14 Striking Plus Size Pose Packs for Big & Beautiful Sims


Are you tired of your plus size sims having their arms & hands swallowed up by curves when trying to pose them in-game? These CC creators have your back with a variety of plus size pose packs!

plus size pose packs
Plus size pose packs for the Sims 4

The Best Sims 4 Plus Size Posepacks!

One of the best things to come out of the mainline Sims games is a world where every hairstyle and every outfit fits nearly every shape of sim. If only it was as easy to get dressed in real life! The main area where plus size sims still need love is in the world of poses. There are multitudes of pose makers out there, but unfortunately, most poses are not designed for the proportions of plus size characters and end up having a lot of awkward clipping, but no fear! We’ve compiled a list of different poses specifically made for our fat & fabulous sims.

1. Pose Pack 39 by Katverse

Katverse has created multiple pose packs tailored for bigger sims, in a variety of different styles. Get this cute set of 5 in-game and CAS poses here, and be sure to look at the rest of her curvy poses while you’re visiting!

2. A Lil Selflove Pose Pack by Simpeachie

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and love yourself. These are 6 in-game poses for a sweet plus size sim who’s really feelin’ themselves today. See the other poses and download them into your mods folder from this Patreon page.

3. Curves Ahead Poses by eslanes

This pose pack includes a whopping 20 poses in a mix of casual and more modelesque stances for for plus sized sims with a touch of attitude. It comes with options for use in-game or CAS. See all of the looks and download them here.

4. Plus Size Models Poses by Madebycoffee

A set of 20 poses inspired by the iconic Lizzo with options for standing up, for use with chairs, and for use with double beds. They’re expressive and very sexy and you can get them here. The set is in-game only, but there is a CAS pose set available here.

Many of Madebycoffee’s pose sets come with additional rigging for plus size sims, so be sure to go through their catalog for more hidden gems!

5. Smile, Cutie! Posepack by Solstice-Sims

6 fun, flirty poses for fat sims who know they’re cute as heck and aren’t afraid to express it! These poses are available both in-game and in CAS. See all the sweet stances and get them for yourself here.

6. Plus Size Pose 01 by Aubsims

This set of 4 poses includes a basic walking position and 3 more fashionable stances for bootylicious babes who want to strike a pose! Download this pose set here.

7. Big Size Poses 01 by Helgatisha

20 poses in a range of voluptuous vibes, from catwalk strutting to shy side-eyes, for in-game and CAS use. See the whole collection and download them for your game here, and check out the sequel set here!

8. Plus Size Model Poses by SamsSims

Plus Size Pose Packs

This 10 pose collection for use in-game and CAS features some cute & excited poses for your chubby queens. I love how expressive the sim is with her body! Download this set here.

9. Plus-Size & Pretty Pose Pack by hypergnomesimblr

8 simple but versatile poses for use in-game by those sims with bodaciously bangin’ bodies. See the rest of the poses and download them here.

10. Lovebug Poses by Ratboy

3 darling poses for a pair of big, beautiful sims that clearly enjoy each other’s company. You can get this cute set here and while you’re at it, check out Ratboy’s Sugar pose series for individual plus size sims as well.

11. Annoying Bae Posepack by kikovanity

We’re not sure how this set got its name, because these two are clearly having a good time together! There are four poses that cover a sweet afternoon date at the local fair. See all of them and get them for yourself here.

12. Beating Heart + by Wrixlie

Plus Size Pose Packs

9 romantic couples’ poses ranging from cuddles to kisses for a plus-sized and straight-sized pair. The carrying pose would look super cute as a wedding photo! You can download this lovely pose pack here.

Wrixlie has also made another sweet set of poses for this duo which can be downloaded here.

13. Plus Size Couple Poses by Uiako

plus size pose packs

7 poses for a couple that are obviously smitten with each other. In addition to several standing poses, there is one for kitchen counters and adorable sleeping poses for use in double beds that can also be used individually. Get the details and the download on their page here.

14. Flowers for Rebecca pose by Yibsim

plus size pose packs

This set of 4 cute poses features a straight-size sim confessing their crush on a plus-size sim and giving her flowers. It’s a very sweet little story! If you want to see these pose details and download them, click here.

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Closing Thoughts

Using poses can be a fun way to take photos for stories, showing off CC, or just taking pics of your favorite sims. If they’re on the chubbier side it can be tricky finding poses that will work with their bodies, but thanks to the custom content creators we’ve shared here, your plus-size sims can get in on the posing fun too! We hope you enjoyed this list and found some new favorite pose creators. Happy simming!

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