The Best Rugs CC for Your Sims 4 Rooms!

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Do you enjoy decorating your Sims 4 home and love nicely designed carpets? Details such as wallpapers, floors and carpets – can make or break the whole interior. If you’d like to enrich your carpet collection, keep reading to find out the best Sims 4 CC rugs you can download for free. Let’s go!

sims 4 cc rugs

Custom Rugs: Minimal, boho, oriental & more!

Detailed and realistic designs for the Sims 4 are a perfect way to spice up your interior and make your Sims feel at home. Carpets make rooms look more complete, and thanks to custom content makers, we can enjoy the benefit of the variety and originality of carpet models.

To help you elevate your interiors, we have prepared a list of 15 hot Sims 4 CC rug pieces you can use to customize your virtual Sims 4 space. Enjoy!

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1. Sims 4 colour me sets of rugs by Peacemaker

sims 4 cc rugs

There is nothing we need more in the Sims 4 than realistic designer rugs like these. This is a multi-use piece that can fit into any type of room, be it a living or a dining space. The details and patterns are super fine, the model is simple and effective. With 20 style and color variations, you’ll be able to adapt the rug to any color of the interior. If you’d love to see these in your Sims 4 interior, visit this page.

2. a set of boho rugs for sims 4 by Annie-Sims

sims 4 cc rugs

If you love art and appreciate fine details, this CC is definitely for you. Let’s admit the obvious – these patterned rugs are pure art. This set includes 12 best Sims 4 cc rugs in different boho rug patterns, that can transform your room in a blink of an eye. If you have Sims 4 Strangerville installed, this CC will be a cherry on top. All of these are available for download here.

3. Sims 4 Rug Collection 12 Part 2 BT Sims4Luxury

sims 4 cc rugs

A carpet with a realistic wolf theme? We say yes! This set of carpets is ideal for those who like unique interior details. Besides the wolf carpet, you’ll also get one with kitties, tattooed hands, and one geometric that fits any interior. The colors are super neutral, so you’ll have no trouble blending these with other decor elements! Get these modern rugs here!

4. sims 4 cC rug collection #20 by sims4luxury

sims 4 cc rugs

Indie rugs like these are here to make any Sims 4 room pop! With tassels and soft colors, these are a perfect match for those who like to make their interiors super cozy. No matter if you choose o place them in the hallway, the kitchen, or the bedroom, they will be a great boho touch to any space. Get these luxurious rugs here!

5. Flokati 2 Sims 4 white fluffy rug CC by pralinesims

sims 4 cc rugs

Brace yourselves, as fluffiness and comfort are knocking on your doors to elevate your Sims 4 living big time! This huge furry rug is a modern detail every trendy Sims needs to have. On top of being pretty, with this CC piece, you’ll also get to choose up to 32 colors. Isn’t that cool? Get these soft sims 4 fur rugs cc here.

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6. TaTaschu Sims 4 CC rugs for kids & Toddlers

sims 4 cc rugs

Let’s not forget our youngest Sims! With soft pastel colors and animal character details, this set of Sims 4 CC rugs is perfect for baby, toddler, and kid’s room. All eight patterns remind me of childhood and gentleness, and all designs are an absolute cuteness overload. If you’d like to get these for your gameplay, check them out here.

7. 100 kelms 4 packages of sims 4 CC rugs

sims 4 cc rugs

Oriental rugs are a must-have, especially if you are making a stylish Pinterest-inspired home. With this massive set of 100 unique carpets, you will never have to worry about finding the right rug again! You’ll get to pick from various color shades, from pink, red and green, to black and beige models. To download the set, go here!

8. Iceland fur rug set for sims 4

sims 4 cc rugs

Sheep fur carpets are an ultimate design touch to a luxurious interior. Whether you are looking for something more neutral, or you like striking colors, this set has you all covered! Iceland fur rug CC includes 20 different swatches for maximum variety, and you’ll just love how realistic the floor looks on the floor! If you love fluffy rugs Sims 4 CC, these colorful details are available for download here.

9. Sims 4 CC rugs Halloween by SimsBarbara

sims 4 cc rugs

No matter if you like spooky things or are just looking for nice details for Sims 4 Halloween, this set won’t fall short of your expectations. This CC includes seven decorative rugs with black, white, and orange details. They are small enough to be an effective detail in your Sims book corner but big enough to be noticed! To get these, go here.

10. 4×4 Modern sims 4 rugs set by descargas Sims

tumblr 4028ee05ae1f94dd6a5553b711acab35 9909eed2 540

This is the type of CC that can conquer the hearts of both hipsters and those who are not. All rug patterns have trendy designs and will match a modern, lively Sims home. There are 10 swatches to opt for, and if you don’t like having too many details, you can also choose a simple designer model, too! To download, go here.

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11. Sims 4 black & white rug collection

MTS nafSims 1600120 featured image smaller

Bold and modernistic, this set of Sims 4 CC rugs is ideal for artsy game lovers who appreciate simple details. All twenty rugs are a blend of three shades – black, beige, and white. All have geometry as the main theme, and because they are neutral, each is super easy to combine with any furnishing. Get these simplistic, yet effective Sims 4 designs here.

12. Inaluxe Rugs CC for Sims 4 by twistedFoil

SC4 122434 MAIN

These rugs look so realistic that they instantly make you want to walk barefoot on them! While you can’t do it, your Sims can do it instead, and experience the softness and the design of these rugs in your favorite game. To enjoy the benefit of a variety, you’ll get a total of five geometric designs, which is awesome! Check these out here.

13. round elm jute rugs #2 for sims 4

tumblr o0zl9iVkkz1s4yxajo1 1280

We can all agree that Sims 4 needs rounder rugs. Available in 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4 sizes and 20 different color variations, these round rugs are just what we need in our buy mode. Coming in neutral, earthy tones, rest assured that they will be a great touch to your living aesthetics. Get these minimal sims 4 cc modern rugs here.

14. Round Pattern Rugs for sims 4 by descargas Sims

tumblr 182e3c639aee6e340d1c1ee348d129e3 fe29f245 540

Make space for rounder carpets, please! Well, with this set of CC carpets, you’ll get to choose from 20 different round pieces for your interior! Pulp Fiction, astrology, palmistry, the art of minimalism – the choice is all yours, as this CC has a bit of everything for everyone’s taste. You can get this set of round rug masterpieces here.

15. young folks Sims 4 CC rugs by Lina-Cherie

tumblr nllt0rXPGd1tswim1o2 r2 500

Last but not least, if you love the vibrancy and enjoy colorful details, this is a set that will charm you in an instant. The CC includes 12 rugs, all with different patterns, and can be a perfect match both for kids’ and adult rooms. Hearts, mandalas, triangles, and trees are just some of the designs you can choose from. Feel free to check these out and download them here.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Sims 4 custom content rugs and have found one or a few CC that caught your eye. The list included various design styles so that everyone can find something that clicks with their preferable interior design aesthetics. Feel free to explore these styles and see how they click in your Sims 4 home.

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