Sims 4 No Fatness Mod – How to Disable Weight Gain?

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Learn How to Disable Weight and Muscle Gains with This Sims 4 Mod!

Weight, as much as it is a problem in the real world, is in-game as well. But it’s more for us, the players, rather than our Sims, right? Our pretty little characters go through physical changes on a daily basis. Their world moves much faster than ours and we sometimes can’t keep up. And don’t want to! One of the biggest problems here is that Sims become too fat too fast. But what if you can solve that? No more irritable changes that make no sense! Well, that is why the Sims 4 No Fatness mod is here!

For all the Sims 4 rookies out there that are wondering “Can Sims lose and gain weight?”, this may not sound like such a great mod. In fact, they might be even confused as to why we’re even discussing this. However, once you have played The Sims 4 long enough, then tools like the No Fatness mod become the most brilliant creations on the internet.

But let’s check this mod in detail and see exactly why we need it to combat the “getting fat” problem in Sims 4!

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Sims 4 No Fatness / No Muscles Mod: An Overview

In reality, the Sims 4 No Fatness / No Muscles mod is one of the most simplest mods out there. It doesn’t add anything new to the game, but it solves a pretty big issue with one simple change – it disables the passive weight / muscle gain in TS4! This means that once you install it, you have the freedom to control whether your Sims will get fatter and bulkier, or not.

The No Fatness / No Muscles mod is one of the oldest mods for The Sims 4, but it’s still relevant today. It was originally posted on ModTheSims back in 2014 when the game was still new. Its creator is  scripthoge whom the community has praised for sharing this brilliant mod with us!

Use our direct link to download the Sims 4 No Fatness mod!

How Do I Stop My Sims from Gaining Weight in Sims 4?

If this is your first time using this extension, you’ll notice that you have multiple options. You can either choose to only play with the “No Fatness” or “No Muscles” effect. But you can also select both of these options and have them active at the same time.

This will let your Sims stay in the same shape and form that you have selected for them in the CAS menu. They won’t gain any fat or muscles, no matter how much they eat or exercise. And whenever you want to make a few body changes on them, just head to the CAS menu. And that is exactly what makes this the perfect Sims 4 mod to combat, or simply disable, weight gain.

If you’re an experienced Sims 4 player and have no more patience for this issue, download the No Fatness mod today!

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The Sims 4 is a bit weird when it comes to gaining weight and muscles. Even if your Sim maintains a normal diet and doesn’t eat too much, she will still passively gain weight, almost on a daily basis. And similarly, it seems like every other workout grants your Sim more defined physique. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem if we had any say in it! And the Sims 4 No Fatness / No Muscles mod grants us that right!

And lastly, if you’re the type of player that likes to keep the gameplay realistic, you can solve your Sim’s fat problems with this Sims 4 plastic surgery mod! Happy simming!

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