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If you’re looking for a way to customize your Sims’ 4 experience with personalized earbuds, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll present the top earbuds custom content so that you get more from the game.

Earbuds for the Sims 4

Rarest Earbuds and Earpieces for Your Female and Male Sims

This game has an in-game currency called simoleons that is used to purchase items, pay for services, and create buildings. Sims 4 earbuds are one of the in-game products that you can purchase with simoleons. However most of the mods included in this article are purely cosmetic. Meaning, they will only serve as an accessory. But hey, what’s better than customizing your sims’ personality? Customizing their headphones!

Earpiece Sentry

Earbuds Sims 4

The Sims community is a big and vibrant one. And the game has been out for almost four years now and the community is still churning out content at a steady pace. These earpieces are such a great example of how the community can make your virtual life more interesting.

So, show your sims some love with this earpiece! This accessory is compatible with male and female sims and comes in one swatch. Head over to this page for easy download.

Sims 4 Smartphone with Earbuds

Earbuds Sims 4

Now you can build your sims’ relationships and explore their world anywhere, any time

With smartphones getting more and more common, the next step is to combine it with earbuds in-game, no? You’ll be giving your sim a job, and then you will watch them live their lives in this world that you created. So, you might as well make it a bit fancier.

The Sims 4 Smartphone with Earbuds is the perfect accessory for your Sim. You can quickly send text messages, listen to music, or even take selfies while your Sim is away. Here’s your download-link.

AirPods CC

Earbuds Sims 4

The Sims 4 has come with some new things that allow players to live their lives just like real life. One of these new additions are airpods cc. People are getting more and more used to using Airpods both at home and on-the-go, so it’s only natural for the Sims 4 cc creators to get their own rendition of these headphones. To install this one, click here.

Earbuds Sims 4

Earbuds Sims 4

Why not have a wireless experience for your Sims 4? The Sims 4 is a world of endless possibilities. A new life, a new place, and new relationships. Start with the basics and add on from there. Now go wirelessly with these custom apple airpods! Follow this page for easy download.

Trinity Earphones

Earbuds Sims 4

When your sims want to feel like a star, give them the gift of Trinity. These earphones are perfect for any occasion and they look great on all sims.

Trinity Earphones are perfect for any sim. There are a total of 11 swatches for these earphones. They are categorized as earrings and unisex. Oh and on the plus side, they work with all hairstyles. ⁣⁣Here’s your download-link.

Louis Vuitton Wireless Headphones

image 2022 01 25 231753

⁣⁣How about a little variety, instead of the same old same old? With this mod, we can change the default in-game headphones to some of our favorite brands.

Louis Vuitton Wireless Headphones for The Sims 4 video game are the latest trend in luxury gaming accessories. So, go ahead and live out your sims digital life to its fullest. They come in 9 colors and are for male and female Sims, from teen to elder.

To get these stylish and sleek headphones, follow this download-link.

Skull Earphones

image 2022 01 25 233308

It’s time to get spooky with these awesome Sims-inspired Skull Earphones. These color-coordinated earbuds are perfect for gothic, punk, and metal enthusiasts!

They are available in 4 swatches. And you could find them under Earrings. Grab them from this page.

No Autonomous Earbuds

image 2022 01 25 234030

It’s time to stop your sims from being antisocial. As of today, this mod will be taking steps to prevent your characters from wearing earbuds autonomously.

This will probably be a nightmare for outdoorsy sims who love listening to music while they work out – and we’re not just saying that because we’re outdoorsy sims who love listening to music. But sometimes it’s good for your simmies to turn off their earbuds and engage.

Here’s your download-link.

Earbuds Sims 4

earbuds sims4 cc 10

We’re still reeling over the madness that is Max’s ability to travel through time. We’re glad she reached out to Chloe and headed back to her home town.

But no matter how many times Max goes back in time, or how many revisions of Arcadia Bay she saves, there is one thing that never changes: the soundtrack. And in the Sims 4 we have all made our own little worlds, but the most epic ones are the ones that let us explore with others.

Find replacements for your old Sims 4 earphones with these custom earbuds converted from Life is Strange. To install these, click here.

TS4 Earbuds & Earpiece

earbuds sims4 cc 11

We’ve seen these headphones from ‘Fitness’ and ‘Get Famous’ floating around the internet. Well, we want to make something clear: they are purely cosmetic, and do not give your sim any special benefits. However, they’re an amazing addition to the game and can be worn by both genders. For easy download, click here.

NNISM Override Default Earbuds

image 2022 01 25 232117

It’s not easy being a sim. But it is always satisfying to know that you can create them just the way you want. And that includes their most cherished accessory: earbuds. This mods by NNISM is actually not free but is definitely worth checking. Here’s your download-link.

With the help of these earbuds custom content, your sims can enjoy a new level of immersion. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to visit the main post for a wide variety of Sims 4 accessories and you could also check out related custom content by visiting the links below. Enjoy!

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