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Are you a castle lover and looking for the best castle lots in the community for The Sims 4? We have compiled the best creations of the modding and creator community for you!

sims 4 castles lots mods cc

We grow up with stories of faraway kingdoms, beautiful princes and princesses, exciting adventures and gallant knights. The romance of these medieval fortress residences is the basis of many literary classics, fuelling dreams for centuries now. Thanks to talented and creative community members, those who want to dip even deeper into this fountain of fable and fiction can now experience this world in The Sims 4!

The 15+ Best Castles Lots for The Sims 4!

#1 Castle Ruins Nightclub

Castle ruins nightclub

Not all castles survived the test of time, but fatalist‘s castle ruins bring a second lease of life as an awesome nightclub! You can download this pack here to host up great parties!

#2 A Touch Of Magic Castle

A Touch of Magic castle

Outfitted in classic northern European fashion, this audrcami design is a fantastic depiction of medieval urban areas. It includes staples like a clock tower and even a moat – no more worrying about annoying neighbours! Beyond its walled limits, the castle has a very spacious interior and even a garden with thematic decorations. Download it here to start your medieval adventure!

#3 Cinderella’s Castle

Cinderella's Castle

When we think fairytales, few are more popular than Cinderella’s story. Fans of this timeless classic can now have a happy ending of their own with Christine11778‘s gorgeous castle. Inspired by the Disney interpretation, which in turn draws its lines from the gorgeous Neuschwanstein castle in Germany, it brings a spacious living space for Sims seeking a dream life. This lot has 10000 downloads, and can be found at Mod The Sims.

#4 Mermaid Loved Castle, 2 Sizes Available

Mermaid loved castle, 2 sizes available

Set sail for this remote island with beautiful mermaids! Protected yet elegant, it has a tower to enjoy sunsets together, and can be placed by the sea so your Sims can have fun in the water. This item was made by artrui, and it has 17000 downloads at Mod The Sims.

#5 Small Modern/Castle Dollhouses

Small Modern/Castle Dollhouses

Sometimes modern life is too good to leave behind, but that medieval itch still needs scratching. Your kids can still enjoy their knights and princesses in the safety of their bedroom thanks to this plasticbox set, which has 27000 downloads at Mod The Sims.

#6 Rumanov Castle

Rumanov Castle

Legends say this castle belonged to Cornelius family, but it was passed on to a loyal servant who eventually sold it and left a letter for the prospective buyer. This beautiful and mysterious castle by Zagy is up at Mod The Sims, where it has 53000 downloads.

#7 Disney Castle (No CC!)

Disney Castle (No CC!)

Many people dream of Disneyland holidays, but how about living in the iconic castle? Creator JamsPanumas brought a stunning recreation to The Sims 4 down to each tower. This great residence has 13000 downloads, click here to start your Disney fantasy!

#8 Castle Stokesay Sims 4 Castle Lot

Castle Stokesay/noCC, GTG needed.

Modelled after Stokesay Castle, one of the best preserved fortified homes in the United Kingdom, this faithful recreation by Velouriah brings an iconic building into the game. You can make this home yours at Mod The Sims, where it has 10000 downloads.

#9 Castle Dragonbreeze Sims 4 Castle Lot

Castle Dragonbreeze (NO CC)

Departing from the medieval themes, the wouter Dragonbreeze castle offers a more modern take on lavish residences, with cleaner lines that still refer the olden days. Perfect for affluent neighbourhoods or countryside areas, this lot has 10000 downloads and can be found at Mod The Sims.

#10 Castle Playsets

Castle Playsets

For Sims who want something more compact than a dollhouse, this lovely playset by K9DB is a great way to keep the kids entertained and exercising their imagination. It has 13000 downloads at Mod The Sims, get it here!

#11 Windenburg Castle

Windenburg Castle

Inspired by the beautiful German castles that dot the southern parts of the country, the Windenburg Castle by Mankeff is a stunning residence to settle in. It has an abundance of rooms and a timeless aesthetic charm. Download it at The Sims Resource, where it has 14000.

#12 Baroque Castle

Baroque Castle - No CC

Starting in the 1600s and spanning almost two centuries, Baroque art has left a lasting impression that lingers on today. Inspired by staples from its time, Sarina_Sims created a gorgeous castle for Sims seeking a classic fantasy that can happen in any age. Download it at The Sims Resource, where it has 17000 hits!

#13 Cinderella’s Castle

Cinderella's Castle

For The Sims Resource users, cm_11778‘s rendition of Cinderella’s castle is also available on that platform, where it has 40000 downloads. Click here to get it! 

#14 Nystontaighaer Castle

Nystontaighaer Castle

For goth Sims looking for an aesthetic to rival Maleficent, the eerie and mysterious Nystontaighaer castle by cm_11778 is a must for those seeking to tame darkness. You can find it at The Sims Resource, where it has 8000 downloads!

#15 Otto Sims 4 Castle Lot

Otto Castle

Blending a classic shape with modern details, the Otto Castle by SimsDels offers a great balance betwee two very different worlds. It is a perfect residence for more discerning Sims, and can be found at The Sims Resurce, where it has 10000 downloads.

#16 The Moving Castle mod

The Moving Castle

Anime fans know Howl’s Moving Castle inside out, but have they thought about living there? This gem by Ineliz brings that fantasy into reality with a very goodlooking package that is available at The Sims Resource, where it has 10000 downloads.

#17 Sims 4 Castle Wall Piece

Castle Wall Piece

After choosing the castle itself, it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate it! Sims of gothic leanings can get a headstart with these wall ornaments that are to die for! They were created by soloriya, and can be found at The Sims Resource, where they have 27000 hits.

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