Barbie Legacy Challenge For The Sims 4: Your Excellent Guide!

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Come on Barbie, let’s go party! Say this out loud while taking part in the newest legacy challenge for The Sims 4, known as the Barbie Legacy Challenge! Read all about the challenge’s rules in this article.

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Barbie Legacy Challenge For The Sims 4: Your Excellent Guide!

What is The Barbie Legacy Challenge?

We have all grown up in the era of Barbie, but the popular fashion doll icon has once again taken the world by storm when its live-action film premiered last July 2023. With that launch, not only did Barbie invade the hearts of some cinema fans, but it also made an impact on the Sims community! Apart from the plethora of Sims 4 custom content released by the creators to celebrate Barbie, there have also been new Barbie-themed gimmicks created for The Sims 4! One of these is the Barbie Legacy Challenge, a brainchild of fellow Simmer Aless. It works much like other Sims 4 legacy challenges, but it has its own special rules. Read on to know more!

How to Participate in the Barbie Legacy Challenge?

Play The Sims 4 Barbie Legacy Challenge!

General Rules

Before beginning the Barbie Legacy Challenge, there are some general rules that you must keep in mind. First, each generation must have a female heir, named Barbie. Thus, you will be playing with 10 Barbie-named female Sims in total. Second, in beginning the challenge, you can use the cheat freerealeastate. After that, it is recommended that you do not use any money cheats. Third, you can use lot traits and reward traits to help your Barbies gain their skills, as long as these are all in-game.

Required Packs for the Challenge:

  • Get To Work
  • City Living
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Get Famous
  • Island Living

1. Housewife Barbie

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Screenshot 2023 10 03 111905
Photo credits: simarty

You will begin the challenge by creating your first-generation Barbie in CAS, which is the first-ever babe that will start this entire Barbie Legacy Challenge! This Barbie Gen One is a homemaker with great family values while growing up. Her goal in life is to have a family, be a good housewife, and raise children who will become successful in their lives. This Barbie must:

  • Complete the Successful Lineage aspiration
  • Max the Parenting and Cooking skills
  • Have at least 3 kids and 1 pet, with each child completing at least one child aspiration and all children becoming A+ students
  • Have the Family-Oriented trait

2. Business Barbie

tumblr 951744b526c2fa4712dcd4c575b91dd7 4db304bd 1280
Photo credits: aless

Gen Two’s mother was content with being a homemaker, but that’s not the vision of this babe. Your second Barbie in the Barbie Legacy Challenge is determined to carve her own path in life and do whatever it takes to become a Businesswoman. Her aspiration is to achieve great success and financial stability, ensuring her family’s prosperity for generations to come. With this goal, she must:

  • Complete the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration
  • Max the Charisma and Logic skills
  • Max the Business career (Investor branch)
  • Have the Ambitious trait

3. Pet Vet Barbie

tumblr a6652128560db1f380c1dd80e27d0791 58a9f497 1280
Screenshot 2023 10 03 111221

Coming from a family of substantial wealth, your next Barbie has decided to use all her resources to follow her lifelong dream of becoming a vet. Surrounded by adorable furry pets every day, this Gen Three Barbie strives to become the best vet in town! However, it is difficult to manage her vet clinic, so she needs to strive hard. To make the third generation of your Barbie Legacy Challenge successful, your Barbie must:

  • Complete the Friend of the Animals aspiration
  • Max the Veterinarian skill
  • Run a 5-star vet clinic
  • Have at least 3 pets and be good friends with all of them
  • Have either the Cat Lover or Dog Lover trait

4. Sea Pearl Barbie

tumblr a33a4752bc14f9c21b9c3acdeb2626cd 28c803d4 1280
Screenshot 2023 10 02 182020

Under the care of her vet mom, your Fourth-Gen Barbie grew up with a fascination for animals. But in her life, she wants to take her passion to new depths–quite literally! This Barbie wants to pursue an underwater adventure to explore the mysteries of Sulani and befriend the creatures of the sea. She looks forward to the magical secrets and unique marine life that will she encounter in this goal. Thus, she must:

  • Reside in Sulani
  • Complete the Beach Life aspiration
  • Max the Conservationist career (Marine Biologist branch)
  • Become a mermaid
  • Max Logic and Fitness skills
  • Must have the Child of the Ocean trait

5. Gymnastics Barbie

tumblr 12d84357664139a447891f76327e5255 223aabe9 1280
Screenshot 2023 10 02 181842

Your Barbie Legacy Challenge’s Gen Five Barbie has been inspired by her mother’s remarkable sea fitness. So, she set her sights on becoming a land-based fitness sensation! This babe is determined to push her physical boundaries and become a world-class champion in fitness and athleticism. She must:

  • Join the Cheer or Football team as a teenager and reach the highest level
  • Complete the Bodybuilder aspiration
  • Max the Fitness and Charisma skills
  • Max Athlete career (Athlete branch)
  • Have the Active trait

6. Best-Seller Barbie

tumblr 243c64f097195524d0cbe706e0345606 20d1f5d5 1280
Screenshot 2023 10 03 113542
photo credits: mariamyousef

With a family history full of accomplishments, your Gen Six Barbie is on a lifelong mission to document it all. She wants to write an epic Tell-All novel that chronicles her family’s journey, achievements, and even secrets! This Barbie’s legacy will be preserved in the pages of a great book for the next generations to come. To do these, she must:

  • Complete the Bestselling Author aspiration
  • Max the Writing skill
  • Write the Book Of Life and bind it to your parent (and use it to successfully bring them back from a premature death).
  • Have the Creative trait

7. Movie Star Barbie

tumblr 390f809376314b05541f2ee6d897c863 466a3f8e 1280
Screenshot 2023 10 02 174644
Photo credits: atelierlena

Having a renowned author for a mom, your Barbie Legacy Challenge’s Gen 7 Barbie is used to the spotlight. As she grew up, she wanted to have her own taste of fame. Yep! Barbie no. 7 is determined to make a name for herself on the silver screen. But will she become a beloved movie star, or will she succumb to the challenges that come with fame? To reach her dream, she must:

  • Complete the Master Actress aspiration
  • Max the Acting skill
  • Reach at least Proper Celebrity status
  • Have a secret affair with a fellow Actor!
  • Have High Maintenance trait

8. Rockstar Barbie

tumblr b0c06c719339a3a9163573d8a458f4b1 20d857bb 1280
Screenshot 2023 10 02 181919

As the child of a successful actress, your Gen-Eight Barbie is well aware of people’s doubts about the children of famous people in the entertainment industry. But this Barbie does not care! She’s ready to prove everyone wrong by pursuing a career in music and becoming a true rock star. It’s time she shows the world her passion for music. She must

  • Complete the World Famous Celebrity aspiration
  • Max the Singing skill
  • Max skills in at least 2 instruments
  • Max Entertainer career (Musician branch)
  • Have the Music Lover trait

9. Barbie For President

tumblr e493acd6deaac1c34d3f64a2076a16ee 6e486ec8 1280
Screenshot 2023 10 02 181413

After conquering various careers and achieving worldwide fame, your ninth-generation Barbie is ready for the ultimate challenge: to lead the world. With her charisma, intelligence, and unwavering determination, this Barbie will aspire to become the greatest leader her fellow Sims have ever seen! Yes! Thus, this Barbie must:

  • Complete the Mansion Baron aspiration
  • Max the Politician career (Politician branch)
  • Max the Charisma skill
  • Have the Self-Assured trait

10. Barbie: in Space!

tumblr b08b458c5507aae49fe535fd02d6078c 616338a8 1280
Screenshot 2023 10 03 112215

For generation ten, the world is at your Barbie’s feet. Thus, it’s time to set her sights even higher – the vast expanse of space! This Barbie must embark on an intergalactic journey to explore the cosmos and leave her mark across the galaxy. Her legacy will extend beyond Earth’s borders, into the far reaches of the universe. Tenth-gen Barbie must:

  • Complete the Nerd Brain aspiration
  • Max the Logic and Rocket Science skills
  • Go to SIXAM at least once and bring back a souvenir
  • Must have the Genius trait

Bonus: Check out These Barbie CC From SnootySims!

If you’re going to participate in the Barbie Legacy Challenge for The Sims 4, it is essential for you to have Barbie-themed custom content that will fit the stories and lives of your Barbie Sims. Check out these official SnootySims Barbie CC packs that we worked hard on, for our dear Simmers!

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The Barbie X Horses CC Pack is the latest creation from SnootySims. This set seamlessly mixes the elements of The Sims 4: Horse Ranch expansion pack with the fun details from Barbie. With over 10 awesome items available, such as a bed, TVs, boots, a nightstand, suitcases, and many others, you’ll definitely want this set for your game. See the download link here.

2. Barbie After Party CC

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Next, we will introduce you to the Barbie After Party CC. Although it’s a tiny set, it unpacks a lot of delight for your game! This cute little set features 5 objects, including a chair, a mini-chair, a chair cover, a coffee table, and a yummy-looking table decor! Get this pack here.

3. Come on Barbie Bedroom CC


Let Sims sing “Come on Barbie, let’s go party!” at the top of their lungs while they lounge around their room filled with this pretty Barbie-themed bedroom CC! Trust us, they’ll have a lot of fun with all these charming pieces. Visit this link here to download.

4. Barbie Sunshine Vanity CC

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Meet the Barbie Sunshine Vanity! This pack offers three lovely objects, including the Sunshine Vanity Mirror, the Sunshine Vanity Chair, and the Sunshine Rug—three pieces that will surely add poshness and pinkness to any room! Go and get this pack here.

Wrapping It Up: Play The Barbie Legacy Challenge!

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Are you ready to play the Barbie Legacy Challenge for The Sims 4? It’s a totally fun gimmick that you should try to spice up your Sims 4 gameplay. If you ever decide to participate in it, post your updates using hashtags #simsbarbielegacy and #snootysims, to let us know how your game goes! We are on FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and TikTok, where you can follow and message us! Or, you can simply leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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