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Are you ready to sprinkle some extra charm and personality onto your Sims with these adorable freckles CC? In this article, we’ll explore a collection of excellent and fun freckle patterns for your Sims. Whether you want to give them a cute, playful look or add a touch of realism to their appearance, these face and body freckles are sure to bring out their uniqueness. So, please dive in!

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Check Out These Stunning Freckles CC for Your Sims!

Freckles play such a crucial role in adding depth and realism to the appearance of our Sims in The Sims 4. These simple skin details bring an awesome touch, making each Sim look more true-to-life. Having a variety of freckle choices is essential because it allows us Simmers to fully customize the features and the overall vibe of our Sims, allowing us to reflect their individual personalities and styles.

Thus, we curated our most favorite freckles CC in this list, to help you select from a wide range of freckle choices! With these face and body freckle selections, you can sprinkle more charm and appeal to your already exquisite Sims. Make sure to check the last item on the list!

1. Kissed by The Sun Freckles by Wistful Castle

Screenshot 2023 05 23 174141

For our first entry, we have this Kissed By The Sun (KBTS) Freckles by CC Creator Wistful Castle, which is available for all genders and all ages of Sims. If you have occult Sims who have colorful skin tones, this CC pack is perfect for them as it includes 55 swatches plus fantasy colors. The pack is base-game compatible and comes with its own custom thumbnail.

You can get the Kissed By The Sun (KBTS) Freckles CC here.

2. Floral Freckles by PeachyFaerie

tumblr ef7cde84562054956c9a3a288f39bc1a 056afa82 1280

The Floral Skin Detail CC pack will provide your Sims with all the skin details that they never thought they needed. Yep, because this awesome CC pack boasts a lot of CC items for them! Aside from the Azalea, Jasmine, and Primrose Freckles, the pack also includes contours, stretch marks, blushes, moles, nose masks, mouth corners, face shines, pores, collarbones, and cleavages!

Improve the skin of your Sims with this CC pack here.

3. Simple Set by ChewyButterfly

IMG 8461

If you want an all-in-one set that will not only give the faces of your Sims some gorgeous freckles but also make their features shimmer with color, then check out this Simple Set! The said set includes 3 base-game compatible items, including a glossy eyeshadow, a soft liner, and some faint freckles, which can instantly boost the facial glow of your Sims.

Have some instant makeover for your Sims with this freckles CC (plus more) here.

4. Euphoria Freckles by Kaastargaming

tumblr 957f8d93d63424dd6c81499f438d2093 e3c433ba 1280

Hey, have you seen freckles that look this stunning?! These extra-looking freckles are hand drawn by CC Creator Kaastargaming, making them look ultra-authentic. Female and male Sims from the Teen to Elder life stages can wear these freckles. You can get two varieties of freckles. V1 includes red and brown freckles with 8 swatches while V2 features black freckles with 8 swatches as well.

Grab these super chic freckles CC here.

5. Body Freckles by JariSimsCC

tumblr f8e470d715d5578bccb5e7929cc46e57 ef4ca10e 1280

Take a look at this face and body freckles set for your Sims by CC Creator JariSimsCC. These freckles leave out some parts of the dermis unmarked, giving the skin of your Sims a few areas of breathing space. And hey, if this freckles CC has somehow really made you happy, you can choose to make a little donation to JariSimsCC here.

Obtain the face and body freckles CC for your Sims here.

6. Freckled Kiss by serawis

tumblr cbac8a4387f40ece00bfd4839d851fab b50810bc 1280

Do you prefer to sprinkle the faces of your Sims with subtle dots that do not appear too overwhelming? Well, this Freckled CC by Serawis might be what you’re looking for! The set has eyelid freckles and lip freckles that are not too obvious. The Freckled Kiss CC is HQ-compatible and available for Sims of all genders and all ages.

Click this link here to download this freckles CC.

7. Freckles by Arnyak

MTS arnyak 2135150 2

Do you find it kind of frustrating that some freckles don’t work for Sims with darker skin tones, as it makes the dots totally obscure? Fret not! These stunning freckles by CC Creator Arnyak are available in six swatches that are perfect with all skin tones! Female Young Adult Sims can wear the said freckles.

Have freckles for all the skin tones of Sims with this freckles CC here.

8. Full Body Freckles by LutessaSims

lutessasims full body freckles cc

These full-body freckles from CC Creator LutessaSims really take these delicate skin details to an entirely new level. The said freckles cover every little inch of the body, filling your Sims with authentic-looking dots that look pleasant to the eye. These full-body freckles are available for male and female sims of all ages. Look for it under the tattoos or skin details section of CAS.

Sprinkle freckles on the entire body of your Sims with this freckles CC here.

9. Freckled! by Simsonnet

tumblr b21bfe05473c6644b4f271a3b2a1ae31 ee1b2ee9 2048

Freckled! is a cool freckle and mole set by CC Creator SimSonnet. The visual of the said set looks charming, yet highly realistic. The CC blends both moles and freckles well in the cheek and nose areas to make the skin of Sims look effortlessly natural. You can find a variety of small and large spots in the said set.

Get your Sims freckled with this freckles CC, available for download here.

10. Strawberry Freckle Set by KindleSpice

strawberry banner

This super posh set from CC Creator Kindlespice is called the Strawberry Freckles. It includes base-game compatible freckles that are available in both light and dark variants. Overall, there are 18 styles available for Sims of all genders. The said freckles work well with this Fruits Basket Makeup CC from the same creator, so you have to check it out as well.

The Strawberry Freckles CC is available for download here.

11. Alive Freckles by CarysSims

tumblr 8a2c9f9d9e36050ed81aa00962037741 1e6307b7 1280

If you need a little more variety for the dots in the faces of your Sims, you might want to get this CC called the Alive Freckles. The said freckles come in 5 variants, with each variant having its own 4 pretty swatches that fit all skin tones of Sims. You can find these freckles under the skin details category of CAS.

Incorporate the Alive Freckles CC in your game by downloading it here.

12. Sunkissed Freckles by Justarandomsim

image 191

The Sunkissed Freckle is a full-body skin detail that incorporates randomly-sized skin dots and patches on your Sims. The freckles are available in 20 swatches for all genders and all ages of Sims. With so many swatches to choose from, you can become creative and choose to sprinkle the body of your Sims with colorful freckles, such as green, blue, or pink ones!

Get these multi-colored freckles CC for your Sims here.

13. Freckles#27 by Tommeraas

tumblr 265b4b1c86b43c916a69ff9f69665035 30704214 1280

Freckles #27 is a skin detail set by CC Creator Tommeraas, which contains an assortment of freckles, cheek makeup, and tattoos. You can choose from styles that are visually evident on the faces of Sims or styles that are more subtle. All in all, there are 20 swatches available. All the CC can be used for all ages, all genders, and are fit for all skin tones of Sims.

Visit this site to get this pretty freckles CC here.

14. Pollock Freckles by Simzbee

tumblr b035c2cadee82af955576d39c5c199a0 ee93226d 1280

The Pollock Freckles is a skin detail set by CC Creator Simzbee, which focuses on both moles and freckles for the face of Sims. When Pollock really got into freckles, this became a reason for the creator to come up with stunning swatches of these skin details.

Go and download the Pollock Freckles CC here.

15. Kali Freckles by Kekeinluv

tumblr 45ef2b1bdafc0597aa7c686edf132252 55098085 1280

We have another freckles CC pack that leans on the subtle power of these skin dots. Called the Kali Freckles, these visually-striking skin marks are available for Teen to Elder Sims, in 5 variants (with 3 swatches each).

Sprinkle some Kali Freckles on your Sims’ faces with this freckles CC pack here.

16. Freckles 03 by lutessaSims

lutessasims freckles 03

CC Creator LutessaSims really knows how to create visually-stunning skin marks that are also subtle in nature, like this set, called the Freckles 03. In 10 swatches, this freckles CC pack features tiny brushes of freckles that are spread out evenly in the middle area of the face. Sims of all ages and all genders can wear these freckles.

The Freckles 03 is available for download here.

17. Angel Freckles by Jellypaws

tumblr 2cf31f4867800f088328ba14aa551b65 15e69567 1 1

The Angel Freckles CC pack, an endearing skin detail from CC Creator Jellypaws, can be used for both the face and the body of Sims. It has two swatches, which are available for male and female Sims of all ages. You Can find the Angel Freckles under the skin details category of CAS.

Check out the Angel Freckles CC here.

18. Cutesy Freckles by TheBlondeSimmer

image 192

Get this super adorable skin detail by CC Creator TheBlondeSimmer for your Sims, which includes cute little freckles in 12 swatches! These Cutesy Freckles are base game compatible, works with sliders, have custom thumbnails, and are available for all gender and all ages of Sims. They look especially adorable for infant Sims!

Get the Cutesy Freckles CC here.

19. face/body moles & freckles for Infants by ChewyButterfly


CC Creator ChewyButterfly recently updated this moles and freckles CC set to accommodate the inclusion of infants in the game. With this CC pack that includes one freckle set and two mole sets, you can now sprinkle some extra charm on the bodies and faces of all your Sims. Try it on your infants and look how cute they become!

Download this freckles CC here.


Bet you’ll have so much fun in CAS peppering the faces and bodies of your Sims with these fun and lovely freckles CC! By adding these charming details to your Sims’ appearances, you can truly make them stand out. Whether you opt for a fab sprinkling of playful freckles or a more natural look with just a dash of dots here and there, remember that customization is key to bringing the look of your Sims to life. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with these freckles CC, creating Sims that are truly attractive! Happy simming, dear Simmers!

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