The 100 Baby Challenge For the Sims 4!

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Are you ready for a baby boom? The 100 Baby Challenge is a baby-making marathon! Discover what the rules are and how to play it!

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What Is The 100 Baby Challenge?

Hey simmer, and welcome to the 100 Baby Challenge! It’s time for you to get serious about populating your Sims 4 world. The challenge name has all the cues you need – your job is to give birth to 100 babies and do it as fast as you can. The fewer generations you need to complete the challenge, the better. Break the rules, or give birth to the 100th baby, and the challenge is over.

It was created by SnarkyWitch and inspired by a similar challenge from The Sims 2 by Amiisays. You can find the newest challenge updates on the official challenge post from SnarkyWitch here. Anyone can play it, so you can fully adapt it to your gameplay based on DLCs you have installed. Now, onto the rules!

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General Challenge Rules

Before we break down the key moments in this challenge, let’s get acquainted with some general rules:

  • Turn on aging and set lifespan to normal. Turn on auto-ageing for NPCs.
  • Cheats are not allowed, except for bb.moveobjects for building and resolving glitches. 
  • Mods that give you an advantage when playing the challenge are not allowed. 
  • Editing existing lot traits isn’t allowed.
  • The Matriarch can only marry once she becomes an elder but must be moved out with her spouse to a new, empty home.
  • Your matriarch Sim can visit any lot.
  • Leave the baby’s gender to chance. Avoid carrots, strawberries, pop, and alternative music.
  • Rewards from the store are allowed, except those that impact life or death.
  • The matriarch can only have a work-from-home job, be it freelance or self-employment. However, all teenagers can support their mom by taking part-time jobs.
  • You must use a trait randomizer option in-game every time a child ages up to generate their traits.
  • Nannies aren’t allowed. If you have extra simoleons, you can hire maids, repairmen, and gardeners. Mixologists and caterers are allowed for parties.

1. Getting Started: Creating Your Matriarch

100 baby challenge

You are just starting out with one matriarch. The challenge isn’t gender specific, so your main character can be any young adult Sim. Just make sure they can get pregnant and get hit on by Sims who can make babies. Their looks, traits, and everything else are fully optional. For simplicity’s sake, we will use she/her pronounces and refer to the matriarch as female/mom. You must get every child during the challenge, so don’t make children in CAS.

Once you’ve dolled her up, move the matriarch into any lot she can afford. You are free to make your Sim cozy in any starter home, as long as you don’t use money cheats. Don’t stress it too much, as you can move her anytime in the future once she collects enough simoleons.

  • A tip for buying a home: Make sure you leave enough money to buy essentials for raising babies, such as cribs, high chairs, or toys!

2. It’s Time To Find A Donor!

Once your future mum is settled, it’s time to find the first father. This can be any guy who can get your matriarch pregnant. Fathers of babies in the 100 Baby Challenge are called donors. This means your matriarch will always have to live as a single mom and receive no help from any donor whatsoever. No financial, emotional, or any other form of help is allowed from donors or other Sims.

Throughout the whole challenge, you must follow the main rule: one father – one child. You can’t have the same donor twice! 100 babies equal to 100 fathers (donors).

3. Take Care Of Your Offspring And Have More Kids!

100 baby challenge

Because your job is to have as many babies in as few generations as possible, you’ll need some room in your household for babies. You can have and raise only 7 kids at a time. Simultaneously, you have to take very good care of all children, and can’t cut corners to free up space in your household. Killing or neglecting them is forbidden. You aren’t allowed to take any shortcuts, and must follow these rules for aging up to free up some space for more babies:

  • Babies can age up only once it’s their birthday.
  • Infants must age up with Happy Infant or Top-Notch Infant traits and can age up once they try all types of food.
  • Toddlers can age up once they reach at least level 3 in all skills.
  • Children and teens can age up when they come home with an A from school.
  • Young adults can be moved out, but can’t come back to live with the matriarch.

4. Continue The Challenge With A New Matriarch

The matriarch Sim can no longer have kids once they become an elder. So, when they age up, you’ll need to choose another Sim from your household to take on the matriarch role. The next matriarch is always the youngest daughter living in the household. However, you are allowed to move out the elderly matriarch only once the youngest daughter becomes a young adult.

Additional Rules For DLC

The 100 Baby Challenge glides perfectly well with the base game only. However, there are some additional rules you can take into account if you have some DLCs installed:

  • The matriarch can run a vet clinic, a restaurant, or a retail business. Teens can help them out.
  • Clubs and holidays are allowed if they don’t go against challenge rules.
  • Pets are allowed, but keep in mind that they count as a family member.
  • The matriarch can become famous through any means unrelated to her career.
  • Vacations are allowed if you take the whole family. She can’t travel if she has a newborn, or is pregnant.
  • The matriarch can’t be a vampire, but vampires can be donors. The youngest daughter can’t become the next matriarch if she is a vampire, but you can cure her to fix this.
  • Always scold kids if you catch them misbehaving, no exception.
  • You can’t wish for a child from the wishing well.
  • Butlers are allowed, but you must disable child care for them.
  • Teens must have at least an A and one character value within the trait range to age up.
  • Infants need to try 3 meshed and 1 finger food, and reach ‘Prince Grasp’ and ‘Crawling’ milestones to age up.
  • Children need A’s in school and high confidence to age up.
  • The matriarch can accept trait changes. She can have guests and have them stay over, but they can’t move in or help out. You can throw family reunions, baby showers, and sleepovers.

Wrapping It Up

Being a single mom and caring for so many babies isn’t so easy when you can’t use cheats, but it’s fun. You can totally adapt everything in your gameplay to the challenge theme as you see fit, as long as you don’t break the challenge rules. If you like magic, there is also an alternate 100 Baby Challenge for occult families, and you can find the rules for the occult version in the original post. Give it a go, and have fun. Happy simming!

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