How To Download & Use the Teleporter Mod In Sims 4?

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Put your sims anywhere you want in the game with the Teleporter Mod!

Teleporter Mod
Want to know how to get your sims up a tree like this? You’ll need the teleporter mod!

The worlds in The Sims 4 are generally pedestrian-friendly with a lot of places being accessible to your characters. However, not every area in the world(s) of The Sims 4 is a place your sims can go…at least without mods!

The Teleporter Mod was originally created by Scumbumbo, who sadly passed away back in 2019. He was behind a number of amazing game-changing mods and other modders have carried on his legacy by maintaining his creations. The Teleporter Mod has been maintained and updated by Andrew, who you may know of if you use his Pose Player or Studio Effect Player mods.

Why would you need the teleporter mod?

You might be wondering what the advantage is of being able to send your Sims instantly anywhere you like, and we’re here to show you! The best-known and most obvious reason is for use with Andrew’s Pose Player Mod, however that’s not its only use.

Teleport Sims to Save Time

If you’ve got a large lot, a lot of sims to gather together, or you otherwise want to get your sim to a specific destination and fast, using the Teleporter Mod will save you time. This is incredibly nifty if you’re trying to test something and need your sim to return to the same spot multiple times, or if you want to put them somewhere that they normally couldn’t reach (like a room with no doors). When you select your sim to be teleported, they move instantly—it’s so much faster than waiting for them to walk somewhere!

Summon Sims from Anywhere

The Teleporter Mod can also summon sims who aren’t in the current lot, making it incredibly nifty for gathering characters from other households together! You can use it to bring over distant relatives your sim hasn’t met yet for a reunion or family photo, or summon a new sim you’ve made specifically to befriend or romance your active character so they can “spontaneously” meet.

Step Out into the World

Whether you’re using the MoveObjects cheat or something more robust like the T.O.O.L. Mod, anywhere you can place a teleporter is a place your sims can go! For the header image of this piece I used MoveObjects & the 9 key to lift the Teleporter Mod object into the air so my sim looked like he was on the tree branch. If you use T.O.O.L. you can move the Teleport object to anywhere you want, allowing you to put your sims on roofs, distant plains, in the middle of the water, or anywhere else you can imagine!

Pose Your Sims

As previously mentioned, the most popular use for the Teleporter Mod is together with the Pose Player, but we have a separate piece on how to do that so we won’t cover it in-depth here. It’s good to know though that you can use it to get your sims right where you want them for posing purposes.

Downloading & Using the Teleporter Mod

Before & After

Head over to Andrew’s page to download the mod, and take a look at the images on the page to help familiarize you with it. Basically the mod works by adding an object that you can access in the game to the Buy/Build catalog, which your sim will then replace when teleported.

The object appears like an armor suit/statue of a knight but with no texture (it looks like old TV static). It can be found under “Decorations” in the catalog, but it’s probably easier to just search for the term “teleport” to locate it. Simply place the teleporter statue where you want to teleport your Sim, and return to Live Mode.

If the sim you want to move is currently around, clicking on the statue and choosing “Teleport a Sim Here” will allow you to move them to the statue’s spot. However, if the sim you want to teleport isn’t around, select “Summon a Sim to Here” instead. Only use this option if the sim you want isn’t in the active area, as the picker will load up all the sims in the save and can take a while to get to your desired character.

As you can see in the above image, when you teleport or summon a sim they will go to exactly where the armored statue is, replacing it entirely. This is a nice feature as you don’t have to worry about going back into Buy/Build mode or using TestingCheats to remove the statue afterwards. Your sim won’t have any surprise collision, so you can teleport them literally anywhere you like!

In Closing

The teleporter mod is a brilliant tool that can be useful in multiple ways, especially if you’re going for any kind of storytelling gameplay. It’s incredibly helpful for getting sims exactly where you need them to be, whether for posing purposes or just for the convenience of getting them right where you want them. Combined with other cheats & CC, it’s an incredibly useful mod! Give it a try for yourself and explore all the interesting places you can take your characters. Have fun, and happy simming!

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