welcome an anime CC pack featuring Attack on Titan. This time, what we have is a painting collection of the anime, which consist of 9 variants. These art pieces depict anime characters Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and some of their titan counterparts. Let your Sims hang these paintings as their wall decorations and let them be inspired to fight their own titans!

Get the Attack on Titan painting collection here.

22. Mitsuri Kanroji de Kimetsu no Yaiba by lam4tru

anime sim dump

You can find the tray files and all of the cc packs used in the making of this Sim here.

23. kakashi hatake by lam4tru

anime sim dump

Find the tray files and the cc packs used in the making of this Sim here.

24. Gojo Satoru – Jujutsu Kaisen by lam4tru

anime sim dump

Find the tray files and the cc packs used in the making of this Sim here.

25. The Forger Family from SPY by lam4tru

Find the tray files and the cc packs used in the making of this family here.

In Conclusion

It seems that anime isn’t just for TV and the Internet, because it has also found its way into the world of The Sims 4! Now, your Sims can certainly achieve the look and feel of your favorite fictional anime characters with every downloadable thing on this list. So yeah, we do hope that we made your Otaku heart happy with this collection of anime CC and mods that we curated for you. Happy simming simmers!

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