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Are you a fan of bucket hats? These details from the 90s are back in the game, and quality bucket hat CC can help us nail the coolest looks. So, if you are up for some refreshment in your Sims 4 wardrobe, keep reading to discover the best bucket hats available online. Let’s go!

sims 4 bucket hat cc

bucket hat CC for male & female sims of all ages

Those who love styling their characters to a tee and appreciate fine accessories surely know how a good hat can change the look. The Sims 4 features much headwear, allowing us to create personalized looks for every new Sims. However, new hats, especially those that follow the latest trends are always welcome, and bucket hats are IT this season.

No matter if you are into the hip hop scene, love fishing or simply love unique looks, bucket hat CC is for you. To help you find the best CC, we have created a bucket hats list for all Sims, male and female, from toddlers to elders. Enjoy!

1. ”Kangol” unisex bucket hat


Your Sims can now look cooler than Doja Cat! This unisex bucket hat comes in two styles: with and without the stampede string. You will find it in a few vibrant colors, such as orange, blue, and red, as well as neutral white and gentle purple. Get them this one, and your characters will instantly get boss vibes! To look this chill, download them for free here.

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2. bucket hat with sheep ears by nell


This bucket hat with sheep ears is the cutest headwear you can find for your Sims. This is a rare find that can be worn by Sims of all ages, even toddlers, and on top of that, it is a unisex piece. You can choose cow prints, or just opt for gentle pastel colors if you find ears are enough. If you’d like to try this bucket hat CC out, go here.

3. unisex bucket hats by DSCO

tumblr pyfeuervsQ1w929a2o3 r1 1280

If you need versatile bucket hats that will match any style, you are on the right page. This is a unisex set and includes three types of these retro pieces: solid colors, patches, and with prints. You can wear Louis Vuitton, rock a checkered piece or wear a simple one the choice is all on you. Travel back to the 90s and download these bucket hat CC pieces here!

4. bucket hat & layered hoodie for toddlers

tumblr d8d3a64dd7fe28be9732a406b29c7e59 f53c9ac3 1280

Toddlers can now enjoy the 90s vibe, too! This bucket hat includes two main styles, a tilted and a straight one. Both come in more than 15 colors. Your youngest Sims will get to choose from a few styles and patterns, and have fun wearing these colorful details! To surprise your toddlers with one of these bucket hat CC details, go here.

5. furry bucket hat & neon accessories by dorific

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A furry bucket hat gets a big yes! This piece is reserved for bold, fashionable ladies who are not afraid to shake the ground a little. It comes with neon shades that make a perfect match together. No matter if it’s summer or winter, this one will catch the eye of curious passengers! Check those bucket hat CC combo out on this page.

6. reversible bucket hat for the whole family


Dress your whole family in the 90s style, and get this incredible set of bucket hats for everyone! This one-of-a-kind reversible hat can be worn by all Sims, even toddlers. Wear it on the back, or on the head, it’s up to you! You’ll love the variety of colors and patterns. To get these hats for your Sims 4 family, follow this link.

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7. misfit bucket hat by trillyke

misfit 4

Does your Sims know how to drop a sick beat? Well, this hat will surely make them look like they can! Coming in more than 50 unique patterns, this bucket hat CC will make them look like they know their game. Male or female, they will be known for their laid-back style and swag. To get these accessories for your ladies and gents, go to this page.

8. ”Millie” bucket hat with add-on

milliebuckethat milliebuckethataddon

Now, if you are looking for something that pops, but has a dose of elegance to it, you will love this hat with a decorative pin. Unlike the typical bucket hat, this one has more geometry, which makes it a great match even for formal outfits. The add-on comes in four colors, while the hat comes in eight variations. To surprise your Sims ladies, get yours here!

9. panda bucket hat by zaozzaa

This panda look can make your Sims look either super-cute or super brave! Although available in only one style, it is an effective detail with an incredible furry texture. Get them this one, and your Sims will stand out. To look unique like this, download this bucket hat CC for free here!

10. true colors bucket hat

tumblr 459e5e478393bcb390a2630e0f39094b e6cc73cc 1280

Inspired by the Pride month, these colorful bucket hats will bring variety into your wardrobe and make everyone feel included. You will find six flags for different orientations. Each bucket hat CC piece comes with black and white options. This is a totally unisex detail, so everyone can wear it! Check these out and download by following this link.

11. old lady bucket hat

tumblr 148250288c74b7f75a030573536e8c20 3dd4317d 2048

Old lady aesthetics is suitable for two types of Sims – the grannies and vintage lovers who enjoy wearing retro pieces. You will find it in ten gorgeous floral patterns, and the best part is, that it is not only reserved for the ladies. Men of Sims can rock it, too. To get this evergreen look for your Sims 4 ladies, download the bucket hat CC here.

12. riley bucket hat for him & her by solistair

th showcase v3 1

Unlike other models that give a more chill look, this one is more tight-fitting, smaller, and round. So, if you prefer more subtlety, this one is for you! It comes in 20 solids and 14 patterns, suitable for both males and females, which makes it so easy to blend with other accessories and different outfits. Check them out on this page!

13. fendi set with bucket hat by rimings

없음 파노라마 3

Oh, the mesmerizing Fendi! Your characters can now enjoy rocking some branded bucket hat CC, thanks to this set of chic Fendi hats. If you love designer clothes, this one is a cherry on top that will level up even the simplest outfit. There are 16 Fendi patterns to play with. Not to mention that it comes with equally stunning matching tops and shorts! You can get these stylish pieces here.

14. bucket hat for toddlers by casteru


This lovely bucket hat CC baby look will melt even the coldest hearts. It is a perfect addition to toddler outfits and will make anything they wear look more adorable. They can wear it straight or tilted, and you can even choose from 10 different swatches. To get a hat like this for your little cuties, follow this link.

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15. ”ebonix” bucket hat for kids & adults

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This conversion from TS3 is a refreshment worthy of having in the hats collection. Designed for all Sims, from kids to elders, this unisex model will add color to otherwise bleak looks. There are few patterns to opt from, so you’ll enjoy experimenting with shades and styles! It’s vibrant, fun and easy to combine with! To get this bucket hat CC, go here.

16. cherry bucket hat & iris bucket hat

tumblr 33f1cca1ca34179673ae055dece35ddb 64bc57a9 1280

Tired of plain hats? Well, here comes the backup! This set comes with two decorative patches – with iris, and with cherries. There are more than 15 colors available, most of which are pastels. It’s compatible with the base game and suitable for both sexes! If a style like this resonates with you, check out the bucket hat CC on this page.

17. ”suki” bucket hat by gravity

miniature tsr v2 2

If you love Louis Vuitton, this bucket hat will blow you away. Besides being a chick and designer, this accessory is a looser fit and will be easy to blend with jewelry or fine glasses. To spice up the look, the style also has some colorful pins that make it stand out even more. Every Sims 4 lady who follows trends will fall in love with it. If it has caught your eye, you can download it for free – here.

18. throwback fit kit for male sims

IMG 20210304 234149 533f8511

Mix a few pastel dyes, spill them over a plain bucket hat, and you get a fashionable masterpiece for your Sims to wear! The soft chromatic effect is one of a kind and makes it stand out in the sea of other hats. Plus, you’ll get a chance to put on a matching sweatsuit to complete the look and travel back to the 90s in style. To get a sample of this bucket hat CC for your gameplay, go here.

19. floral hat for kids

MTS Sofmc9 1999853 TheSims424 03 202118 21 33

Kids love colors, the more vibrant the design, the better! These bucket hats are here to make their day and help them find their first signature style. This is an everyday look reserved for little ladies and comes with a floral pattern and solid color. With a piece like this, they will look adorable and stay protected from the sun during hot summer days. Get this bucket hat CC for kiddos for free on this page!

20. Sporty bucket hat

tumblr piqh53IV1a1ssfbb3o1 1280

This sporty look is tailor-made for everyone who loves Addidas. This bucket hat CC black piece is edgier than the rest, and can easily be matched with any top, from crop tops to loose sweatshirts. Besides black, you can find it in checkered variations and animal prints. To get yours, go here!

21. brim patterned bucket hat

tumblr f2c24fc6a911bb79d90247f07b6be8a8 04cd2201 1280

If you need a nice hat for Sims who love gardening or are creative souls, this design will conquer your heart in an instant. Soft and dream, this one comes with 20 swatches and can be worn by female Sims, from teens to elders. It has cute dino patterns, so your Sims can let their inner child shine anytime they wear it. Check it out on this page!

22. bee bucket hat by feral poodles

tumblr 2e5b8ae68ae3ac2b95cd57babb1cb714 ac17e2db 2048

Make way for the cutest hat in Sims Universe – the bee bucket hat. Although adorable, this piece is not reserved only for kids and toddlers. Your adult folks can wear it as well, so you can match the look with your kids. Besides the yellow and black, you can choose a bunch of other colors to fully customize the look. If you want to try out this adorable look, go here!

23. colorful bucket hat by rimmings

tumblr 239468a3776deda64e04a93036aa97ea 1689186b 1280

Only girls with style know how to rock colorful patterns. There are thirty pretty designs in this package, and if you don’t like floral designs, you can always choose a minimal one from the rich color palette. This bucket hat CC comes with a matching top and a mini skirt, so get ready to shine like a superstar!

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24. qnie toddler bucket hat


Made for both boys and girls, this bucket hat CC baby piece is here to make toddlers feel super cute and stylish. There are 25 colors, and you can blend them with both casual and sporty looks. Girls can even pull it off as a formal attire accessory. To get it, download it here!


This list was our selection of fanciest, most unique bucket hat CC designs. We included as many different styles as possible for characters of all ages, both male and female. We hope you found your matches and will have fun making new looks with them.

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