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We have handpicked our favorite accessories CC for The Sims 4! Check out the entire list and find the best ones for Sims!

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Get These Accessories CC For Your Sims

In The Sims 4, accessories are vital pieces that help complete the outfits of our Sims and let them highlight their personality. A hat, a pair of earrings, or some hair bands are all we need to tell the world who our Sims are. Through these nonstandard pieces of clothing, we can add finishing touches to their looks! Below, we have handpicked our favorite accessory mods for The Sims 4!

The Top Accessories CC For Your Sims

This list includes beautiful gems, tasteful pieces, cute pins, sparkling bracelets and necklaces, and more. Go and download these accessories CC!

Wicked Fingertips for Female [MM]

Wicked Fingertips for Female [MM]

If we want to create downright creepy hands for our witches, we have to get these Wicked Fingertips! These are available in the Glove and Tattoo categories in CAS, and there are many swatches to choose from, with different lengths for each.

Click here to download!

Isabelle Necklace [Alpha]

Isabelle Necklace by simpliciaty

Click here to download!

Kerry Naughty Backpack

accessories 9

The Kerry Naughty Backpack looks super trendy and would look fashionable for any Sim! It comes in 5 pastel colors, and our favorite is the pink one!

Click here to download!

Sparkle Nails

accessories 8

If we’re planning on letting our Sims attend a luxurious Sims event, we should let them wear the most gorgeous nails to make them shine, such as these Sparkle Nails from creator Atelier Lena!

Click here to download!

Haylee Nose Piercing Rings

accessories 6

We have been looking for a nice set of nose piercings that scream both simplicity and gorgeousness, and we found it through this Haylee Nose Piercing Rings! These babies come in 5 awesome swatches.

Click here to download!

Icy Jewelry Collection

accessories 5

Our Sims can spend glamorous night outs wearing these dazzling pieces from the Icy Jewelry Collection! There are 5 diamond-studded necklaces and 5 shining, shimmering diamond earrings. The said set features 8 metal tones.

Click here to download!

Lost Glove

accessories 4

These cool-looking gloves are what our Sims need to show off their grungy side. These hand accessories are inspired by 2000s fashion and fit Children to Elder Sims.

Click here to download!

Halloween Set 2023

accessories 3

For this Halloween Set 2023, we can delight in a variety of hairstyles and hair accessories from creator Icchi. The hair comes in 24 EA swatches + 6 swatches, while the accessories come in 5  swatches.

Click here to download!

Almaz Nose Ring

accessories 2

The Almaz Nose Ring is perfect for different occasions because it looks super versatile. It’s available in 5 swatches and comes with a new, original mesh.

Click here to download!

Another Basic Nail Set

accessories 1

These fashionable nails from creator Babycakes will make our Sims’ fingernails shine with style! Found in CAS, here are its five “flavors” available:

  • Mood Pink
  • White Swirls
  • Pastel Stars
  • Black French
  • Brown Ombre French

Click here to download!

Devil Beanie Hat for Male and Female [MM]

Devil Beanie Hat for Male and Female [MM]

This Devil Beanie is a cute Simblreen gift from creator Xiuminuwu. It’s made for male and female frames, and comes in 42 swatches all in all! Just check out those little horns!

Click here to download!

Royal Core Fancy Accessories

MYOBI royalcore fancyaccessories

Looking for fancy accessories to complete the royal costume for the Spooky Season? Look no further with this Royal Core Accessory Set. There are hats, chokers, necklaces, drop earrings, and flower aerrings which all look ultra regal.

Click here to download!

Midsommar Eyes

tumblr f9c39de2a2adf52324d965a29f1f2aad fe4fd64f 1280

Midsommar is probably one of the most eerie films of all time! Creator Spiderwhims found a way to integrate the said film into The Sims 4 through this little treat, called the Flower Stuffed Eyes. It’s a totally creepy yet cute CC!

Click here to download!

Nails Halloween

tumblr 4f2b7668e950ac6679aa9e340068413f cc16c3ea 1280

On October 31, underneath all the frightening costumes are probably girly girl Sims who loves their nails! Yep! Let Sims complete their terrifying Halloween looks with these extra snazzy Halloween Nails.

Click here to download!

Halloween Witch Choker

tumblr 26e4a1cbaec0ac986ed43637f7f0ada3 d86c1e92 1280

Of course, witches are one of the staple costumes for our Sims during Spooky Season. But, don’t let Sims just wear some witchy hat and dress, add some witchy bling too, such as these Witch Chokers from GrafitySims! There are over 23 colors for this gem.

Click here to download!

The Chozen Accessory Set

the chozen accessory set coco games

We can get three pieces of wonderful accessories from this Chozen Accessory Set, which include the Basic Stud Piercing, the Heart Kitty Piercing, and the Sony Headphones.

Click here to download!

Candy Nails

candy nails saruin

These Candy Nails will steal any show for sure! It’s a cute, long set of nails that feature different fruits, candies, and decorations.

Click here to download!

Heart Accessory Set

heart accessory set euno sims

This minimalist set is a cute, surefire way to win another Sim’s heart for Love Day! The jewelry set includes a pair of heart earrings and a linked heart choker. These all come in 10 swatches for our Sims.

Click here to download!

It’s Corn! Earrings

it s corn earrings nolan sims

The creator of this CC, Nolan-Sims was inspired to create a set of corn earrings after hearing a certain Corn Song. Well, thanks to that song, we now have this really adorable pair of corn earrings for the game!

Click here to download!

Valentine Nails ♡

valentine nails kissyck

Our Sims will feel the oozing vibe of Love Day with these pretty Valentine’s Nails from creator Kissyck! There are 4 mismatched swatches in this set.

Click here to download!

Pearl Earrings

pearl earrings twistedcat

Come and check out this cute set of earrings from creator Twistedcat! These little colorful pieces come in 20 swatches and have that “beaded and handcrafted look,” perfect for Sims of any age!

Click here to download!

Stitched Heart Buttons

7070 stitched heart buttons jellypaws

Creator Jellypaws crafted these creative Stitched Heart Buttons! These are charming little eye accessories that we can enjoy in 8 colorful swatches and are available for Teen to Elder Sims.

Click here to download!

Lover Earrings

7075 lover earrings jellypaws

If we’re looking for a bold piece of jewelry that will definitely turn all heads into our Sim’s face, we should get these Lover Earrings! These dangling, heart-shaped accessories would look ideal for Sims who have spirited personalities.

Click here to download!

Pikachu Earrings

7081 pikachu earrings jellypaws

Whether we’re fans of Pokemon or not, we can all agree that Pikachu is such a charming modern icon of the Millenial generation. If we want our Sims to display Pikachu’s youthful vibe, let us let them wear these chunky earrings!

Click here to download!

Rainbow Heart Stickers

7144 rainbow heart stickers jellypaws

Love Day is a time for our Sims to impress other Sims with stylish gimmicks, such as likable outfits or glamorous makeup. But what about face stickers for a change? We can attach these Rainbow Hearts to their faces to catch the eyes of our Sims’ crushes in The Sims 4!

Click here to download!

Lovwww Earring & Fingernails

7308 lovwww earring fingernails mmatteog

Sometimes, it looks great when our Sim’s jewelry matches with their nails. With this CC pack from creator Mmatteog, our Sims can get these matching earrings and fingernails set that both come in 14 swatches. Sweet!

Click here to download!

Starry and Mystic Earrings

4231 starry and mystic earrings ikari sims

For that much-needed magical glow, our Sims’ faces could use these Starry and Mystic Earrings! These small pieces come in 8 metal swatches each. We can’t help but marvel at the mystic variant!

Click here to download!

Universe Drop Earrings

3924 universe drop earrings grafity cc

We can’t help but be amazed at these Universe Drop Earrings, statement pieces of jewelry that look so simple yet so eye-catching! Our personal favorite is the yellow-gold variant.

Click here to download!

Let’s Do Witchcraft Poses + Magic Wand Accessory

3442 ts4 let s do witchcraft poses magicwandacc sonechko

Get these beautiful magic wands for the game, and have Sims pose like legit witchcraft goddesses. The poses are a remake from the creator’s The Sims 2 pose pack. For the Magic Wand, it is an accessory available in 10 swatches.

Click here to download!

Nails / Earring R1

2794 nails earring r1 chih

Creator Chih really knows how to craft stunning pieces of CC for The Sims 4, and this nails and earring CC set is no exception! The nails come in 6 colors, while the earrings come in a single swatch.

Click here to download!

Lost n’ Found Recolor Set

accessories 7

Our favorite part of this Lost n’ Found Recolor set is the Casket Masks, which are 14 cute swatches of surgical masks. The said set also includes a Cupid Skirt, a Love Letters Sweater, a Sparkle Bikini, and others.

Click here to download!

Yves Hair Pins

2724 gigglecoffin yves hair pins giggle coffin

Finding Nemo really made an impact on our lives, and we can’t get enough of seeing the familial bond between clownfishes! Infuse clown fishes into your game with this set. It includes a tiny clownfish hairpin made for our Sims who want to look preppy!

Click here to download!

Cherry Ombre Nails

image 738

Shine bright like *cherry, ombre nails* for sure! Just when we thought we couldn’t find cuter nails, we found these by CeceSims Xo. Their Patreon page is filled with the prettiest nails CC for the Sims 4.

Click here to download!

Goddess Nails

image 782

These luxurious golden nails are the furthest thing from being nails and yet here we are, you and I wanting to get them!

Click here to download!

Heart Lock Earrings

Screenshot 2023 07 18 144536

This charming earring CC is going to make your Sims’ appearance unique and make them pop out in any events they attend. There are 5 swatches available for this! Screenshot 2023 07 18 144558

Click here to download!

Pendant Earrings with Gemstones

Screenshot 2023 07 17 171235

This earrings CC will make our sims more elegant and stylish than usual, making them stand out at parties and events. This CC has 6 different swatches in it.Screenshot 2023 07 17 171252

Click here to download!

Flora Belly Piercing Accessory

Screenshot 2023 07 13 151639

When worn, this Floral Belly Piercing will add more character to our Sims and will help unlock their rebel or punk side. In case you’re wondering, you can find this CC in the left ring category in CAS.

Click here to download!

Hair Clip Jewelry Accessory

Screenshot 2023 07 13 141612

If we want our Sims want to stand out and look elegant as well, this might be the hair clip accessory to let them wear. Pairing this with other sparkling jewelry would complement the look.

Click here to download!

Luna Hair and Bow Accessory for Infants

luna hair and bow

CC Creator Overthemoonsims released this precious hair, called Luna, for infant Sims! It comes in 15 EA swatches and does not come compatible with hats. And look, the said CC creator also included a pretty hair bow! We can locate the bow under the Gloves category of CAS.

Click here to download!

Conclusion: Complete Your Sims’ Looks

Well, that’s it! These dazzling pieces of accessories CC that we have collected for The Sims 4 will be such a delight for Sims of all ages. These accessories will help complete their looks and allow them to seize their day with style! If you have any thoughts or suggestions for us, please don’t forget to leave a comment on this post. If you want to connect with SNOOTYSIMS and stay updated about all our latest articles and custom content, please follow us on our social media accounts below. Happy simming, dear Simmers!

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