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By now you likely have heard about Stranger Things (if not, there will be spoilers ahead!) Season 4’s recent release has many fans hyped again, myself included! Luckily there is a decent amount of Sims 4 Stranger Things cc online! 

sims 4 stranger things cc

Stranger Things Custom Content for the Sims 4

In this article, we’ll be covering some of the best custom content based on the Netflix series Stranger Things. Another thing that we’ll look at is some build/buy clutter and lookbooks as a bonus to help fit the 1980s thriller aesthetic we know and love!

Without further ado, let’s go to The Upside Down of Hawkins!

1. The Demogorgon:


This list wouldn’t be even close to replicating Stranger Things without this dangerous beast. The outfit fits male teen-elder sims and comes in 5 colors and three head variations. You need this one to nail the vibe!

Here is the download page.
*Bonus: here is the pose pack if you are interested.

2. Stranger Things Set


Spice up your dungeon master’s room with these decorative build/buy objects! This set comes with 8 objects. Everything from the titular Hellfire club banners to missing posters, a rug and wallpaper, and even the grandfather clock from Season 4.

Grab this set here.

3. Hellfire Club Tee’s


Represent Hellfire with these sleek tees for both male and female sims of teen-elder ages. This does require additional meshes linked on the download page, but is worth it for the immersion!

Here is the download link.

4. Eddie Munson’s Hairstyle


The legend himself has arrived! Hellfire’s one and only Dungeon Master, Eddie Munson from Season 4 – well his hair that is! It comes in both male/female versions and is base game compatible! 

Here is the download page.

5. Wallpaper and stickers pack


If you are looking to make the Byers home from Season 1, this wallpaper is especially important. Another great addition within this pack is a variety of wall stickers based on iconic scenes and the characters! 

There are a total of 32 decal swatches and the wallpaper, all base game compatible.

Here is the download page.

6. The Rainbow Room stuff pack


This fan-made stuff pack comes with nearly 20 items/CAS parts to replicate the Rainbow Room, notably from Seasons 1 and 4. Everything from the puzzles and rainbow wallpaper, to the bloodstained gown and nosebleed Eleven has.

Here is the download link.

7. Stranger Things fandom decor


Here’s a pack if you’re looking for some decorations for Stranger Things. Maybe you have a sim that enjoys the show and wants to have some decor? Regardless, this pack has over 100 designs in total. Everything from pillows, rugs, posters, and laptops (some require additional meshes). 

Here is the public download page.

8. Nancy Wheeler’s Jacket


Here is one of Nancy’s various tops as seen from the show. This might look familiar too for any of you Dead by Daylight fans as this is taken from that game’s collaboration with the show! 

This jacket comes in 7 color swatches and is for female teen-elder sims.
Here is the download page.

9. The Wheeler’s house build

Here is a lot-build made by Grenedae on the Gallery! This is a pretty accurate recreation of the Wheeler family home. 

Find this build on the Gallery from user “grenedae”.

10. Eddie’s tattoos


First off, these tattoos are awesome. With that out of the way, here are Munson’s tattoos for your sim. There are 5 designs total, for the upper chest and arms. The mod author says these designs were taken straight from the makeup artist’s Instagram for the show, so these are a 1-to-1 texture!

Here is the download page.

11. Eggos Waffles Pack


Because it’s Eleven’s favorite of course! I spent a bit looking around for the older Eggo design, but sadly there doesn’t seem to be any at this moment. So if you are okay with a bit of time-traveling waffles, here is a pack of both single and bulk Eggo boxes! Now Eleven can swipe these up asap!

Here is the download page.

12. Plumbob Headphones (earbuds replacer)


These are functional headphones for your sim to wear, which is very needed to “climb up hills” as Max. To have these headphones function, you will need the Fitness Stuff Pack as this will replace the earbuds. However, there is also an accessory version that is base game compatible too. 

Here is the download page.

13. Nonstop buzz-cut (Eleven)


This hair might make for a good buzz-cut alternative for Eleven’s younger hairstyle. This hair is a recolor from the base game and works for sims ages toddlers-elders. Also, this works for both genders as well. 

Here is the download page.

14. The Wingin’ it facial hair (Hopper)


Here is a mustache that instantly reminds me of Hopper. This facial hair comes in 24 color swatches and is also maxis-match too. The perfect stache for our badass sheriff! 

Here is the download page. 

15. The Hargrove hairstyle (Billy)

Love him or hate him, here is Billy’s mullet hairdo from Season 3. This cc works for male sims, ages teen-elders, and has 16 color swatches. Just don’t let Max put up with his bad behavior!

Here is the download page.

16. Surfer boy pizza top and Thinking Cap

copertina file the sims 4 b2635516

Based around Season 4’s lovable Surfer Boy Pizza delivery guy. This cc also includes Dustin’s Thinking Cap and the Hellfire Club shirt as well. Perfect for the added immersion to your sims outfits!

Here is the download page.

17. Max’s Outfit

w 920h 690 3398575

Looking for one of Max’s outfits? Here’s a perfect one that’s among her most notable clothing. This is base game compatible and fits teens-elder sims. An absolute must if you’re making Max in your game! 

Download the outfit here.

18. Pixicat High Converse Shoes


The shoes are a bit harder to source, although Max is seen wearing a pair of original red converse shoes as part of one of her outfits. Thankfully that same style is included in this cc! 

Here are the download pages: there is a kids version and a pair of adult sims to choose from.

19. Will Byers Hair


Looking to create Will Byers? Well, this mesh is perfect for that! The hairstyle works for male sims from the ages: teens-elders. The colors are Maxis-match as well, and best of all it’s base game compatible!

Here is the download page.

20. Old Television Set


Finding the right retro television is harder than it may seem, especially ones that look the part from the show. However, this one fits in pretty well thankfully! This has 3 variations, one being a table oddly enough, and one being a bed for your pets if you have the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack!

Here is the download page.

21. Nalani Hair (Max)


This hairstyle will fit perfectly for one of Max’s Season 3 hairdos! This is base game compatible and has 24 EA color swatches to pick from! This also works with hats so you can add more variety to your sim’s style! 

Here is the download page.

22. Vintage Headphones


If the earlier cc wasn’t what you were looking for, here’s a more subtle old-school pair of headphones, very suitable for Max to use! These are of course just accessories but will compliment the recreation of Season 4’s best character. These work for teen-elder sims and have 10 color options to pick from.

Here is the download page.

23. Demogorgon Cat hat

MTS flerb 1731249 posingbed

Cause why not?! Even our little furballs can dress up for Halloween! The name says it all, this adds a wearable hat accessory of a Demogorgon’s head for cats to use from the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack.

Here is the download page for cat hat.

24. Eleven’s Mall Outfit


Earlier we covered one of Max’s Mall outfits, so naturally, here is Eleven’s Mall dress too! This outfit is from Season 3 of the show. This outfit uses the Cats and Dogs Expansion, so keep that in mind. Here is the download page.

25. Mrs. Wheeler’s Swimsuit


“Dig the new suit, Mrs. Wheeler,” I remember when Season 3 had its trailer reveal, and Billy approaches Mrs. Wheeler. The scene is certainly goofy, no thanks to the flirting pfft. Nevertheless, here is her swimsuit if you’re interested. This swimwear is base game compatible.

Here is the download page.

26. Another Vintage Television


If you want a tv that has more of an alpha than maxis-match quality to it, this might be just right for you then. The show does have multiple types of televisions, so the more variety the better, right? It comes in 10 color swatches and is base game compatible.

Here is the download page.

27. 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS


Sadly The Sims 4 still doesn’t have functional cars, but if you just want some decorative alternatives, this Chevy should fit in with the Stranger Things vibe just right! I know hardly anything about cars personally. To make matters worse, there are very few cars from that era – while also being free to download. But this should work for what it’s worth!

Here is the download page.

28. Bicycles for kids and toddlers


Stranger Things focuses very heavily on the kids riding their bikes around, so this is a pretty big mod to grab if you’re wishing to recreate that atmosphere. This mod requires Discover University Expansion to function and comes in different options including a toy car! 

Here is the download page.

29. Needle Pose Pack


People get poked a lot in this show. Here is a pose pack with different methods of injection. While this is based on Dexter, it can very easily be applied to the Stranger Things universe!

Here is the download page.

30. Dungeons & Dragons board decor


Dungeons & Dragons play a massive role within Stranger Things, so this has to be included on this list! Of course, this is decorative and you can choose the cc included individually on the download page! This does require an additional mesh, fair warning.

Here is the download page.

31. Functional d&d board-game

prevue dg4

Similar to the previous item on this list, here’s another Dungeons & Dragons-based mod that adds a functional tabletop game (functions similarly to chess or card tables in-game). 

Here is the download page.


Here are some great lookbooks I have found online so far! Both Maxis-match and Alpha cc finds ahead. The custom content used per lookbook can be found on each of the original pages or posted on the Sims 4 Gallery.

1. “Eregister”


Starting with Season 4, here’s a lookbook from Origin ID: “eregister” on the Gallery. This covers the main group of kids from Hawkins throughout Season 4!
Here is the original post + cc used.

2. “Good1mufferaw”

The second lookbook here and oh my gosh, these look so lifelike! This user: “Good1mufferaw” on the Sims Gallery also made Billy and Eddie as well, so be sure to check their page for more! 

Here is the original post + cc used.



Here are some of the older teen guys from the show! Billy especially looks accurate, but all of these sims are great! These are made by Origin user: “CROWVEN” on the Gallery. 

Here is the lookbook page + cc used.

4. “Epiphanyya”


Henry from the Rainbow Room. This is amazing and looks just like the character! His sim is made by user “Epiphanyya” on the Gallery!

Here is the original post.

Final thoughts:

So there you have it! This will (hopefully) satisfy your search for The Sims 4 Stranger Things cc for now while we all wait on Season 5! Of course, with how popular the show is, I’m sure there will be plenty more cc, lookbooks, and sim creations made by the community in the future based on this series. For now, though, these should help transform your save file into the town of Hawkins!

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