30+ Stunning Pride Flags and Decor CC to Celebrate Love!


Looking for bombastic decor that will help you celebrate Pride Month? Then pride flags, LGBTQA+ decor, and details are a must-have! Keep reading to find the best CC pieces that will help your Sims celebrate their authenticity!

pride flags
Pride Flags and Decor CC for the Sims 4!

Pride Flags Themeed CC: Wall Decor, Poses, Clutter & More

Pride Month is celebrated every June, but in Sims, we can celebrate it all year round, every day and every week! We can choose pronounces for our Sims, and with Pride CC we can also go the extra mile when celebrating different identities.

If you love flashy, colorful details and are looking for something extra to decorate your home, stick around! We are about to present some of the coolest sets of pride flags and decor details for homes, bars, and parties. Let’s hop into it!

If you’d like to try out pride CC clothes, makeup, hairstyles and accessories, you can find some incredible ones here!

1. yamachan says Pride! posters by plutoSims

pride flags

Do you love the adorable Yamachan? Are you looking for cute LGBTQ+ decor? These posters will do the job! It includes 10 flags, so you can customize the posters to your liking. Plus, every version has two swatches, so you can also pick a plain or more colorful background. Find more info here!

2. pride bubbly drink by afrosimtricsim

pride flags

Celebrate Pride Month in a big style by adding this bubbly drink to your drink menu. This detail can be found under the ”Miscellaneous & Cluttter” category in the Build/Buy menu. Although your Sims can’t take a sip, it’s a nice party detail. Download it here!

3. University plants by simderTalia

pride flags

Bring joy, sunshine, and rainbow into your Sim’s daily life, and decorate their space with these gorgeous plant pots. There are two sets, one with cactus and one succulent. Quite a few flags are included, and you can pick from 23 swatches. Download here!

4. pride park by hyggeSims

pride flags

Let’s get the party started here! This park is all Sims need to celebrate Pride month in a big way. The set includes an arch, balloons, prints, a rainbow-colored stage, and other incredible stuff that match the pride theme. Make a party here, and the atmosphere will be lit! Check it out here!

5. Pride Flags by CanTranSimmer

pride flags

Pride flags and pride fairly lights are must-haves for any LGBT+ gathering. Or, if your Sims love being extra, you can use these items to decorate their home. Flags come in big and small sizes, so you’ll surely find a good way to incorporate them into your space design. More info here!

6. happy pride month pose pack with flags by catverse

pride cc

Sims can now pose with pride flags proudly and confidently, and even look stunning in photos! This pose pack includes 4 poses, and is inclusive so that Sims in wheelchairs can pose for photos like pros as well! Find more info here!

7. polyamorous flag by NekoChan-Simmer

This polyamorous wall decoration is a great way to cherish diversity! The new version of the flag is finally here, and now it’s also available in Sims 4. Hang it anywhere you like – above the bed or on your front porch wall! Download here!

8. base game pride flag recolor by Peachie-Sims

Looking for decorative banners for your interiors and/or exteriors? You’ll love these! These flags all incorporate unique, modern designs. There are 30 swatches to experiment with, so you can easily blend them with other furniture and decor. Check it out here!

9. pride flags by geekyCorn

Make way for some classics. This is an extensive set of 50 flags, and here you can find flags for greysexuals, cupoisexuals, aroaces, pomosexual, and autosexuals to name a few. Every identity counts! Check them out here!

10. the pride juceback recolor by maziepie-sims

If you have the Sims 4: Get Together pack, this one is for you. Make everyone feel welcome and comfortable at the local bar, by hanging this gorgeous pride piece behind the bar! It’s perfect for gay bars and LGBTQ+ events! Plus, you can choose from different wood patters and 2 styles. Find more info here!

11. pride flags set by argos93

These are great if you prefer vertical flags over horizontal ones. There are 14 flags in the set, and you can find them under ”Decoration” in your Build/Buy menu. They cost only $25, so your Sims can enjoy some nice decor even when they are broke. Find more info here!

12. Flags & pride month posepack by fireheartsims

Hugs, kisses, and tenderness! With these incredible poses with pride flag your Sims can show affection and embrace their lovers proudly and look good doing it. There are two flag versions, and three poses, so go ahead and try them out! Get more info here!

13. romantic spectrum flags by cactussimblr

Here is a little something for aromantics in your town! This set of aromantic flags is base game compatible, and there are 10 pride flags for 10 different identities so that everyone on the aro spectrum feels included. Check it out here!

14. pride pillows & shower curtains by Paper-Lioness

Now you can have pride flags in every corner of your home, even in the bathroom! This set includes two sub-sets: pride-themed shower curtains and themed decorative pillows. They come with 20 flag swatches each, plus 27 solid colors for pillows. Check it out here!

15. pride CC set by Syboulette

Now that’s stunning! The set includes a few key pride details: a tote bag, a wall flag, a coffee mug, tiny flags, leaflets, protest signs, drawings, and a cap. And the best part? Everything is base game compatible! Check it out here!

16. Pride rugs by oswaNily

A nice rug goes a long way when it comes to personalizing space. These pride ugs add color to dull interiors and will make your Sims truly feel at home in their space. This is a 4×3 rug and comes in 21 flag swatches, so you’ll surely find something that suits your interior. More info here!

17. lGBTQ+ bedroom by catsims

Lookong for a cozy room for your LGBTQ+ Sims? This downloadable room has all the right details: rainbows, unicorns, and a lot of pride posters! To get this magical 6×8 room, you’ll only need a base game! Find more info here!

18. pride screens by heymaesims

Display who you are in a big way, figuratively and literally, with these incredible PC and TV backgrounds! You can choose from 23 flags, depending on your character’s identity. Download this pride flags CC here!

19. pride fence decor by syboulette

This set includes 7 flag varieties that will help you decorate every corner of your home for the next Pride Month. In fact, with such decor, every month can be a pride month! All you need is the Seasons pack and a little creativity. Get more info here!

20. family pride poses with flags by legacythesims

This pose pack allows everyone to celebrate pride, not just pairs, and individuals. The set is designed in a way that lets you include as many family members as you like. Only one Sim needs to hold the flag while the rest, which also includes kids, can pose with them. Get more info here!

21. more pride flags by Cowboyyeehaww

Here come more pride flags. There are two versions, one which has 14 swatches, and one with 103 incredible swatches. This is the quality decor, so expect to pay $100 if you want it to flaunt these flaws on your walls! We say they are totally worth it. Check them out here!

22. love is love neon sign by PlatinumLuxeSims

Love is love, indeed! This neon sign is effective, bold, and looks so realistic. It’s great for the living room, bedroom, or even a public venue, especially a night club! If this is your cup of tea, download it here!

23. pride mushroom fairy lights by bellasims

Pride flags can now glow in the dark in your backyard. These mushroom lights are funky! You can customize them, opt for 50 flags, and choose one of the 2 available meshes: Ink Cap and Toadstool. Wherever you place them, the atmosphere will feel like Woodstock. Download here!

24. pride galaxy tapestry

A creative design like this is always welcome. These tapestries have some artistry to them. There are 12 of them, and they are ready to be downloaded and hung on your walls. Find more info about this pride CC here!

25. pride teddy bears and diary recolors by blondeBunny

These cute bears and diaries are small but mighty details for your interior. There are 19 swatches for pride diaries and a few swatches for teddy bears. Let’s be real, they are beyond adorable. Download them here!

26. pride flag wallpapers by SimderTalia

If you love patterns, you will adore these colorful wallpapers. There are seven versions to choose from, all of which have colorful details, hearts, and rainbows. They are cheap, so you can get them for only $2/building square. More info about this pride CC here!

27. Happy Pride Month pose pack by clumsyalienn

This set includes essential flag accessories, and a few poses for singles, pairs, and groups. Your Sims can now not only celebrate who they are and how they love but also strike amazing poses and display affection without holding back. Download them here!

28. pride flag override

If you want variety, this is the CC you need. There are two sets of flags in the mix, and both include 40 pride flags, so that every Sim under the Sun can feel included. Here you will find trans, gay, lesbian, gender fluid, nonbinary, and many others. Get them for free here!

29. wedding arch with pride flag

It’s a base game recolor, so you can still have fun with it even if you don’t have any extra packs installed. Sims can now get married in style! This wedding arch features a pride ribbon, available in six versions: bisexual, lesbian, pansexual, transgender, nonbinary, and classic pride rainbow. Check it out here!

30. pride banners by plummyBob

Plummybob has made cute pride banners for all Sims to enjoy! This set has 9 swatches for 9 different orientations. All you need to enjoy these is the Get Together pack. Hang them for special occasions, or keep them as your permanent decor! You can download them here!

31. Pride cakes by SimderTalia

How about some delicious pride cakes? We say they are a much-have! Delicious and colorful, this bi-pride cake is one of the few LGBTQ+ cakes recolored by SimderTalia. You can also find the ace, pan, lesbian, gay and nonbinary cake on the same page. Check them out here!

32. simlish pride artwork by OswaNily

Let’s finish it off with some nice pride posters, shall we? These designs blend rainbows with our favorite language – Simlish. The set includes 11 stunning artworks and has 22 swatches. Check them out here!


This was our selection of funky, spectacular, showstopping LGBTQ+ flags and decor. We hope you found something that sparked your interest, and that you’ll enjoy decorating your interiors and exteriors with these details. Happy simming!

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