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Custom beach houses are the most luxurious type of house in the sims 4. There are so many customization possibilities in The Sims 4 that have not been explored yet when it comes down to designing your own beach house that it can be quite overwhelming. This post is all about different Sims 4 beach house builds and what you can do with them, as well as what values they come with. Enjoy!

Sims 4 Beach House

Beach Houses for the Sims 4 CC

When you decide on a general design for your house, you can then add a few more details to make it truly one of a kind. Maybe you want floor-to-ceiling windows with large sliding doors that connect the interior and exterior spaces? Or maybe you want indoor, outdoor living space with glass walls and large decks? The choice definitely yours.

However, when it comes to an exceptional beach house, you need to be on the lookout for mid-century modern architecture features. This includes clean lines, minimal design and large windows that let in plenty of natural light. You’ll also want to make sure the exterior is made from stucco, brick or stone so it has an earthy feel.

Plus, you can set up your perfect little beachside dream home with a wide range of customization options and features. You can choose if you want to have the interior of your home fully customized or if you want to use pre-made rooms. And while it may seem like there’s nothing but the serene ocean waves and sand outside, we assure you, there is plenty going on inside as well!

On this page, you will find a list of custom beach houses for the sims 4. Some of the custom beach houses in this list are more expensive than others, but they all provide really great eye candy, and all have some special features that make them worth it. The prices range from one hundred thousand to over two hundred thousand Simoleans.

archisim: colorful beach house

Sims 4 Beach House

House of your dreams! House in white and blue with a pleasant appearance! It appears to be a summer resort rather than a main residence. It is surrounded on all sides by a beautiful ocean that invites swimming. This beach house has two floors and all of the rooms have windows and brown drapes.

There are lounges where you sims can rest, relax and get a wonderful body tan, facing the sun. If you’re seeking a second house to spend the summer with your sims family, look no further! Download.

modern beach house

Sims 4 Beach House

Fashionable house with cutting-edge décor and property! It is beautiful and vibrant. The house is surrounded by magnificent vibrant flowers that complement the hue of the house. A pool in the shape of the letter L in the is located on the side of the home, and there are sun loungers with umbrellas adjacent to the pool.

The table and chairs seem fantastic, and the kitchen behind them appears to be roomy and comfy for cooking. If you like contemporary residences, this is the place to be!

underwater tropical house by kaibellvertsims –

Sims 4 Beach House

Imaginary! Is this house real? In the middle of the ocean, surrounded on all sides by a beautiful ocean that invites swimming!! I’m not sure if this is a ship or a dwelling! The bottom of the house is underwater! A vast house with various rooms, each with a wide window! The windows are clear glass, so you sims may sleep while looking out the window at the ocean on one side and the stars above you on the other!

Sims may notice a warm basement or inner space that is ideal for watching a movie! This is the right house to stay if sims want to fall asleep and wake up to hear the sound of the sea! Install now!

the huntington cabana beach house – the sims 4

sims4 beachhouse cc 11

A royal house! One thing we love about beach houses is that they usually have lots of space to add more rooms, if you desire. The color that is static and tranquil conveys sophistication and high status. The house is rather large. Purple flowers and green plants adorn the ends of the house’s columns on the second floor. The pool is spacious and can hold a huge number of people. There are two couches next to the pool. This is the perfect house for an exquisite wedding! Enjoy it here!

beach house 4 bedroom 2 bathroom

sims4 beachhouse cc 5

The house is quite stunning, and it’s totally white! The walls, doors, and windows are all painted with white! The house, which is built on three floors and has a balcony on the second floor with a view of the sea, is ideal for big families. There is one entry in front of the house, as well as a swing for adults and children to play with next to it. With large palms that add to the charm of the area.

The windows on all floors are high and transparent, allowing you to glimpse the lovely blue waters. On the second floor, you’ll find sunbathing seats. A table with a chair appears next to it, indicating that the second floor will be your sims good destination. Free to Install!


sims4 beachhouse cc 12

If you are looking for a fun, small place to live, this custom beach house might just be the right fit for you. A small custom beach house for your family is not an easy task. You have to put a lot of thoughts into the design to make it fit your needs, but at the same time you want it to be aesthetically pleasing too. With a custom house like this one, and you will be able to visualize the perfect home with all of your sim’s individual needs met.

This design is perfect for a smaller family as it only has one bedroom and one bathroom, but there are other designs available if you need more room. The best part about this layout is that you don’t have to worry about bumping into each other in tight quarters since all of the living spaces are separated. You could head over to this page for easy download.

We recommend checking out these lounge chairs for your beach house.

small beach house – the sims 4

sims4 beachhouse cc 6

What a lovely house! Couples may spend a warm night here because it’s little and charming. The house is in the shape of a triangle and is entirely made of wood. The front staircase leads to the house. The windows overlooking the woods are wooden and not transparent, so they obscure the view if you don’t want to be seen.

There is a hall at the back of the house that overlooks the beach, and there is a seating area outside the house that is covered with sea-blue curtains! If you wish to get away from others, you may get it here!


sims4 beachhouse cc 14

It is important to mention that the house is not only a beautiful, but also very functional and comfortable place to live and work in. It has all amenities your sims might need, like beds, showers, toilets and counters with sinks in case you want to cook something or fix breakfast HAHA!

This has been designed for your sims to use as a vacation home, so it is not expensive at all. You can purchase it for your sims and then customize it according to your choice. Oh and you can watch Vix Sims build this house in stop motion on this video. You will find links to all of the custom content used in this house in the description box of the video.

life’s a beach house – the sims 4

sims4 beachhouse cc 7

This is a really family-friendly house! The house is wide and roomy, surrounded by gorgeous greenery and a wonderful blue sea! The house is large and constructed of wood; it is encircled by a white fence; there is a mailbox in front of the house, and there is a three-step ladder, so going up and down will be a piece of cake.

In addition to the appearance of flowers close to the door, the home is a wonderful grey color. The windows are shaped like a plus sign and are rather small. From the end of the house, there is a large chamber that appears to be a hall. Spend the holidays with your family here!

californian beach house by kaibellvertsims – the sims 4

sims4 beachhouse cc 8

The home is massive! It looks amazing for a party. The home has two floors and four buildings, one of which looks like a lighthouse. It is surrounded by trees, and there is a pool in the midst of the home. The house’s columns, which are in the shape of arches, stand out. What’s holding you back from throwing a party? Here.

beach house in sulani by bestsomeone – the sims 4

Sims 4 Beach House

The house may appear little at first look, but that is due to the fact that the other half of the house is constructed above the beach! The house’s front end is ideal for family gatherings over a cup of coffee. The presence of the garden, with its lovely hues and the golden lamp, gives an impression and a feeling of warmth!

A table with four chairs is located next to the house, and it is ideal for morning breakfasts in front of the beach. This house is perfect for sims who enjoy nature and tranquility. Click here to see more!

san diego beach house – nocc by chaosking – the sims 4

sims4 beachhouse cc 1

Your sims won’t be able to miss this house! The house is pretty spacious and would be ideal for a family with a large number of members. It has a triangular form and is brown in color. The house sits in the center, sims can see that there are two entrances to the mansion! As a result, your sims may enter from anywhere. And the presence of many blue and white windows allows for the entry of fresh air.

The sides of the house are saturated with flowers, and the colors are brilliant and lovely, and the roses are intermingled with a lighting lamp for vision. There’s a swimming pool right next to the house with a swimming ladder for sims who don’t want to jump. In addition, there is a couch chair and a little table at the entrance of the house. With a little house attached to the main residence. Click here to get it!

sulani family beach home – the sims 4

sims4 beachhouse cc 10

This blue house overlooks the seaside and is surrounded by a large garden with bright flowers and a swing for youngsters to enjoy. On the first floor, there is a sofa, and on the second floor, there is a white table and two seats! This home is freely accessible from here.

Rustic Luxe Beach Rental

sims4 beachhouse cc 13

What we have here is a relatively big custom beach rental for your family. It is a luxury home on the water that you can share with your family and guests all year long. Now this is a great vacation home for family reunions, extended vacations or just for sims who love to entertain.

The house comes with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, which should be enough space for your family as well as all your guests. In addition, it is overlooking the ocean and the stunning city, this beachfront property was designed to provide a relaxing getaway for your sims family. Follow this page to get your gallery’s link to this house.

Whenever you’re building a new home for your sims, it’s important to keep in mind how much time and effort will go into it. This helps determine which of the many different customization options are ideal for your aesthetic preferences and skill level.

Are you ready to start building your ideal custom beach house? Tell us about your ideas for your new home’s layout and which of the previous pre-made houses appealed to you the most. We hope you enjoyed this list. And as always, we update our posts regularly. So, you could always come back to have a look at new house creations. So, make sure you come back for more. Happy simming!

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