35+ Eyelashes CC for an Attractive Look in the Sims 4!

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Thanks to the modding community, there are so many great custom eyelashes for the Sims 4 that are available for free! And you won’t need to spend hours looking for the best ones, because we’ve already done that for you. In this article, we’ll show you the best 30 eyelashes cc packs so you can start using them in your game right away!

sims 4 eyelashes cc
Eyelashes CC for the Sims 4!

CC Eyelashes for Your Male and Female Sims: 3D, Maxis Match, Long & Short!

Those looking to put a little extra detail into their sims’ appearances must definitely consider custom eyelashes! I mean, let’s just face it, we can never be content with the eyelashes the game offers (actually we can, but where’s the fun in that?)

So, welcome to our post on the best eyelashes cc for the Sims 4! Lashes are technically like topping for a cake, everyone has their own definition of what is best. So whether you want maxis match eyelashes or some cute short ones, we’ve got your back regardless!

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0. 3D Mink Lashes by Baddie Sims L1 & L3

The following cc lashes are by BaddieSims. They’re very effortlessly beautiful, and they look just perfect in-game. If you like the L1, click here to download them. If seeking L3, click here.

Here’s an in-game preview of what those lashes actually look like:


Link in bio 👌💖 or just search for eyelashes on SnootySims. #thesims #snootysims #sims #sims4ccfinds #ts4cc

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1. 3D Eyelashes by obscurus-sims

These 3D eyelashes are brought to us by the one and only Obscurus-Sims! They’re one of our top favorite CC creators -obviously for all the right reasons!

These lashes come in 5 different styles and you get to choose from 105 swatches! They’re located under Glasses. Here’s your download link.

2. Eyelashes YF01 by Simtographies

image 30

Next up are those subtle eyelashes by Simtographies! They’re base game compatible – which is always a plus. They also work on Sims of all genders, except for toddlers. Choose from a set of 16 swatches. Those too can be found under Glasses in CAS. Here’s your download link.

3. 3D Lashes Version 6 by DreamGirl

image 25
Sims 4 Eyelases CC
image 26

It really doesn’t matter how far and wide you search, these eyelashes by Dreamgirl are an absolute must-have! They look great but best of all, they don’t lip clip with other CAS items.

This pack has 10 swatches in store for us! You can find them under the Glasses and Skin Detail sections. Here’s your download link.

4. Eyelashes N1-3 by poyopoyo

image 31

These lashes are simplistic, natural and it’s bound to give your male Sims a cute look. With 18 swatches to choose from and the fact that these work on all ages, and actually both genders, what’s stopping you? Here’s your download link.

5. Eyelash v4 by MMSIMS

image 18

We’ve only come across these recently but we’ve been hooked ever since! They come as glasses and brow rings (we love an understanding cc creator!).

image 19

Here’s your download link.

6. 3D eyelashes part 1, 2 and 3 by miiko

image 22

If you don’t know of Miiko, I hate to break it to you, fellow simmer, but you’ve been missing out on so much. This cc pack has 3 different versions of eyelashes, each with its own distinctive look and feel. These are alpha eyelashes and can be found under Accessories. Here’s your download link.

7. 3D Eyelashes No.1 by twistedcat

image 32

TwistedCat is another fantastic CC creator whose creations we more than recommend! They come in 3 different variations and work on males and females alike. Find them under Glasses. Here’s your download link.

8. 3D eyelashes sets 02 by BED & MUSAE

image 33
Sims 4 Eyelashes CC

Here are yet another awesome custom eyelashes to present to you! They come in different swatches and colors as you shown above! Go ahead and experiment with them yourself! Here’s your download link.

9. Dramatic Eyelashes V2 by RedHeadSims

image 34

These are unique in that the lashes feel swept to the side a bit, which is something not all other lashes had! They’re available in 10 cute colors. Here’s your download link.

10. 3D eyelashes v2 by bradford

image 53

I was very excited when I came across these lashes by Bradford. There’s definitely a good variety of options that you’d love to play around with. They come as Glasses and Skin Detail. Here’s your download link.

11. Eyelashes V4 by sims3melancholic

image 55

Sims3melancholic always stay true to their name with their creations. I mean, these lashes seriously make you want to create a bleak Sim with a dramatic life but love every aspect of it. Check them out now! Here’s your download link.

12. Maxis Match Eyelashes by Salem

image 56
Sims 4 Eyelashes CC: Maxis Match!

These cute lashes are inspired by the well-known eyelashes by Kijiko eyelashes. These work on all ages and genders and they’re maxis-matchy! Find these BGC lashes under Skin Details. Here’s your download link.

13. Eyelashes N4 by DDARKSTONEE

image 57

Here’s yet another cc pack of eyelashes for your male Sims! Just when you’ve thought they couldn’t come up with something new, DDARKSTONEE presented these lashes! Here’s your download link.

14. Halloween 3D Eyelashes by giuliettasims

image 58

Satisfy your Halloween spirit with these cool customized lashes! They’re BGC and come in 12 swatches. Here’s your download link.

15. 3D Eyelashes for More Skin Detail

3d lashes version2 for skin detail experimental at kijiko

At kijiko-catfood.com you’ll also find this lovely set of eyelashes for your adult Sims. It has a pleasant appearance and a tender vibe – perfect for any friendly Sim! The direct download link is here. Oh, and remember that you will be able to find these under the skin detail category. We definitely recommend getting custom eyeliner packs to go along with these lashes.

image 54

16. 3D Lashes for Dreamy Eyes

3d lashes version2 hq at kijiko

All dreamy eyes inside The Sims 4 have one thing in common – this CC of glorious eyelashes! They flow in a lavish manner upward and downward and they’ll suit every color of every eye! Download them and try them for yourself. Here is the direct download link.

Check out these custom accessories for the Sims 4 to top your sim’s look even further.

17. Smooth 3D Lashes

3d lashes version2 update at kijiko

Just when we thought a more stunning pair of eyelashes couldn’t exist – kijiko-catfood.com has provided us with this mod! Kijiko lashes are honestly one of those creations that you should not miss out on. Long length, smooth curve, and beautiful design – this mod should be in every Simmer’s collection. Download it quickly from here.

18. Misty Anime Styled Eyelashes

MTS SaikyoC4 1496971 lashes001

So, EA eyelashes are great but if you’re creating an anime-styled Sim, please consider these eyelashes! You won’t find a better addition for your themed gameplay and your Sim will look like a real hero in a real story! We found this mod at ModTheSims and you can download it directly it from this link.

For an amazing collection of Sims 4 necklaces, read this post.

19. Bobur’s Eyelashes

And on The Sims Resource, we found these lovely cc eyelashes. The mod makes for some adorable looks and in combination with some eyes – it cannot be topped! Already a popular mod, you can download it from here.

If you’re looking for amazing custom earrings, you will love this post!

20. Gentle Eyelashes

Something similar by the same creator Bobur3 Something similar by the same creator Bobur3 we have here as well, but the color option of this mod is what made us decide to put it here! 10 different shades that all have different characters and tones, so it is a must to try them all! Download them directly from this link.

21. Flowery Eyelashes

Delicate as flowers and lovely as spring itself – this mmsims 4 eyelashes mod is needed for all female Sims. Plus it comes with 8 color variants so you can find your own and enjoy your brand new look. You can download it from here.

22. Mysterious Eyelashes

But if you are looking for something darker and mysterious – take a look at this Bobur3’s makeup mod. These cc lashes here have a fierce appearance, something that every ambitious and powerful female Sim must-have. If you want to get the CC for yourself, follow our direct link.

23. Tender Eyelashes

Firm, but tender – this mod of eyelashes finds the perfect middle of the beauty and balances it into this dazzling look. If every CC for The Sims 4 could do the same, we’ll all be happy Simmers. Don’t wait for too long to try this mod and download it from here!

24. Charming Sims 4 Eyelashes

And for the last of Bobur3’s beautiful eyelashes mods, we have the charmer’s set! Your Sim’s eyes will glow with attractiveness and you’ll feel able to subdue the world – we promise! All of these mods are available at The Sims Resource, but you can download this one directly from here.

25. Meet Your Destiny Eyelashes

Dressing up for the perfect night out? Why don’t you give your Sim the ultimate cougar look and trap the love of their lives right then right there? And you have 24 different ways to do so because this mod comes in that many variants! And one thing that makes these lashes stand out is the lower lash line. It is perfectly designed! Download it from here.

26. Mara Eyelashes

mara eyelashes n92

A ‘classic’ is what we always expect from Pralinesims at The Sims Resource. It is no different with this pair of top eyelashes that come in 3 different versions and 5 color shades. We recommend you download this mod from here and try it on your Sims. We promise 100% success!

27. Rio Sims 4 Eyeshadows

MTS Vampire aninyosaloh 1465543 00

Springy and sunny appearances are a large reason why we’re all here for! That’s exactly why we added this wonderful Sims 4 mod that provides colorful eyeshadows and brand new eyelashes. Play with all the different shades and enjoy the richness of the world! Download the CC quickly from here.

These are some of the best eye presets for the Sims 4. Have a look at them!

28. Great Noon Eyelashes for Males

MTS Vampire aninyosaloh 1459350 00

Finally here is a great male eyelashes mod for your male characters too! The design is subtle and not overly aggressive, so it fits perfectly on every man’s face. The credits for creation go to Vampire_aninyosaloh and you can download his CC from this link.

29. S-Club Beautiful Eyelashes

s club wm thesims4 eyelashes 201813

This is one of the most popular eyelashes mods that we discovered on The Sims Resource when we were making this list. And it is no surprise that we fell in love with it as well because it is one of the most beautiful custom content that we’ve ever seen for The Sims 4. Unique look and custom colors, what more can you ask for? Thanks to S-club who created the mod which you can get from here.

Do you know what exactly would go well with these lashes? Glossy eyes!

30. S-Club Amazing Eyelashes

s club wm ts4 eyelashes 201705

But S-club’s default eyelashes mods don’t stop there! Check out this amazing look and tell us that you do not like it. It’s dazzling! These lashes are designed for the Sims 4 to help you create the perfect look. They are available in 4 different styles. They look best when used with a darker eye shadow to really bring out the detail in the tiny lashes. Needless to say, It is already downloaded over 160,000 times so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it too. This is the direct download link.

image 45

31. S-Club Stunning maxis match eyelashes

s club wm ts4 eyelashes 201707

Here is another stunning mod design and we love this one in particular because it comes in two styles that fit dreamgirl female Sims of all ages in an amazing way! So, your teens to elders can try these out. We believe that all of your female Sims could be more beautiful if you get them this CC! You can do so from this link.

image 46

32. S-Club Sims 4 Grand Eyelashes

Thick and powerful – this pair of eyelashes makes for a must-have Sims 4 mod just because of all the grandeur it brings to the game. The prestige has never been closer to your Sim and it’s actually on one click away. Grab it from here!

33. Sims 4 Foxy Eyelashes

These foxy and alluring eyelashes are able to transform every female Sim into a star of the night! It is full of charm and mystery, but the custom colors are where this CC shines the brightest! We strongly advocate for anyone to try this mod which is available at this link.

34. S-Club Brilliant Sims 4 Eyelashes

Praise S-club for creating this brilliant CC as well. No makeup can be thoroughly complete without this set of eyelashes. They add a surprising amount of depth and character to any Sim we’ve ever created. You can download the mod for yourself from here.

35. Glamour Eyelashes for The Sims 4

And if you want to touch glamour – here is a sure way to do so! These eyelashes mark the greatness of every female Sim and you can have them right now if you hurry up and download them from this link. The official source of the CC is The Sims Resource.

36. 3D Lashes for Kids And Toddlers

3d lashes version2 for kids toddlers at kijiko

You don’t only have to pretty up your adult Sims! We have a super cool and natural lashes mod for your kids and toddlers that will make their little eyes sparkle! Don’t leave them out and go to kijiko-catfood.com to download the mod or click here.

37. Adorable Eyelashes

s club wm ts4 eyelashes bb 201701

Here’s another mod to replace your EA lashes. Your toddlers can also look absolutely adorable if you give them this amazing mod! Here the eyelashes are soft and they come in two colors – designed especially for their pebble eyes! You can download the CC from this link.

38. 3D lashes L6 Superpack by BaddieSims

Screenshot 2023 04 06 124714

Download this lashes pack from here.

Final words

We hope you enjoyed this collection of the best Sims 4 eyelashes in 2022! These lashes will make your female and male characters look glamorous, yet still maintain a cute appearance. For related content, visit the links below! Happy simming, everyone!

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