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Sims 4 Freckles for Sims of all ages

What do you think of when you hear ‘freckles?’ We think sunburnt skin, beautiful features, and a fair complexion. Whether your skin tone is cold or warm, it’s guaranteed that you will find some freckles and/or moles in this list that you like and that will fit your Sim’s skin! See our favorite Sims 4 Freckles below.

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Scroll down for our favorite Sims 4 Freckles!

Freckles N05


Already at 206000 downloads at The Sims Resource, these delicate freckles created by Pralinesims will make your face stand out from the crowd. Complement your Sim’s soft skin with a couple of freckles – available in ten combinations and two colors. To download them, go to this link.

Ellen Freckles N13


These tiny freckles, which already have 201000 downloads at The Sims Resource were also created by Pralinesims. They are available in a number of colors to guarantee that they fit your Sim’s skin tone. Download these enchanting freckles at this link today!

Freckle BH08


Smaller but plenty… These beautiful, faint freckles by Busra-tr have been downloaded from The Sims Resource more than 176000 times. If you want your Sim’s skin look like a baby’s butt, head over to this page, and download them today!

Freckles N02


Look at these tiny, pale freckles! Available in different colors, these are guaranteed to make your Sim’s face look younger and kinder. Currently it has about 172000 downloads at The Sims Resource – if you also want to add Pralinesims’s creation to your Sims 4 universe, just go to this page to download them.

Soft – Face Freckles HQ


With more than 166000 downloads at The Sims Resource, these soft and golden freckles created by Alf-si are a no-brainer! They are available in four magical colors to give your Sim’s bronze face even more highlight! If you feel like you need them ASAP, visit our direct link to download these freckles.

Freckles N2


Create a baby face for your Sim with these tiny freckles perfectly scattered across the cheeks. It has more than quarter of a million downloads at The Sims Resource. These freckles created by Seleng can be downloaded from here.

Freckles Pack


Another gorgeous freckle pack to create a lovely baby faced look for your Sim. Achieve the gorgeous look in the image with these freckles created by Magnolia-c, which are already at 119000 downloads at The Sims Resource. Head over there, too, and download them right now.

Freckles N03


Another beautiful freckle set created by Pralinesims. Just look at how these tiny brown freckles and moles complement the highlighter on the girl’s face in the image. Get your hands on this set today at this link.

Jessi’s Face Freckles


Jessi’s Face Freckles are darker than most of the others in this list. They give your Sim’s face a very characteristic and pronounced look. Senpaisimmer’s creation can be downloaded from The Sims Resource here.

SSB Freckle ID


These freckles (some of which look more like moles) already have 104000 downloads at The Sims Resource. Savagesimbaby’s creation makes any face stand out – your Sim will never go unnoticed, wherever they go. If you want these freckles, download them from our link here.

Freckled Female Skin


This creation made by Ms blue not only affects the face, but the whole body. It makes any Sim look more realistic with freckles and moles all over the skin. If you want to download it, head over to this link today.



This creation by Busra-tr has almost 100k downloads at The Sims Resource. It works with all kinds of skins, thanks to the various shades that these freckles are available in. The beautiful brown spots are guaranteed to make some heads turn, wherever your Sim goes. Go to this link to download it today.

Crystal Freckled Skin


The Crystal Freckle skin created by Pralinesims is exactly what it says on the box: crystal clear, glowing skin with tiny, perfectly round spots to complement the skin. To get your hands on this beautiful custom creation, visit this link right now.

March – Face Freckles HQ


This CC created by Alf-si are truly special! They cover most of the face with tiny auburn freckles. They can work on any Sim, regardless of age. Download them from here!

Frecklemania V1


These freckles created by Ms blue are really soft and sweet – like ice cream. They make your Sim’s face look like a top model with soft skin and beautifully defined cheeks. To download them today, go to this link.

Default face+body freckles (all ages)


Keth created these freckles for those Sims with darker skin. The dark brown freckles highlight the face beautifully, and make your Sim stand out from a crowd for sure. Download them today from here.

Freckles NB01


Very small, very delicate, and a great addition to any face shape, hairstyle or eye color. They’re going to highlight your Sim’s face without making it too pronounced. A perfect choice for freckles! Download them at our direct link now.

Freckles NB02


Another set of freckles that are light colored and soft, and will complement any hairdo, face shape or skin tone. Use these enchanting, pale freckles on your Sim today by going to this link to download them.

Freckles NB03


These delicate and adorable freckles will look great on your girl Sim’s face! They cover your Sim’s cheeks and the sides of their nose; they are available in six colors. Download these freckles today from this link.

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