Sims 4 Bathroom Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

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This post is a collection of Sims 4 bathroom ideas. It covers everything from bathtubs, shower curtains, mirrors, and more. It even goes into what kind of items you should have in your Sims 4 bathroom design based on your décor style. Grab a drink and take a closer look at these beautiful bathroom designs.

sims 4 bathroom ideas

Bathroom Ideas for Your Sims 4 house

The Sims 4 is a construction and management simulation game where you can design, build and control your own characters. You can decorate the home that they live in, their clothes, the food they eat and so on. This post is about bathroom ideas for your house in the Sims 4. After you pick the color, you have to start thinking about decorations and decorating ideas for your bathroom. There are infinite possibilities.

We know that designing a bathroom isn’t the simplest thing so ere are just a few brain-stretching tips that should help you out:

  • Design it with white tiles or porcelain tiles for an elegant look.
  • Put plants like ferns or flowers to add some green to this area.
  • Use some other natural or organic materials such as wood or bamboo.
  • You should also have enough light – LEDs are great for this.
  • Think about having a mirror over the sink as well because that makes life easier!
  • Add some artwork like abstract paintings or nature photography on the walls.

Now without any further ado, let’s have a look at some great bathroom ideas and designs!

#1 Black Girl Themed Shower Curtains

sims 4 bathroom ideas

Every night your sim takes a shower, they will see these amazing Black Girl Themed Shower Curtains. It’s the perfect way to make the bathroom look classy with a dash of sass for your sims. You’ll be able to choose from 12 different designs, either light or dark curtains. The paintings are stunning – each one tells a different story that is sure to touch your heart.

However, you do need to have Parenthood. Otherwise, the shower won’t show up in game. Feel free to grab it from this patreon page.

#2 Forja Line – sims 4 bathroom ideas

sims 4 bathroom ideas

You got your new house and now it’s time to get the essentials. No worries, this set has got your back! We are not joking, you’re going to love your bathroom. From the high-quality toilet to the sleek mirror cabinet you’ll have everything you’ll need for a modern bathroom decoration. Forja Line has 8 new meshes in total, from a towel to a mirror and more. Follow this page for easy download.

Here’s a little tip: If you’re into plants or not really, make sure there’s some in your shower or near the window to freshen up the air in there.

#3 sims 4 bathroom ideas Custom Content

bathroom ideas cc 8

You’re not one to settle for anything but the best. You have exquisite taste and you deserve the best. And we know your home is still missing a few things. That’s why we recommend this set. It will take your house to a whole new level. This is complete renovation package that includes everything you’ll need to give your Sims the best bathroom they’ve ever had.

With these items, you’ll be able to have a functional, stylish and dreamy bathroom. You’ll have everything you need from a bathtub to a toilet to a sink and much more! Get your dream home ready with our Bathroom Pack. To install this one, click here.

#4 Ambre bathroom set

bathroom ideas cc 10

Why settle for a boring bathroom when you can have a beautiful one? Your sims deserve better than a shabby bathroom! With the Ambre bathroom set, you now have the chance to give your sims the perfect bathroom they deserve.

This new set includes six modern and minimalist-style textures and all of the functionalities you need to create a perfect home. Everything in this collection is base game compatible which is a plus. To download this set, follow this page.


bathroom ideas cc 11 1

SERENE BATHROOM is an all-inclusive bathroom suite for your sims 4. It’s not just about the perfect aesthetic; It is about creating a space to relax, unwind, and enjoy a long, hot bath.

Featuring a natural wooden and concrete combination, this bathroom suite includes a bathtub, toilet, sink, mirror, rug, accent bench, soap dispenser and shampoo bottle in a decorative basket, plus a set of new decorative clutter items. The set is compatible with the base game and is maxis match. To install, click here.

#6 AMED early access patreon

sims 4 bathroom ideas

You don’t have to live in a modern-style house to have a stylish bathroom. Amed is a rustic-chic decor set for bathrooms, with shower, sink, toilet, and functional lighting. This set is perfect for sims with a minimalistic style who want their houses to feel more homey.

Featuring 29 meshes in total, it has everything you need to create a beautiful rustic bathroom. From shower and toilet, to beautiful pendant lights that you can hang anywhere! Keep in mind that you should use the cheat code bb.moveobjects for it to be placed properly in-game. Feel free to check it out here.

#7 Plumbum Bathroom – sims 4 bathroom ideas

bathroom ideas cc 5

Life is full of uncertainties. But with Plumbum Bathroom set, your sim can at least get some peace of mind while laundering your clothes or brushing their teeth or even after a long day at work. These are the little moments that count, and these are the moments that make everyday life worth living. This bathroom set has everything your character needs to live that good life.

You’ll find plenty of custom clutter in this set like shelves, towels, plants, mirrors, lamps and more. Here’s your download link.

#8 Lavant Line – sims 4 bathroom ideas

sims 4 bathroom ideas

Your Sims are waiting for a bathroom with style. A bathroom that feels like a cool, modern, and stylish place to relax. When you look at the Lavant Line Bathroom set, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. With this set there’s really no end to the possibilities for customizing your Sims’ bathrooms with everything you need.

With a modern design, the set features a wooden bath tub and plenty of bathroom decor that you could use in the rest of the room. Head over to this page to install.

#9 Cementine Floor tile bathroom 2

sims 4 bathroom ideas

Ever wanted a simple, yet beautiful, floor for your sims 4 game? Cementine Floor 2 is your answer.

While the colors are perfect for more refined interiors, the geometric shapes lend themselves to anything from modern chic to workwear style. Combine with other Cementine products or use on their own to create a truly unique look. To install, click here.

#10 Mini Bathroom Set – Bathmats & Posters

bathroom ideas cc 3

Your sims 4 bathroom is in dire need of some new bath mats and posters! This set has 25 swatches each with custom meshes to make sure your bathroom looks great. Take a vacation from your mundane life with these stunning, realistic bathmats and posters for your sims 4 bathroom! To download this set, click here.

#11 Magical Bath Mats Recolor

sims 4 bathroom ideas

When your sims shower, they will be standing on the amazing array of colors that is the Magical Bath Mats. They’ll want to walk on them all the time and will never get bored with all the different patterns. Whether you’re a neutral colored person or you like to experiment with color, these bath mats have it all. Here’s your download link.

#12 Magda Bathroom Set – sims 4 bathroom ideas

bathroom ideas cc 1

This is perfect if you’re a little tired of your bathroom and want to get things going. The Magda Bathroom Set has a sink bowl, handles, and faucet. You can get it in any color you want. It even has a drain! You’ll be glad you found this set for your bathroom.

The set also includes a soap dish, toothbrush cup, and the ceramic sink bowl in 4 different colors. Add style to your bathroom with Magda. Install this pack from this page.

I hope you enjoyed this post about some pretty cool sims 4 bathroom ideas for your home and I hope that these examples help inspire you in designing a new room in your home! Read more on our website to find out how you can design a perfect bathroom. Happy Simming!

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