Best Sims 4 Boho CC and Mods Out There

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The boho style is back and it is back strong. Everyone wants in the Sims 4, including you apparently. But don’t worry, we too are in love with it; it is one of those aesthetics that can never go out of style. And that’s exactly the reason why we’re putting together this list of the best Sims 4 boho cc. Hopefully most of the following packs, if not all, will take you by storm. Enjoy!

Boho Custom Content for Your Male and Female Sims

Lookbook Challenge Bohemian

Sims 4 boho cc

Five breathtaking boho outfits brought to you by different custom content creators of the Sims 4. You’re getting hair, earrings, dresses, glasses, shoes, skirts, rings and much more. You should definitely check out their page for more info.

Boho CC Mediterranean

Sims 4 boho cc

A stunning boho house worth 79,113 Simoleans. It is built on a 30*20 lot and contains 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. Here’s your download-link. You should also check out custom family houses and modern homes for the Sims 4.

Sims 4 Bohemian Raspberry

Sims 4 boho cc

We could only tell you one thing: Yes! This 2 bedroom house can fit two to three sims. It is built in Windenburg. Check it out by clicking on this link.

Sims 4 Boho CC

image 2021 11 27 234203

For all of you, boho lovers, this makeup set will bring about the right feels. It comes in 12 swatches to choose from and works on both genders from child to elder. You’ll find it under skin details. Visit their page to install it.


Sims 4 boho cc

This fascinating trailer home is every sim’s dream, whether they were a boho fan or not. You can have it for yourself by visiting their page. Check out their speed build of this trailer on YouTube.

Dress Boho Chic by Sims House

image 2021 11 28 001132

A boho custom dress for your female sims. It is available in five color options. Check it out by clicking here.

Parises’s Boho Butterfly Headband

image 2021 11 27 222426

Your sims will certainly love this butterfly Bohemian look. It’s a remake of another band. Check it out by visiting this link.

Sims 4 Boho CC Builds

We’re in love with every detail in these builds; from the colors to the natural sunlight and everything in between. Keep in mind to have bb.moveobjects on before placing any of these builds. Download.


image 2021 11 27 232557

Your sims will surely enjoy the warm summer breeze with a number of outfits by Vellana. This set includes a crochet shirt, in addition to a linen pants. It has about 30 colors. To download, click here.

Boho CC Braided Rug

image 2021 11 27 232205

A boho braided rug for a classic themed home. From this set, we’re getting the 8 different colorful patterns showcased above. Head over to this link to install them into your game.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best Sims 4 boho cc. Visit the main post for a big collection of hippie custom content for the Sims 4, and do stop by related posts down below. Enjoy!

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