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In the Sims 4, one of the simplest ways to refresh your sim’s hairstyle is to try different accessory bangs. Custom fringes are a great and instant way to change your sim’s entire look and there are endless varieties of options to suit every face shape and hair style. From blunt bangs to curtain ones, there are , there’s one to suit every personality. So, without any further ado let’s have a look at these Sims 4 accessory bangs we have for you today!

Custom Accessory Bangs for the Sims 4

nyx V1 & V2 accessory bangs

We’re starting off with a couple of accessory bangs for your female and male sims. Pretty timid but mysterious altogether. Each version is available in a set of 3 different texture placements. They work on sims from teen to elder. Head over to this page for easy installation.

Moon Accessory Bangs

Sims 4 accessory bangs

Moon accessory bangs are meant to spice up different hairstyles. You could find this one under hats. Even your toddler sims can rock these little cute fringes. To install this one, follow this link.

astrid accessory bangs

Sims 4 accessory bangs

These bangs are a charmer! Evoxyr Sims 4 custom content never fails us. And for that reason we definitely recommend checking it out. It is tagged as feminine but works on your male sims as well. Have a look at it under Hats. Click here to grab this one.

Nayla Accessory Bangs CC

image 2021 11 14 142550

Atashi77 is another Sims 4 custom content creator and these bangs are absolutely worth checking out! It’s compatible with hat sliders. Go on now and head over tot his page for easy installation.

Sims 4 andromeda accessory bangs

image 2021 11 14 142736

Another well put together masterpiece of custom fringes for your female sims by Evoxyr. It works on all face shapes and hairstyles. Here’s your download-link.

Parisa Accessory Bangs:

image 2021 11 14 142857

If you don’t always find cute curly bangs for you characters, we understand. And to fix it, we recommend checking out this set. It is found under hats and works on sims from toddler to elder. Only downside is, you can’t wear a hat with these fringes and it may not work on all hairstyles. Here’s your download-link.

Sims 4 accessory Bangs

image 2021 11 14 143049

These custom bangs are available as earrings, bracelets, and rings. They are base game compatible and are maxis matchy. To install, click here.

MMSIMS Bangs 2

Sims 4 accessory bangs

Magical maxis match bangs for your teen, young adult, adult and elder sims. It is available in a variety of 40 swatches. And don’t worry, it works on both genders. You can download from this page.


Sims 4 accessory bangs

This accessory bang set literally gives an edge to almost all hairstyles. You need to check it out -we love it that much! For easy download, follow this link.

Elzasims accessory bangs alpha

image 2021 11 14 143509

Last but not least a set of 54 colors for alpha edited bangs by Blahberry Pancake. You need to grab the mesh first. Here’s your download-link.

We hope you’ve come to enjoy this list of Sims 4 accessory bangs. Visit the main post for a variety of custom hairstyles to match these fringes. And don’t forget to have a look some related content below. Happy modding!

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