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Booty. Derriere. Tush. Fesses. Or maybe just a plain old “butt.” No matter what you call it nearly everybody has one, and every one of them is different. If you’re tired of staring at the same boring butt shapes on your sims day in and day out, a butt slider might be just what you need!

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Everything you need to know about the butt slider mod for the Sims 4!

Time for some Tushy Talk!

Though the Sims 4 CAS gives us a lot of customization options for tweaking our characters, there’s nowhere near the amount of flexibility needed to create the range of unique butt shapes that can be found out in the real world. It’s even more of an issue if you’re recreating someone with an infamous or well known derriere, and frankly, the game limits just won’t cut it.

Without mods, the vanilla butt slider merely adjusts the size of a sim’s rear end without doing anything to the overall shape. Though body preset CC often comes with custom butts, you may be looking to fine-tune just this single body part or you simply want more control than what you get with a preset. Fortunately for us, there is a perfect butt slider mod that we can use to fix this issue. CmarNYC, one of our favorite modders, has created an Enhanced Butt Slider mod that will let you achieve the derriere of your dreams!

How Does the Butt Slider Mod Work?

Penny Pizzazz and her marvelous morphing azz!

With the Enhanced Butt Slider mod you will have access to new ways of bum adjustability via side and rear (heh heh) views. Depending on the direction your sim is facing, you can click & drag cheek width, tush height, butt thickness, and derriere droop. With a few simple tweaks you can sculpt those buns to just how you want them to look:

From the Back – Dragging the butt up or down will change the thickness of the upper cheeks which includes adding “love handles” to the hips. Dragging from side to side adjusts the width of the lower cheeks for narrower or fuller fesses.

From the Side – For a perkier derriere click & drag the butt upwards, and drag it back down for a saggy bottom. Adjusting left to right will make your sim’s bum flatter or fatter depending on the direction you go.

Tip: if you want to try this enhanced butt slider mod on an existing sim, make sure to activate the cas.fulleditmode cheat before going into CAS so you can edit their body freely without any restrictions.


Certain articles of clothing (especially CC clothing) may cause clipping issues if your sim’s butt is pushed to the extreme, but this is merely cosmetic and won’t affect gameplay whatsoever. If you use pose packs and notice a lot of clipping try using plus size pose packs, which have rigging adjustments to compensate for larger bodies.

The butt slider mod is compatible with all other known body mods for Sims 4. It doesn’t conflict with anything that you might use for altering your Sims; in fact, it works perfectly with all of our recommended Sims 4 body sliders mods so you can use it in combination with them, too.

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The only thing that could potentially stop the butt slider from working is an extension that changes the male and female butt hot spot controls, though at the time of this writing no such mods exist. CmarNYC is great about keeping the mod updated so you can always check for conflicts right on the download page!


If you like custom butts and you cannot lie
there’s no way that you can deny
when a custom butt slider enters your mod space
it’ll put a smile on your face and you’ll have FUN!

Corny parodies aside, custom sliders are one of the best ways to get precise tuning on your sims’ most important assets. Whether your character is flat in back or rocking an apple bottom, the enhanced butt slider mod will allow you to shape that cake just as it should be! The Sims 4 community is so fortunate to have talented modders who allow us to bring more realism and variety into our games. We hope you have a butt-load of fun with this slider mod!

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