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Are you a fan of quirky, authentic hairstyles and like your Sims to wear unnatural hair colors? If so, you know how effective green hair can be. From bob to long, from wavy to straight, interesting colors can make any style pop even more. Thanks to CC, you can now enjoy the benefits of having a unique green hairdo for Sims of all ages. Keep reading to discover the best Sims 4 green hair CC pieces you can download for your gameplay!

sims 4 green hair

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sims 4 Green Hair Mods: Female, Male, toddlers, and Children

As the Sims 4 experience expands with new expansion packs that keep leveling up the game with each release, we get to see more and more never-seen-before content. Besides furniture, which is always welcome, we love to see our Sims look their best, authentic selves. This is why hairstyles CC play such an important role, especially for those who like to experiment with looks. To help you find the most extraordinary looks for your Sims, we have decided to collect the best custom content on the internet and present it to you!

To make things easier, we will break this post down into three main green hair categories: female, male, and children/toddler hair. Buckle up, and let’s go!

#1 Best sims 4 green hair for Females

Miami hair recolor for sims 4 by bellyachesims

sims 4 green hair

Miami hair is perfect for your Sim if she is a fashionista, aspiring influencer, or just a cool girl. Although it is tied hair, it has all the style in the world, with uneven ends and bangs that are only on the edge of the face, serving as a frame for it. It’s perfect to wear along with a nice pair of sunglasses and go to the beach or have your sim go shopping with it. To rock this gorgeous look, check out this cc pack here!

hair conversions VI BG halfbun simandy wanderlust

sims 4 green hair

Simandy Wanderlust’s hairstyle looks better than ever! Found among other few CC pieces in a set, this half-bun, half-waves style is one of the most ladylike alternative hairstyles I have seen. It is a remake of a natural hairstyle, and it blends perfectly with any modern outfit. If this one has caught your eye, you can get it for free on this page!

light green female sims 4 green hair

sims 4 green hair

This second hair is a mesmerizing light green and comes in different styles so you can play with it. You can opt for longer, straighter cuts, or some afros in CAS. There are even some interesting hairstyles like braids, messy buns, or the typical high ponytail. You’ll even get a chance to rock a green afro! How cool is that? Shock everyone in your neighborhood and get this hairstyle here.

Winnie hairstyle green ponytail for sims 4

sims 4 green hair

Who says ladylike and eccentric can’t blend well? This CC proved that an elegant high-rise ponytail can look incredible with green hair. If you love the punk, aesthetic, yet sultry look, this green hairstyle is totally for you. It works on your young adults as well elders. To download it for free, go here.

Green vibes hair ombre for female sims 4

sims 4 green hair

Again we return with a combination of different colors. In this case, it is white at the roots with a light green that takes over the hair as the length progresses. This vibe hair has waves to die for and bangs that go to the side. The ombre style is a perfect mix of silver fox and green avant-garde rebel. Your Sims will love the new color swatches of this lush, long hair. Take a better look at it here.

Sims 4 Fin hair green for female sims

sims 4 green hair

Fin hair is one of the best green hairs if you are still looking for a slightly conventional look. It is the typical medium-long hair (a little longer than the shoulders), with bangs that give it a distinctive touch. The good thing is that despite being quite traditional, it has waves that give it a chill touch. If you are as mesmerized by it as I am, check it out here!

Billie Eilish green hair for females by leahlillith

Billie Eilish’s green roots are probably some of the most memorable hairstyles in recent music history. She is known for rocking her authentic style, and now your Sims can enjoy the black-green ombre too! Both the Hair length and the color are a perfect replica of her style, so if you are a fan of such an aesthetic, you will love it. Check it out on this page!

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Long floof Green Hair for females

tumblr pnfv8wWOw31tla8soo1 640

The long mint green hair sims 4 cc floof hair brings some elf vibes, even resembling that of some Lord of the Rings characters. This new mesh is a long hair that reaches the hips of the Sims and also has a disheveled style, although they aren’t the waves that you are used to seeing. It also has messy bangs, perfect for a sim with a free and bold personality. To browse and download it, go here!

#2 Best sims 4 green hair for males

Hikaru green hair for males sims 4

tumblr 420d43ee46ee48270a0044e4c4fb4854 35adefbf 1280

If you like K-pop you know to appreciate the Korean ear-length male hairstyles. Hikaru’s hair is an aesthetic blend of medium green with stylish waves. It can be used for all Sims from teenagers to elders. Styled like this, rest assured your male Sims will turn heads and impress others! To get a sample of this CC for your gameplay, check it out here.

ashton green hair for male sims by infinityonsims

tumblr p27mzzESOF1wfsokko1 1280

Looking for a bad boy punk hairstyle? Look no further! This green hairstyle with an undercut and bangs is all you need to make your Sims men look dangerous and fun. It is suitable for not only teens and adults, but also for elderly Sims who haven’t lost their lust for life yet. You can browse and download it on this page.

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Sulani Mohawk green mohawk by IntrepidVector


It’s about time the 80s punk style came back, and with this haircut, your sim will be able to wear it everywhere. It is a pretty stylish Mohawk since the roots are black and as the hair progresses the green color appears with a gradient effect that I would like to achieve in real life. If this is your cup of tea, feel free to check it out on this page.

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Sims 4 Two-tone Split Short Hair by LightningBolt

Two tone Split Short Hair 600x337 1

This haircut brings the best emo vibe from the early 2000s or 2010s. It’s a short haircut where one half is a pretty bright green and the other half is a very dark black. They are colors that combine very well, and without a doubt, it is a great option for a sim who loves the emo style. Check it out here.

#3 best sims 4 green hair for children and toddlers

Midori sims 4 green hair for female kids, toddlers, and adults

This hairstyle also knows how to rock some good bangs, and the good thing is that it’s available for Sims of all ages. This hair is a little shorter than the previous one, being a mid-length cut reaching above the shoulders. Midori hairdo is not only for the youngsters. It can also be used for adults, which is awesome. It is straight although with a slightly disheveled quality to it, making it different from the typical straightened hair. To get this chic hairstyle for yourself, go here!

Stars Sugary Pixels Green hairstyle for sims 4 boys

118 600x273 1

Little boys deserve to have green hair too, and with this pack, they will achieve a unique and daring look that will stand out from the rest. They are mainly short haircuts, and they are mostly the haircuts that are in fashion today; some have a bit of a quiff, others are a bit longer and have some waves. A sims 4 green hair boy will always be a fun character to play. Any of the ones you choose will be perfect to make your little boy stand out. If your Sims boy is up for it, get him this hairstyle on this page.

sims 4 green hair swatches for toddlers and kids

05 24 17 4 32 21c2a0pm

Who says boys can’t wear green color? This creative deep green hairdo is perfect for giving youngsters a whole new and refreshing look. From braids to mid-length hair or pixie cuts, there is a wide variety that you will never get tired of. You’ll find a variety of green swatches for both boys and girls, as well as toddlers. Get your set of creative hairstyles for the youngest Sims here.

Here’s a list of Sims 4 Male Hair CC For a New Hot Look!

Ta-da, now if you decide to download fresh green hairstyles, you know where to go. We have covered a few different hairstyles and covered various green hair shades for all Sims. We went for both the modern and eccentric and the classic hairdos, in case you want to mix things up a little.

This was our selection of the best sims 4 green hair for Sims of all ages and genders. If you are up for browsing more content, feel free to check out other related articles.

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