10 Best Sims 4 Fighting Poses You Need to Try


Would you like to see your Sims fight like pros? If you know how your characters react when in a fight, you are likely used to fighting scenarios. Luckily, thanks to CC and Mods available online, you can improve your experience and give your Sims a fight worth watching. Continue reading to find out the boldest, fiercest Sims 4 fighting poses you can add to your game for free. Let’s go!

sims 4 fighting poses

Looking for mods that will make your Sims fight like in a movie? To get the best fighting mods for Sims 4, go here.

Sims 4 fighting poses: For one Sims, pairs, and Three Sims

We love The Sims 4 because of how diverse and realistic the playing experience can be. We get to create different scenarios and with every game update, we get to see even more exciting looks, stuff, and expressions. Although we enjoy the benefits of new upgrades every year, CC and Mods always come in handy when it comes to movement and poses. This is especially if you love a more customized and diversified approach to playing. To give you a helping hand, we have prepared the best fighting poses you can add to your game!

sims 4 fighting poses

We have listed them in three main categories: poses for one sim, poses for a pair, and poses for groups. Let’s dive into it!

#1 Best sims 4 fighting poses for one sims

Fight Me pose Variations pack

This pose pack brings us 9 fighting poses inspired by martial arts. There is nothing better than this art that comes from different Asian countries to be able to fight a little in the Sims 4. They are accurate and technical movements, made to always hit the target. You could use these high quality poses on both genders. You could use an accessory sword with these poses. To get your Sims to become a fighting powerhouse, get this pack for free on this page.

Anime sims 4 fighting pose Sets by Natalia-auditore

If you are a fan of everything that has to do with anime, then these fight poses are for you. These poses are inspired by the fighting modes of the most popular anime, so you can probably recognize them as they go by. The creator of this mod has done an incredible job portraying Sims’ expressions. Due to their anime-inspired nature, they are pretty theatrical or artistic poses, which makes them very entertaining to watch. Moreover, the facial expressions are the next level. Take a closer look at it on this page.

Magical pose pack fighter – CAS Poses

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the art of this pose pack. Not only does its name imply it is inspired by magic, but it includes poses that resemble magic duels! These ten fighting poses are inspired by League of Legends, and will do you a great favor if you love diversity and fantasy! You also get a few of the Sims’s expressions. To get it for yourself, go here.

Are you both a Sims fan and a fan of anime and fantasy? Check out these Sims 4 anime mods!

#2 sims 4 fighting poses for pairs

Daily Couple 13 Qian fighting Duo poses

Use of fists (frustration hit)

Are you hoping to find martial arts sims 4 fighting poses download? With this fighting mod, your Sims will be a specialist in throwing the best kicks. From sweeping the feet to kicks that go to your opponent’s forehead, this fighting pose is perfect for hitting your opponent where it hurts most with your legs. You’ll also be able to dodge a couple of punches and use them to your advantage, but the real star here is the kicks. The pose quality of the gestures is one to look out for. To download it for your gameplay, go here.

Natalia-Auditore UFC Couple Poses

This type of fight pose was created from real UFC fights, so if you want to see a good show, this is perfect for you. Here you can imitate all the moves you see in UFC fights, such as sprawl, guard pass, overhand, and more. It is a brutal type of fight where your opponent (or your sim) will end up flying everywhere and receiving a few kicks and punches. Don’t forget to place two teleporters for sim A and sim B at the same sport. Check it out on this page!

WxWy Sims 4 Arguing Poses Set 3 Touch me if you can

sims 4 fighting poses

Make space for more amazing kicks your Sims can try! This is a set of incredibly realistic moves any adult Sims can nail. There are some punches, but mainly they are some of the most brutal kicks you will see. Some kicks are aimed at your opponent’s back (we wouldn’t want to feel that in real life!), and others are aimed at the stomach or even the neck. If you want to check it out, go here.

Fighting poses for Sims 4 – Why do we have to fight?

sims 4 fighting poses

These are the poses that you could see in any type of urban fight. They can even remind you of scenes from the famous movie “Fight Club” while you play your favorite game! They are raw typical argument poses, where aesthetics do not matter but that the blow is accurate and hurts the rival. There are plenty of kicks and body grabs to knock your opponent to the ground, and it is kind of addictive to watch. Download them into your mods folder from here!

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Sims 4 Arm wrestling poses by princessparanoia

sims 4 fighting poses

Love wrestling? You are lucky, as these poses for Sims 4 take wrestling to a whole new level. Although to some extent some people might see it as similar to the pose above, in this case, there is much more technique involved. This doesn’t make her any less brutal some neck grabs will make you fearful. Again prepare to see Sims scrambled all over the place. Forget not the teleporter. If you’d like to try them out, go here.

cat fight Scenes 4 Emotional Argument poses

Not your most minimal violence!

Who says girls can’t get feisty? This set of six poses will give Sims a chance to fully express themselves and release the furry. Expect a typical catfight that you are used to seeing in real life. This includes a lot of hair-pulling, some blows to the face, and even attempts to strangle the other sim. The fact that it is a catfight does not make it less violent, on the contrary, prepare to see a movie-like fight. It’s almost always about relationship drama… You can get the catfight set of Sims 4 fighting poses animation on this page.

cats sims 4 fighting poses for couples

This type of fighting takes cat-fighting to a much higher level. Here you get tactical, powerful blows, aimed at the right place to hurt the other Sims. There are some kicks, other blows to the face, and many to the stomach. Also prepare yourself because you’ll see one sim on top of the other on the floor, until they can stand up and hit back. With these skills, your Sims won’t be the ones others can mess with. Check it out here.

#3 Best sims 4 fighting poses for groups

Fighting Group Poses 05 from Rinvalee for sims 4

Go big or go home! When your best friend is Sims in danger, it is important to step up and fight back against the bully. This is a fight made for group fights, of at least 3 people. Here there will be discussions, grabs, and a third party who will try to stop the fight, although it is likely that he will end up getting involved and hitting a few punches. If you want to check out these Sims 4 fighting poses cc, feel free to do so here.

Disagreement trio sims 4 fighting poses

Sheer Displeasure

A verbal fight is still a fight! There are probably no better love triangle fighting poses than these. Angry faces and hand grabbing are just enough to create drama in Sims’ world. This set includes four temper tantrum poses and is perfect for creating a soap opera type of story. To get it for your game, check it out here!

sims 4 get your hands off my girl fighting poses

Grief (Grieving Poses)

Now, here comes another one fueled by jealousy and perfect for messy love stories! We all know that when it is about ex-lovers, there can be a lot of disappointment, rage, sadness, sorrow, heartache, and most definitely a lot of headache. This is more of a life simulator pack as it reflects real-life perfectly. You’ll get trio fights, but also some male fighting poses. With this one installed, expect your Sims to show up in seventeen different fighting poses. If you are as amused as I am, check it out here!

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sims 4 fighting poses

So, if you chose to enrich your gameplay with some fresh fighting poses, you know where to find them. We have included a few variations for different scenarios, just to make things even more fun. You can pose with your active character, or get others involved in a fight. The choice is all on you!

What you just browsed were our favorite picks among fighting poses. In case you’d like to find more amazing CC and Mods, take a look at our similar articles.

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